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Hello guys its me Tina… Remember? I know that i will be writing soon but there is mock election going to be held in my school so i had lots of works to do. Anyways I want to proceed to my epi without any delay.

In the morning suddenly Ishwari fainted while coming down from stairs. It was weekend so Dev didn’t go to office. All of them we’re very tensed and rushed Ishwari to hospital immediately.

In the hospital….
Dev – Dr. Sinha is mother fine ? When will she gain consciousness ?(in a very tensed voice)
Dr- Mr. Dixit don’t worry Mrs. Dixit will be fine. But she has to avoid oily food. She has to make sure that she won’t ruin her health. Mr. Dixit you’ll have to take proper care of your mom.
Dev- Surely Dr. I will take proper care of my mom. And if you have any suggestions that I can do to improve her health please let me know.

Dr- If that’s the case than I suggest u to consult a nutrionist.
Dev- Dr. Do u have any good nutrionist in your sight? If yes please let me know.
Dr. – Mr. Dixit course. In fact she is the best nutrionist I have known till now. And she works in this hospital.
Dev- Really Dr . Please let me know when she will be free I would like tio talk her as soon as ible.
Dr. – Sure Mr. Dixit why not I will call her to my cabin right now.

(Sons comes to Dr. Sinhas cabin)
Sona -Did u call , Is there any problem?
Dr- Yes Dr. Sonakshi, meet him. He is Mr. Dev Dixit. Could u suggest and take care of his mothers nutritional status. Actually her health is worsening day by day and I think that u can only take her proper care.
Sona – Yeah Dr. Why not it will be my pleasure. Mr. Dixit could u please visit my cabin I will give u a diet chart after checking your mothers health status and please strictly follow it I hope she will improve .
The both leave Dr. Sinhas cabin.

In Sona’s cabin. ….
Sona – Mr. Dixit I checked your mother . she has a bad health but u don’t worry just follow this . And this is my card if u have any problem please let me know .
Dev- Thank u Dr.
He leaves.

Precap- Ishwari is discharged. She denies to follow the chart. Dev tensed, calls Sona home.

Hope you will like the epi and I will update next epi . Bye and good night for today ?

Credit to: Tina

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