KRPKAB Devakshi ff (episode 8)

Hii.. On evry1’s demand, I’m posting so soon..atleast 4 me it’s soon..hehe lol.. I know u all r hell excited 2 know d outcome of d idea. So here I am 2 end your wait..

RECAP: Dev n Bunty think of ideas to know Sona’s feelings. They pretend dat Dev has slipped on d floor n evry1 is shocked.

Episode 8
Dixit house
I: wat.. fracture!! Oh my god!! Wat r u saying Bunty??
B: aunty, I’m saying wat happened. (He makes a sad face.)
D: aah!! Maa it’s paining a lot.(nautanki u see..)

I: someone call d doctor. Plzz do something
B:(spontaneously) Dr Bose.. Dr Bose plzz c na wat happened to Dev’s leg
Radha Mami: but she is to Ishwari Jiji’s nutri..nutri..
Nikki:(she interrupts Mami) nutritionist..u won’t b able 2 pronounce..
All d sisters n Bunty hv a good laugh.
RR: whatever..but she’s not orthopedist (haddiyon ki doctor) will she check Dev’s foot..she only knows 2 order wat 2 cook n wat 2 eat..she must not b knowing dis..huh
S: aunty ji, I can atleast check his foot. I know dat much atleast.
I: plzz c na nutrition, wat happened to my Dev.
Sona asks Bunty to make Dev lie down on a sofa. Bunty takes Dev till d sofa n Dev lies down. Sona sits near his feet n takes Dev’s foot on her lap n moves it very slowly n carefully. She keeps asking Dev if it pains. Dev keeps adoring her face only n does not say anything.

S: Mr it paining??
D:(he comes back 2 his senses)’s paining a lot.
S: I think it’s nothing serious 2 worry abt. It’s just a mere sprain. I’ll put pain balm n bandage n till 2mrrw morning u’ll bcm absolutely fine. But b4 dat u can’t walk or move your leg. Ok..
D: ok
Sona applies pain balm on his foot n wraps it wid bandage. Dev only stares at her. Sona wishes him a cute wala GET WELL SOON n leaves. All others too leave. Dev looks at Bunty n makes a vry sad face.
D: bunty, she does not love me. She didn’t feel my pain. Our results r negative.
B: it’s ok yaar Dev. It was just 1 trick. I hv many more tricks. Don’t lose hope yaar. I’m sure Dr Bose too has feelings 4 u.
Suddenly, Nikki shouts.
N: wat!!!.. How cud u bhaiya?? U hid all dis from me.. your sister.. love guru Nikki Dixit. Not expected from u bhaiya. I mean u love Sona di n u didn’t tell me..But now I’ll tell dis 2 evry1..
D:(he jumps from his bed) no no Nikki plzz..don’t tell dis 2 any1, especially maa or Mami.
N: (shocked) bhaiya, I think u fell down n your leg got sprained r8??

Bunty n Dev tell Nikki abt their idea.
N: oooohhh..tricks n all ha..not bad bhaiya. But if I don’t tell dis 2 any1, my tummy will start paining. U know na I can’t digest secrets. So I’ll hv 2 tell dis 2 some1.
She runs 2 Ria’s room n tells her everything.
R: shut up Nikki..wat nonsense..u’ll go mad one day watching all sorts of romantic movies.
N: no di, I’m not joking. I swear.
Neha comes. She had heard their conversation.

Ne: seriously Nikki, Ria is r8. U’ll go crazy..(Ria n Neha hv a good laugh)
Ni: ok, u don’t believe me r8? So u come n ask bhaiya only. He’ll tell then u’ll believe.
D three sisters come 2 Dev’s room.
R: see na bhaiya wat dis Nikki is saying. She is saying dat u love Dr Bose.
Ne: I’m telling u bhai, pull her ears dis time. She’s become really naughty.
Dev does not say anything n jst looks here n there.
Ne: wat happened bhai?? no no no no..don’t tell me bhai!!
R: bhai, wat Nikki said is true??
Dev remains silent 4 a while n then nods in a yes. Neha, Ria n Nikki shout ‘yay’ n hug Dev.
R: wow bhaiya, I don’t believe it..u r in love.
Ne: even I can’t believe it..btw bhai, does she too love u?
Dev’s smile fades n Bunty tells them abt their idea n then d failure of their try.
Ne: don’t worry bhai, don’t lose hope. Now your sisters r also wid u.
R: ya bhai. V r always there 2 support u.

Ni: n now when u hv love guru Nikki’s support, then there’s nothing 2 worry. I hv another plan.
She tells them d plan n then she forwards her hand saying ready!? Neha, then Ria, then Bunty n then a hesitant Dev put their hands on her hand n say ready..
Day 2
Sona is preparing d chart, sitting in d kitchen. Nikki comes 2 her.
Ni: bhab..umm Sona di (phew, she was abt 2 call her bhabhi)
S: yes Nikki.
Ni: see na Di dis guy is so cute..
Nikki shows her a pic in her mobile n Sona chuckles.
Ni: I wish I could get him as my life partner. I wud b d luckiest girl.
S: do u know him Nikki?
Ni: no
S: then how can u say dat u’ll b lucky if u get him as life partner. U shud try n see his other qualities. Besides being cute, he shud hv some other qualities too.
Ni: so tell me Di, wat qualities do u want in your life partner.

Dev, Bunty, Neha n Ria hear all dis from behind d door. (By now u all must hv understood dat Nikki asking Sona abt d qualities she wants in her life partner n Dev n others hiding n listening 2 all dis, was Nikki’s plan which she told yesterday night.)
D:(in a vry low voice) plzz god I shud hv those qualities..plzz (guys since Dev is hiding so he’ll b speaking vry slowly. So assume d upcoming dialogues of Dev to b audible to Neha Ria n Bunty only)
S: he shud love me. Not only me but also my family.
D: ofcourse i love u. N I’ll also love your family.
S: besides loving me, he shud also respect me n my family.
D: more than love, I respect u.
S: he shud spend time wid me.
D: I’m dying 2 spend time wid u.

Neha n Bunty chuckle.
S: n d most important one, he shud not b workaholic. He shud give enough time 2 his family. But dat does not mean he shud neglect his work. He shud not b lazy also. He shud b a balanced one.
Bunty, Neha n Ria look at Dev n Dev makes a puppy face. Screen freezes on Dev’s tensed puppy face.

PRECAP: Dev tries 2 change himself according 2 Sona’s expectations.

So guys, did u like it..plzz tell me in d comments section.

Credit to: Aarti


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    Luv guru Nikki hahaha …….. awsome one …thanks for updating it soon and please update the next chapter also soon please……

    • Aarti

      Yo luv guru Nikki..thanx 4 commenting..but I don’t think I’ll b able 2 post d next episode so soon, coz I write another ff on twinj(Sidmin) n I hv not posted dat from many days, so I hv 2 post dat too..sorry

  2. Laxmi

    Love guru nikki its absolutely right………end of the epi so nice that dev makes a puppy face …….hahaha….

  3. Aarti

    Tysm Laxmi, AYUSHI, Fatarajo, MK, Benish n Shalini..if dis time more than 15 ppl comment then d next episode will b vry long n will b posted b4 sunday..pakka

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