Krpkab (i’ll love u forever) Episode 11

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Recap : Neha’s weddings preparation

It’s time for Neha’s wedding. Ranveer is mesmerized by looking at Neha
Ranveer : (thinks) She looks beautiful
The pandit ji does some rituals and asks them to take 7 rounds around fire. Then he says marriage over. Neha leaves the house everybody is in tears. Dev leaves for his room. Sona folllows him and sees him in tears
Sonakshi : What happened Dev
Dev : (in tears) Sona I don’t know y now I’ve started feeling lonely it’s like Neha never stayed with us that long
Sonakshi : Dev it’s ok I understand it’s ok
Dev : (wipes his tears)I know it’s ok now it’s our turn now we’ll get married and live happily
Sonakshi : Good now I’ll leave now
Dev pulls her towards him
Dev : Ok Ms. Khargosh ur mine
Dev locks her on the wall
Sonakshi : Dev leave me I need to go
He leaves her. She again leaves but Dev again pulls her and hugs her
Sonakshi : Ok now Mr. Aubhodro leave me
Dev leaves her and she runs before Dev can catch her

~Sona’s home~
Sona at home blushing thinking about Dev
Asha : Oh so blushing thinking about Dev
Sonakshi : Ma stop it
Asha : Arey ok baba u take rest

~Dev’s home~
Dev : Just a few days longer and Sona will be mine
He smiles and goes to sleep
~Next moring in Dev’s office~
Dev is in thoughts about Sona suddenly a person entered Dev’s cabin
Mr. Gujral : Good morning Mr. Dev
Dev : Ahh Mr. Gujral come in
Mr. Gujral : I’m sure u remember about the deal
Dev : Yes I do so when do we sign the deal
Mr. Gujral : Yes we’ll do it soon. But there is one condition
Dev : Yes tell me
Mr. Gujral : What’s the hurry I’ll come to ur house tomorrow and tell u will it be ok
Dev : Sure it’s ok I’ll look forward to see u tomorrow at our house
Mr. Gujral : Sure will see u tomorrow
Mr. Gujral leaves and Dev calls Sona
Dev : Hello Sona miss me
Sonakshi : No y
Dev : Fine bye
Sonakshi : Arey ok sorry just kidding
Dev : Fine u know tomorrow I’m going to get a very big deal
Sonakshi : That’s good
Dev : So tomorrow come to our house for the deal
Sonakshi : Fine bye
Dev : Bye

In the night Dev reaches home
Ishwari : Dev u came so happy what happened
Dev tells her about þhe deal
Ishwari : Wow it’s good fine let him come tomorrow

~Next morning~
Mr. Gujral reaches Dev’s house
Mr. Gujral : Good morning Dev I hope u remember about the condition
Dev : Yes sure go ahead and tell the condition
Mr. Gujral : My condition is for u to marry my daughter and then we’ll sign the deal
Sona, Ishwari and Dev are shocked because he loves Sona

Precap : Dev will say ——-
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    ooo god u write soooo welll u forced me to comment dear but one request that pl. do one thing that dev refuses i request u don’t seperate devakshi pl. and update asap and yaa one more thing the epi was very nice

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