Krpkab (i’ll love u forever) Episode 10


Hi guys, Rithika here,
Thanks for ur great comments. Today I’ll try to post a long one.

Let’s start..
Recap : Sona in Dixit house in bad condition
Dev : Sona y have u come here. I told u not to come today know
Ishwari : Yes u should have taken rest beta
Sona keeps a diet chart on the table
Sonakshi : I’ve come here to give Kichu bhaiya a new chart
Dev suddenly carries her
Sonakshi : Dev what r u doing leave me
Ishwari : Ha good beta now drop her home
Dev carries her and starts walking
Sonakshi : (while still being carried) Kichu bhaiya do feed aunty that diet.. Dev leave me
Ishwari : Both r weird
Kichu : Ok didi
And Dev with Sona leaves

In the car
Dev : Sona from have u come. U’ve come from home na if yes then it’s ok
Sona turns her face around
Sonakshi : From the……
Dev : From the what
Sonakshi : Hospital
Dev turns her towards him
Dev : What
Sonakshi : What I was getting bored
Dev : Wow u were getting bored so went to the hospital. Did u think about ur health
Sonakshi : Now enough lecture drop me to the hospital or I’ll get down
Dev looks at her and starts the car

~Sona’s home~
Dev and Sona reach home
Sonakshi : Y have u come here my hospital is in the right..
Dev : Shut up ur going home
Sonakshi : But ur were going to drop me to the hospital
Dev : I lied to take u home
Dev carries her and rings the bell. Bejoy opens the door
Bejoy : Dev beta u with Sona but she was in her friend’s house
Dev : Ok so the Dixt house is ur friend’s house
Dev and Bejoy look at Sona weirdly
Bejoy : Sona beta y u lied
Dev : I’ll tell u uncle because this maharani was getting bored that’s y she came
Dev again carries her
Bejoy : Good beta keep her in the room
Dev walks with her to the room. He keeps her on the bed
Dev : Now if u get up u’ll..
Sonakshi : I got up now what

Dev runs out
Dev : I’ll lock u like this
Dev locks her in the room
Sonakshi : Dev please open the door
Dev : No I warned u but u didn’t listen
Dev leaves from there and smiles
Sonakshi : Dev please let me go
Dev goes down
Bejoy : Dev beta u kept Sona in the room
Dev tells what he did
Bejoy : Hahaha good Dev beta
Bejoy opens the door
Sonakshi : Thanks baba is Dev ko to mein chodungi nahi

It’s evening and time for Neha’s sangeet Sonakshi family reaches the sangeet Ishwari welcomes them
Ishwari : welcome
Sonakshi : Namaste aunty
Dev sees her and smiles. Sonakshi pulls his hands and takes him to the room. Dev holds her shoulder
Dev : Wow Sona normally I’m in romantic mood but today u r in romantic mood mood how
Sonakshi : I’m not in any romantic mood I’m angry at u for locking me that day in my room
Dev : Ok so now I get my khargosh is angry with me ok
Sonakshi : If u won’t say sorry Mr. Aubodhro I’ll never talk to u
Dev : My Sona don’t be angry I’m sorry ok
Sonakshi : Ok good boy
Dev : By the way u look so pretty

Her dress link-
Sonakshi : By the way ur not less

His dress link-

They both laugh and go down
Ishwari : Arey now they both r coming. Where were u come it’s time to dance
Everybody is on the dance floor now it’s Dev and Sona’s turn. They r dancing beautifully everybody loves it
Nikki : Wow they both dance so beautifully
Their performance was over. Now it’s Neha’s and Ranveer’s chance. They also dance beautifully everybody claps for them. The sangeet gets over everybody leaves except for Sonakshi family
Ishwari : Now that the kids(Sona and Dev) love each other so we’ll fix their marriage after Neha’s marriage
Bejoy : Why not we’ll do it
Asha : Sure we’ll talk to the pandit ji. Now we’ll take ur leave
Ishwari : Ok thanks for coming
Dev and Sona smile at each other and Sona leaves

~Sona’s home~
Sona was thinking about her marriage with Dev and was smiling all night
Sonakshi : After Neha’s marriage me and Dev
And she blushes
~2 days later~
It’s Neha’s wedding day everybody is very happy. Sona is wearing a very beautiful in her saree

Her dress link-×250.jpeg

She is only wearing it because Dev gifted her. Dev in his room is in thoughts
Dev : Sonakshi must be wearing my gifted saree. I’ll wear a dress matching to her

His dress link-

Neha is getting dressed in her room wearing the saree she got from Ranveer

Her saree dress link-

Ishwari comes in the room and sees Neha in her dress
Ishwari : Neha u look so pretty
Neha : Ma even u look pretty
In the hall Sona’s family arrives. Dev and Sona both are staring at each other not being able to take their eyes of. Dev asks Sona to come in his room in actions. After sometime Sona goes to Dev’s room
Dev : Wow my kharghosh looks pretty in her saree
Sonakshi : My Mr. Aubodhro also looks handsome
Dev holds her
Sonakshi : Dev what r u doing somebody will come
Just then Radha comes she coughs to take their attention. They both are shocked
Radha : Arey is if u want to do romance close the door
They both shy and leave
Just then Ranveer’s family comes. The pandit ji asks for Neha to come down when she comes down Ranveer is mesmerized with her beauty

Precap : Neha’s marriage

Sorry couldn’t post long
Hope u all like the ff
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    Uff dev u don’t want it but dev care is on her super awesome amazing episode

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