Hey everyone!! Today, I’m here not to present my ff’s episode, but for your help. I want your help n suggestions, so that, from d next episode, I can entertain you all even more.. so let’s start..

• As u all know dat, Dev and Sonakshi hv got engaged in the ff. So obviously, next step is marriage. But do u all want Devakshi to get married soon or after sometime. If they get married soon, then there will be some cute Devakshi moments as well as some emotional family moments. But, if u all want me to delay their marriage, then there will be some issue (to be disclosed later) due to which their marriage will get delayed.

• I hv added Shraman and Twinj in d story, but I give less importance to them, obviously because they r supporting couples. So if any Shraman or Twinj fan is disappointed wid dis fact, plzz let me know. I’ll try to add some interesting Shraman n Twinj scenes. But the main lead couple will always be Devakshi.

• N now comes d help part. Guys, some1 plzz tell me how can we provide links in our episode. In d last episode, episode 20, I had given links but they were not posted. So I need your help. Plzz help me, coz I want my posts to be better, so that u all enjoy reading it..

So plzz help me guys. Your help n suggestions are much needed!! ??

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  1. Manya

    I want devakshi to be the lead and get married soon and we just have to copy the link and paste it

    1. Aaru

      Thanx for your suggestion dear..N I tried copy n paste but I didn’t work..still I’ll try again..

  2. nooo delay for their marriage n that issues NOT AT ALL dear plzz../
    dear I suggest devakshi marriage to take place !!!!!

    1. Aaru

      Ok..thank u ibtesam..I’ll definitely consider your suggestion..

  3. Go on as you are going

    1. Aaru

      Thanx for your suggestion Shreyansh..

  4. Sometime before marriage and obviously before marriage and after marriage we want Devakshi scenes only ????. Rest it’s ur choice ???

    1. Aaru

      Thanx for your suggestion Maleeha..I’ll try giving my best..

  5. I think those who are reading ff are satisfy with ur ff you write anything we will definitely like it.

    1. Aaru

      Thank u princess..u made me smile..

  6. Esme

    Dekho AARU behna…aap jo likhte ho mujhe toh bahot accha lagta hai. I don’t wanna give any suggestions but I suggest you to toss for this next step in your FF. I always use my lucky (so unlucky) coin for this….

    1. Aaru

      Haha..thank u Esme darling..??

  7. Plz Plz make DEVAKSHI married soon….

    I want some cute and romantic scenes of DEVAKSHI…..very very romantic….

    I don’t like SHRAMAN and TWINJ…..
    I like only DEVAKSHI….


    1. Aaru

      Thanx for your suggestion Ashriti

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey do what u feel most comfartable and
    I love shraman and twinj too ???? devakshi ????wow three of my fav pairs here ?

    1. Aaru

      In dat case, you’re lucky Fatarajo..N thanx for your suggestion..

  9. Hai..aaru..pls we want devakshi to get married soon and we want their cute,romantic scenes in ur story….??

    1. Aaru

      Thank u Prathusha..N I’ll try my best..

      1. ???

  10. And pls aaru only write devakshi pair and their moments in the story….none other will be good with them…they r only twinkling stars in the story… ???

  11. Bhoomi

    I want DevAkshi to get married soon ?… Devakshi ko hi main lead rakhana aaru….

    1. Aaru

      Ok Bhoomi..I’ll do dat..

  12. HarSHaN

    With some days before DevShi marriage n after too..U go to the old epi n copy the link n paste with story in the place U decide…Bt Soon Aaru..write n Share Soon..

    1. Aaru

      Ok..thank u HarSHaN..

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