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Hi there, Rithika here,
I know I’m very late in posting but couldn’t post because of too many class tests so sorry

Let’s start..
Recap : Devakshi engagement is ready
Sonakshi : Dev finally the day has come only two more days left
Dev : Yes for u to be mine
It was time to exchange rings after they both exchange rings everybody claps. After sometime while everybody eats food
Dev : Talk to me Sona

Sonakshi : What Dev. Stay quiet
Dev : No I can’t I need to talk to u
Sonakshi : Dev please
Ria :(Coughs) Bhaiya bhabinsirf do din bache hain please shant raho
Sonakshi : Dekho na ria ye tumhare bhaiya ko kaho mujhe nahi
She laughs and leaves. After some time everyone leaves. Sonakshi reaches home and gets a call from Dev
Sonakshi : What is it Dev we’re not supposed to talk or meet
Dev : I don’t want to follow all these rituals were we can’t see the bride now show me ur bridal dress now
Sonakshi : No only on our weddeing day and that’s final
Saying this she cuts

~Next day~
It’s the mehendi function everybody is happy in the Bose house everybody is seeing the lady putting mehndi on Sona’s hands
Lady : What is her fiance’s name so I can hide itin the mehndi
Asha : Dev
Lady : Ok
After a lot of time the mehndi is finally done
Sonakshi : When can I use my hands

Asha : After an hour or so
Sonakshi : 1 hour. 1 WHOLE HOUR
Asha : Yes now sit
Sonakshi sits with a sad face. After 2 hours her mehndi dries goes to the lake and sits over there suddenly someone hugs her from behind
Sonakshi : Who is it

Dev : Ur husband
She gets up
Sonakshi : Dev u know we’re……
Dev : Ya ya I know we’re not supposed to meet but I can’t wait. Now show ur mehndi
She shows it and asks him to find his name
Dev : Here

Sonakshi : Where r u looking Dev that’s not it
It takes him time but he soes find it
Dev : Sonakshi r u happy only 1 more day left for u to be my Mrs. Kharghosh
Sonakshi : Yes I’m waiting for this. Now bye I’ll leave or someone will catch us like this
Dev : Fine bye
They both leave
~Next day~
Ishwari is running here and there for the wedding preparations
Dev : Ma tu itni bhag dor kyu karti hai shanti se bet kaam ho jayga
Ishwari : How can I be still yeh mere bete ki shaddi hai agar mein bhagdor nahi karongi to koun karega
Dev : Arey meri maa tu jeeti mein harra bas
Ishwari and Dev both get busy.

~Next day~
In the night
Ishwari : Dev beta ur ready hume barat leke jana hai
Dev comes in his wedding dress
His dress link :
Dev : Ma I’m ready let’s go

Ishwari : Wow ur looking to good today chalo let’s go

~Wedding venue~
Asha : Haan bhaisab sab tyar hai na

Man : Yes
Asha : Fine u go. Bhen ji khanna tyar hai
Lady : Yes
Bejoy : Y r u tensed everything is ready
Asha : I know fine let’s go barat has come
Asha and Bejoy welcome Dev and his family
Ishwari : Can u call Sonakshi. We have to do a ritual with her
Asha : Yes y not
Asha brings her down Ishwari gets happy seeing her in her bridal dress

Her dress link :
Ishwari does the ritual
Pandit : Please call the bride
Ishwari : Come let’s go
They take Sonakshi to mandap. Dev sees her and can’t take his eyes of her
Dev : (thinks) Today my Sona looks the best I’ll never lose her again
Ishwari : Pandit ji the bride
The pandit starts the marriage rituals and asks them to exchange garlands after that he asks them to take 7 rounds around the fire then asks Dev to put the mangalsutra around Sona’s neck. Marriage over. All the guest ate dinner
Asha : Arey Ishwari ji eat food
Ishwari : Ya ya we’ll have don’t worry about us
After sometime they do Sona’s biddai with teary eyes. In the car Dev wipes her tears
Dev : Please don’t be sad
Sonakshi : Dev how can I be sad when u will take care of me just like my family
After sometime they reach Dev’s house. Ishwari does their pooja
Ishwari : Now beta with ur rights foot kick this pot
She does it

Ishwari : Now put ur feet in this plate and walk
Shw does it then Nkiik pulls her hand
Nikki : Chalo bhabi we have a fun game for u
She takes her to the hall
Nikki : Bhaiya give ur ring
He gives it and she puts it in the bowl of milk
Nikki : Now whoever will find the ring first will rule this relationship
They both start finding the ring. After a while Sona findsthe ring
Sonakshi : Yes I found it
Ria : Ab bhaiya ko bhabi ke isharo par nachna padega
She and Nikki laughs
Neha : Chalo bhai, bhabi apne kamre mein

They reach Dev’s room
Ria : Kaisa laga bhaiya we did this
Dev : It’s good
Nikki : Chalo hum chalte hain neend aa rahi hain
They leave. Dev locks the door. Dev goes for changing and Sona removes her clips from her hair
Dev : Go change u won’t get sleep in this
Sona smiles and goes for changing she comes out and sees Dev sleeping smiles and goes to bed. He suddenly pulls her close to him
Sonakshi : Oh so Mr. Dev Dixit was acting to sleep now leave me
Dev : No how can I sleep I’ve been waiting for this day
Sonakshi : Ok but leave me

Dev : Ño I sleep like this everyday
Sonakshi : How this my first time coming in ur room
Dev : But pillows r there
Sonakshi : So hug the pillows
Dev : No when my Sona is there then y will I use the pillows
They both g to sleep like that

~After a year~
One year has been over of Devakshi marriage they both are very happy the love between them hasn’t changed a bit infact has increased a lot. Ishwari and Sona share a very cute bond of mother-daughter. They also have members increased in their family their lovely daughter a small version of Sona who is pretty like Sona but as naughty as Dev

So this was the last epi of my first ff. Here is the link of my ff:

Really sorry if this ff was boring and not up to mark and if I get any ideas of a new ff will surely post till the time bye
Hope u all really like it
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  1. rhitika the ff wasn’t boring at all…….and I thought u would continue further but u finished….??…….par chalo khair hai….I hope u will be back soon…???????……..and the episode was fantastic dear…….???????❤?……..Thank God devakhsi marriage happened happily????……..come back soon and til then …..bye bye

  2. Aaru

    Vry cute ending..N it was a pleasure reading your ff..plzz come back soon wid a new story..

  3. Erika

    hey rithika it was very nice and not at all boring dear pl. come back soon dear so we all will miss u

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    It wasn’t boring at all…..superb….but the story is over so am a bit sad…anyways…..its awesome…

    With love

  5. Caira

    Great n awesome

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    Awesomeeeee epi as always rithika dear nd come back soon dear with another mind blowing ff. Till then take care nd love u

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    thanks everybody for supporting me daily I’ll surely come up with a new ff

  10. nice one
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  11. Rithika plzzzzz continue ???????? its awesomeeeeeeeeeeee
    Is ff ki age thori se lambi kar doo plzzzzzzz really i luv your ff?????????????
    Humara dil ase mat toro??? plz come back yarr??

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