KRPKAB Devakshi ff (episode 7)


Hola guys!! I don’t know Spanish ok.. Well, surprised r8!? Coz I used 2 keep too many days’ gap between episodes..n his time it’s quite early na..yeah it’s an unoccasional treat 4 all of u.. so enjoy it n happy reading..
RECAP: Bunty n Dev go 2 their frnd Ravi’s house. While returning back, they hv an argument. Bunty makes Dev realise his love 4 Sona.Bunty is miffed wid Dev. Next day, Ishwari calls Bunty 2 Dixit house 4 some work n later asks Dev n Bunty 2 sort out their fight n sends them 2 d garden. Dev n Bunty patch up. Dev admits dat he loves Sona n wants 2 know abt her feelings.

Episode 7
Dev’s room
Dev n Bunty were talking on mobile phone.
D: yaar bunty!! How will I know if she too loves me??
B: yaar control Dev..have patience. V can’t go n ask her r8.. we’ll hv 2 find out ourselves. Tomorrow morning I’ll come 2 your office n then we’ll think of some idea ok.. 4 now u sleep.
D: are yaar..I’m not able 2 sleep..I nvr knew dat in love u hv such sleepless nights..
B: oh ho my Romeo..but plzz sleep now..I hv 2 talk 2 your bhabhi gf will kill me if I reject her call..I’ve already missed 2 calls of her n d third one will mark my bye good n8..
D: (chuckles) good n8!!
Next day morning
Dev’s office
D: I’m getting really eager 2 know abt her feelings. Help me bunty plzz give me some idea..
B: oye hoye has changed u totally I must say..
D: stop teasing me n think of some idea..
B: idea..(their idea is muted)
D: r u sure it will work..
B: ofcourse’s my tried n tested formula..
D: ok
B: so ready 4 mission bhabhi ki feelings jaanofy??
D: wat nonsense!!(he smiles)
(Guys their plan is of some one day one plan..ok)
Day 1
Evening (guys it’s d same day when they got d idea)
B:(in a filmy style) (guys I hv 2 write dis in Hindi warna feel nhi aayegi) jab hero ko chot lagti h to dard heroine ko hota h re!! (When d hero is hurt d heroine is in pain)
D: wat?? Hero.. heroine..pain..wat do u mean??
B: I mean..if u’ll get hurt n if she feels d pain 4 u, then it’s a green signal..(he smiles brightly)
D: wat..but how can she feel d pain when I’m hurt n not she?
B: in love it happens like dis now shout or else I’ll hv to make u shout..
D: wat..shout..but y??
B: oh I’ll hv 2 do dis also.
Bunty pushes Dev on d floor n shouts..
B: aunty hi, Neha, Nikki, Ria, Dr Bose evrybody come fast. Dev..oh my god (he’s so much overacting u know)
Evry1 comes there.
I: wat happened bunty..y r u shouting..(she sees Dev lying on floor) wat happened 2 did he fall down??
B: actually aunty, his leg got twisted..I think it’s a fracture.
Dev looks shocked hearing ‘fracture’ n tries 2 act accordingly. Others r also shocked including Sona bcz Dev was in pain, according 2 them atleast..

PRECAP: Result of test 1..

Guys u’ll hv 2 wait 4 upcoming ideas n including of d sisters.. Till then bye n plzz comment..

Credit to: Aarti

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  1. Interesting….Aarti……update soon….

    1. Ty SAAGA..I’ll try my best to update asap

  2. Actually di,I’m sorry I’m such a spoiler,your ff is amazing but actually in reality if you a love a girl,you shouldn’t play with her feelings..playing with her feelings also means testing her feelings in the wrong way…the girl may be hurt like this when she finds out that the boy did this to find out her feelings when he could actually just normally properly propose to her…sorry this is your ff and I have no right to rule over it,but like I get a bit anxious when I hear or see girl’s feelings being played with..sorry if you feel bad!❤️❤️

    1. Thanks 4 your comment n suggestion as well..but I wrote dat she’s shocked..I didn’t write dat she’s hurt or dat she can feel Dev’s pain.. u’ll get 2 know in d next episode whether she’s hurt or not..n as u said directly proposing..many a times it happens dat if d boy just directly proposes d girl, their frndship does not last or d girl gets angry n feels’s not abt testing her feelings, it’s abt getting some idea of her feelings..n I seriously didn’t feel bad reading your comment so don’t u worry..

  3. Bhoomi

    Good one Aarti… post next one soon..

    1. Ty Bhoomi..n I’ll try my level best to post asap

  4. Hahaha…when can i imagine ur script with our real hero its so funnny…..bcoz dev’s all expressions r very cute……nice episode…..nice script

    1. Ty laxmi..

    2. Ty laxmi..n ya shaheer’s expressions r fab..I luv it when he says,” aisa kaise ho sakta h”..he looks so cute at dat time..

  5. Madhuri

    So nice aarti. Waiting for results

    1. Ty madhuri

  6. Very good aarti… A nice start…The idea was ossum and hope that sona also loves dev and love blooms between them….Just hope for the best.And all the best for your upcoming story..

    1. Start!! Dat too in episode 7..hehe..Ty 4 your comment lavanya

  7. Amazing,fantastic and brilliant aarti and post the next part like this ,quickly

  8. I loved it. Keep writing Aarti.

  9. Brilliant work aarti….. but plzzz post next very soon
    Because too much gap of time break the intrest so plzzz post soon as much as possible


    Waiting for next episode yaar can’t wait full suspense wala precap???????????I enjoyed today episode

  11. Ty so so sooooooo much AYUSHI, Shalini, Benish n Pretty_banu..

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    I love ur ff Aarti good job

    1. Awwwww..thank u sooooooooooooooooooooo much Fatarajo..I’m proud to hv frnds like u all..

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