KRPKAB Devakshi ff (episode 1)


Hey guys!! I’m new to u all. I really luv Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi n devakshi.. Both Shaheer n Erica look so good 2gethr. I’m writing an ff on our fav couple devakshi. The characters are all the same n the story starts from the party of the minister (the recent track of the show).

Bose House
Dev drops sona home n as soon as sona enters her house her mom asks her….
Aasha(sona’s mom):where did u go wearing such a gorgeous dress,while leaving in the morning, u were wearing something else r8!!
Bijoy(sona’s dad):aasha,she has jst now entered d house n u startd your investigation.. Let her sleep,(looking at sona)go beta u rest.
Sona:Ty maa n baba.

Next day morning
Sona was getting ready n was about to go to the breakfast table,when her mom called her..
Aasha: (in a loud tone)SHONA…SHONA…CUM DOWN FAST…
S:ki holo maa (wat happnd maa)..(she cums downstairs).. Y r u luking so tensed??
A: (pointing at the TV) wat is all dis..u were partying wid dat Dev dixit yesterday night..u were dancing wid him.. Y??
S:maa..I went wid him bcz his mom was also going wid him n I had 2 take care of her deit n make sure she does not eat anything unhealthy..
A:sona y does he not understand dat u hv a personal life too..Mrs Roy is spreading rumors dat u r dating him..n u could hv refused 2 go 2 d party after your work hrs..
S:maa I don’t care abt Mrs Roy..I wnt 2 knw wat u think..
A:I don’t know anything..u resign from his job
S: (she starts sobbing)maa do u trust me?
A: shona plzz..I’m tired of all dis..dat man won’t let u marry your whole life..(She goes 2 her room angrily n leaving behind a crying sona)
Sona is extremely angry on Dev n leaves 4 his house immediately..

Dixit House
Sona comes n asks Kicchu Bhaiya abt Dev
S: Kicchu Bhaiya.. where’s Mr Dixit??
K: didi he left early 4 his office n will come home late night.
Sona thinks 2day I hv 2 clr dis matter.even if he comes home at 2am 2day I’ll hv 2 solve dis matter.
Its 12:30 at night..Aasha calls sona n asks her y is she so late..sona tells her dat she will sort out evrythng today itself..
Dev reaches home..he asks sona y is she here till now
Dev: Miss Bose..u Its 12:30..y didn’t u go home??
Sona:2 u I’m doctor Bose.. N I m here to confront u abt your problem..
Dev: (shocked)wat??my problem!?
The screen freezes at his shocked face n sona’s angry face..

PRECAP:Sona aks Dev in a loud tone dat wats his problem.its bcz of him dat her mom does not trust her.she starts crying.

Ty evryone 4 reading the epi..hope u all liked it..plzz do comment n tell me whether u want Mr 2 continue or not..

Credit to: Aarti

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