KRPKAB (DevAkshi forever) LAST EPISODE


hi guys….sorry but m late but wnt be again as this is last chap…i m so sorry to end it but my schedule has become damn hectic…. i stay at my college from 6a.m to 2 30p.m and then go to academy from 3p.m to 9p.m!!!!!
and then college h.w and assignments….no time guys….sorry….hope u liked this ff……

sona takes all her family members to her house and tells everybody what happened….
sona’s family consoles them and gives them rooms to sleep
sona is sitting on sofa when elena hapily arrives home and shouts seeing vicky and hugs him shocking elena while vicky gives a smirk
sona:what r u doing?
elena:i told u abt my boyfrnd…its him
sona gets shocked and elena pecks vicky’s cheek and leaves to her room
vicky:i told u that i will take revenge….so i m using ur sis
he smirks and sona sits with a thud
sona thinks to talk to elena
few days pass ans sona sees elena’s closeness with vicky.sona is unable to talk to dev as he is busy in house rebuilding with mama ji …….
few days pass and sona talks to elena who gets shocked and angry hearing abt vicky’s real plan….
elena confronts vicky an slaps him.he gets angry and vows to take revenge.
sona tries to talk to dev but he just tries to romance and sona gets disappointed.
after few days whole family is relieved to know about house completion…
they go to take a look.only vicky is at home.elena returns from college after sometime and he finds a chance.he holds her hand and tries to touch her.elena pushes him and tries to run but he holds her tightly from waist and tries to romance her.vicky picks her up and takes elena to room while she protests.
vicky doenst hear car’s sound.all come back.sona opens gate while others r still coming chit chatting.sona hears screams and elena strikes her mind.she rushes upstairs.she is shocked to see vicky forcing himslef on elena.she shouts his name and all family wonders wts happening.sona pushes him away and throws him out of room and he slides down stairs.all see fury in sona’s eyes.elena comes down running and hugs sona in fear.asha gets tensed and hugs elena
asha:wts happening?
sona slaps vicky shocking evryone
rani:hey bengalan!!!how dare u?
sona:shut up!! just shut up
all are taken aback to see this avatar of sona
ishu:sona what r u doing?
sona:wt m i doing?enough now….i was bearing for so many days bbut not anymore….my devar is the most cheap person i have ever seen in my life
mama:beta wt r u saying?
sona tells evrything how he tried tio be close to her and then elena and wt he did today and that she tried telling to dev but was afraid
all r stunned and numb
vicky:wt nonsense….it was ur sis who was after me
saurav:how dare u hurt my sisters….
vicky:shut up u fatso or else
bejoy:what will u do?we have given one daughter in ur house doenst mean our other daughter is also ur property
sona holds dev’s hand
sona;’:dev plz trust me…wtever m saying is true…
vicky pushes her
vicky:he is my bro and he trusts me….u think he will believe a cheap like u…first u were after that police inspector sooraj and now to him…u r after money only…u r characterless……….
and another slap on vicky’s cheek by dev

vicky looks at him in shock
dev:dont u dare talk abt my wife like this
dev:stop!!! elena….wtever sona is saying…is it….
elena nods in yes and cries
dev reminiseces how depressed tensed and scared sona was…..he is in rage now.he turns to vicky abd punches him hard
ishu hugs sona while mami protests and looks at statue mama ji
dev continues hitting dev
mami:he will kill vicky….stop it
mama ji takes dev’s name and dev stops at mama ji’s voice
all look at mama ji.mama ji takes out his phone and calls police.
mami looks at him in shock
mama:i dnt want my nephew to color his hands with the bloos of a cheap guy…now tell how u met elena
vicky:i made her fb frnd…and went into relation.i wanted to show sonakshi how i will misbehave with her sis and wanted to show i….
vicky:i burned the house so that we all could come here…..
all feel disgusted….

dev cups sona’s face
dev:u should have told me
sona:i thought u wont believe me
dev:i trust u more than myself sona
sona hugs him
they hear window breaking sound and all wonder wts happening
they see sooraj and natasha firing on and mama try to save all and lock doors and windows and hide inside rooms.sona saves vicky from getting hit by a stone.vicky is stunned to see her helping him.rani feels guilty as well.sona feels drowsy and faints.all r shocked.

natasha shouts:i loved u dev but u chose that sonakshi.i will kill her.
sooraj breaks door and enters shocking fights with him while ishu asha and rani take care of sona
vicky jumps from back window and takes out car.he picks up sona and puts her in car while others follow.police arrives and shoots SOORAJ and and mama ji are shocked.vicky drives sona to hospital with others and all get happy to know that she z pregnant.
all r extremely happy……

2 years pass and dev sona are playing with their son named prem as prem means love and he is the sign of their love……

elena comes scolding vicky and comes with a heavy tummy(elena vicky got married as he asked for forgiveness and then married elena.devakshi smile and look at their cute bond.neha is present too who is playing with her son and ranvir is trying to romance her.
nikkie is reading love story and riya is doing houshold work with mami and ishu.mama ji is now playing with prem while devakshi ugs each other and adore the bond of lovers.sona’s family is present too for dinner and bejoy asha r busy in romantic nok jhok
dev:love is such a cute and different feeling.
sona:couples r lucky….they have so different shades of love
dev kisses sona;s forehead
dev:its called KUCH RANG PYAR K AISE BHI
sona smiles………..


Credit to: angel

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    wow very emotional loved the ending dear I understand as I also face the same problem of not able to post ff frequently but your episodes are always worth the wait and all the best for your education life 🙂

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