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Hello evry1.. Guys, in d previous episode I said dat if I get more than 15 comments, I’ll post a super long episode b4 sunday. But o did not get 15 comments so..sorry.. N I cud not comment on your ffs so now I’ll do dat..
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) – Nishi dear, it was awesome n I’m curious 2 know wat will happen next. Congratulations 4 completing 50 episodes. Yay half century..
Kya maa manengi??- it was really nice. I’m kinda scared thinking wat will b Ishwari’s reaction if she gets 2 know abt Devakshi’s relationship.
My love- A fan fiction – Dev n sona’s fights r so cute..Dimple, u write really well.
My love story- Amazing episode.. I hope Maria, u end Rahul’s track soon..
Pyar ka rang aur naam- I read d episodes (9 & 10) n d promo as well. Waiting 4 d dhamaka of sona’s identity revelation. Superb SAAGA.
Rang pyaar ka (devna) again- it was really nice..I luv it. But sona’s memory loss..:(
KRPKAB A Step Ahead- u write really well..I read each n evry episode of it.
Pyaar ki kahaani- Phir se miscarriage.. plzz bring some joyful moments in Devakshi’s life.
N now, d newbie ff Dangerous love story by narendran. Narendran, I guess u were d writer of horror story ff too.. Btw your ff is different n nice.
So this is d end of MY comments section..hehe..n d beginning of d episode. But how can I forget..recap
RECAP: Neha, Nikki n Ria r now Dev n Bunty’s partners in crime..hehe..not really crime. Nikki’s plan to know Sona’s expectations from her life partner. Sona’s list of qualities..

Episode 9
Dev’s room
Nikki, Neha, Ria, Bunty n Dev r sitting. All r facing towards Dev wid their hands on their cheeks n a pouty face.
R: bhai, it’s all your fault.
D: wat my fault?? Wat did I do?
Ne: Ria is right’s all your fault. Who told u 2 b sooo workaholic!!
Ni: ya. Now how will u impress bhabhi.
B: I always used to tell u dat spend some time wid your frnds n family. But with n work, always..huh!!
D: so wat I shud not work!?
B:( kinda frustrated) no no. U only work.. actually only u work in dis world. V r all velle r8! Huh..
D: are yaar, y r u shouting at me? (he says like a small kid)
B: so shud I congratulate u!!(sarcastically)
Ne: stop it both if u.. bhai, one thing is clear dat u hv 2 change yourself a lot. For bhabhi..
D: but Neha, if some1 loves us, he loves us how v r. If not, then it’s not love.
Ni: bhaiya, all dis is good 4 films only. In real life, u hv 2 change yourself.
R: bhaiya, we’re not telling u 2 transform yourself into some1 you’re not. If some minor changes bring happiness in your life, then there’s nothing wrong in changing yourself.
B: ya, we’re not telling u 2 bcm Asur Dixit instead of Dev Dixit. We’re telling u 2 change from workaholic Dev Dixit to family man Dev Dixit.
Dev reluctantly agrees.
Sona was leaving 4 her house when Dev offers 2 drop her home. Sona agrees. Both sit in d car n go. On d way, Dev asks Sona
D: Miss Bose, if someone loves u but he wants u 2 change yourself 4 him, is it r8?
S: y r u asking dis Mr Dixit?
D: wo..umm..Bunty..ha Bunty’s girlfriend wants him to change himself 4 her. So Bunty was asking dis. Is changing yourself 4 d 1 who loves u, right??
S: no..if some1 loves u wid d condition dat u’ll change yourself according to his/her wish, then I’m sorry but he/she doesn’t love u. If some1 loves u , he’ll love u unconditionally 4 wat u r n not 4 wat he/she wants u 2 b.
D: I too think d same. If some1 wants u 2 change 4 him, then he’s not worth changing 4.
S: oh my house came..Ty Mr Dixit..bye n gn.
D: gn Miss Bose.
Dev reaches back Dixit house n heads towards his room. As soon as he enters his room evry1 asks him wid curiosity.
Ni: wat happened bhaiya??
Ne: did u talk to her??
Ri: wat did she say??
B: did u propose her??
All together: say something. Y r u quiet??
D: let me speak will u??(funny tune plays)
Ni: accha bhaiya tell me..(Dev gives her an angry glare n she zips her mouth)
D: even Miss Bose believes dat we shud not change ourselves 4 any1.
B: ok so plan ‘Dev ka transformation’ cancel..
D: but, I don’t hv d qualities she wants in her life partner. I can’t change myself 4 her. So wat 2 do??
All together: PLAN-C ??
R: yes..listen..(she tells them d plan, which is ofcourse muted. How can I reveal it now!! Suspense nhi to story nhi)
R: so ready??
Day 3
Ria’s room
R: so let’s start. This time it’s all up to u bhaiya.
D: but Ria, I really don’t think dat it will work. I mean how can we assume dat she loves me, jst if she turns to see me. N if she’s in a hurry n she does not turn then it means she does not love me!?
Ni: bhaiya plzz think positively. N Ria di, how come I did not get dis idea?!
B: ya how come dis Bollywood gossip queen did not get dis idea.
All giggle. Dev sees sonakshi entering d house n goes down n says dat he’s going 2 office n bids her goodbye. Sona too says goodbye. Sona heads towards kitchen n Dev stands at d door n waits 4 Sona 2 turn.
D: plzz miss Bose turn..plzz turn back.
Sona reaches neat dining table.
D: palat (turn)..palat (turn) (imagine Dev saying palat n full SRK cute)
Sona reaches near kitchen.
D: palat (turn)..palat (turn)
Sona enters d kitchen.
D: (sad n disheartened) nhi palti..
He leaves 4 office wid a sad face. Neha, Ria, Nikki n Bunty were seeing all dis from Ria’s room (hiding behind d door). They too r sad dat Sona did not turn. Screen freezes on their sad faces.

PRECAP: New day new trick. Probably last one.

Guys plzz comment n hope u read d beginning section. I hv commented on your ffs in dat. Plzz read it if u hv not yet read.

Credit to: Aarti

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