Krpkab (i’ll love u forever) Episode 12

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Let’s start..
Recap : Mr. Gujral asks Dev to marry his daughter
Dev : Mr. Gujral what r u telling
Mr. Gujral : Yes this is my condition. U know if this deal is not done ur company will incur a lot of loss. Now it’s ur wish
Saying this he leaves. Dev is in complete shock. Sona also leaves in tears
Ishwari : Now what r u going to do the deal and Sona both r important for u
Dev : Ma I don’t know what to do I love Sona but also the deal is important
Ishwari : It’s ur wish but I say u should say no

Dev is in thoughts about the deal and Sona
Dev : I know exactly what to do

~Next day~
In the afternoon while Sona is there Mr. Gujral comes with his daughter Natasha. Sona is shocked
Mr. Gujral : Dev what have u thought about the condition
Dev : My answer is Yes..
Sona and Ishwari are shocked with his answer

Ishwari : But Dev…
Dev : Ma don’t tell anything I’ve thought alot about it this is my final answer
Sona runs up to Dev’s room starts crying thinking about Dev
Sonakshi : How can he do this he promised he’ll never leave me and now
Ishwari comes up following her
Ishwari : Sorry beta I didn’t know Dev would do this
She sits near Sona and she kept her head on Ishwari’s lap and crys
Ishwari : Beta don’t cry I’ll explain him

Sonakshi : Aunty how can he do this he promised me so many things
Ishwari : Beta it’s ok I’ll explain him now wipe ur tears fast
Dev hears every thing and there are tears in his eyes
Dev : I’m sorry Sona
He leaves from there. Sona sees him. Dev goes near her and hugs her. Sona tries hard to leave him
Dev : Sona I’m sorry
Sonakshi : R u done leave me today u proved deals r more important
Saying this she leaves. Dev is in tears
Ishwari : What has happened to both of them

~Next day~
Natasha comes in the morning to see Dev
Natasha : Dev what happened y r u sad
Dev : Look Natasha I don’t want to start a relationship with u so I just want to tell u that I used to love somebody
Natasha : Who that girl who was there yesterday
Dev : Yes Sonakshi
Natasha : The way she ran up didn’t look like there was any problem between both of u. If u said yes for the deal don’t I’ll explain dad
Dev : It’s ok don’t need to
Natasha goes to Ishwari’s room
Ishwari : What happened y r u here
Natasha : I know ur angry on Dev’s decision I know he won’t be able to live without Sonakshi

Ishwari : Then y r u here
Natasha : We’ll keep the engagement tomorrow………
And tells something in Ishwari’s ears
Ishwari : Fine we’ll do it tell this to Sona and ur dad
Natasha : Ok I’ll leave

~Sona’s home~
Natasha reaches Sona’s home. She rings the bell. Asha opes the door
Asha : Yes
Natasha : Is Sona there
Asha : Yes she is in her room
Natasha goes to her room and knocks
Sonakshi : Yes come in. U?
Natasha : Yes Dev told me everything. He is really sad. I need to tell u something
She tells what she told to Ishwari.
Sonakshi : (smile) Ok I’ll be there tomorrow
Natasha leaves

~Dev’s home~
Ishwari : (sarcastically) U must be happy tomorrow is ur engagement. Even Sona will come
Dev is shocked
Dev : Fine I will be ready

Precap : Dev and Natasha engagement(there is nothing to be happyπŸ˜”)
Sorry if it’s long there is alot of internet problem for 2-3 days no long epi sorry
Hope u like it
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  1. Dhira

    |Registered Member

    Amazing one 😨 dev I can’t imagine like this 😨😨😨
    u want to kill me with suspense right 😨😨😨
    But dear if u kill me then who will read ur amazing ff
    Plz suspense katham Karo naa

  2. Erika

    |Registered Member

    oo god can i guess it it devakshi’s engagement as sona was smilling so tell me weather i m right or wrong pl. and one more thing the epi was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    update asap

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