KRPKAB Devakshi ff (episode 6)

Hola!! Here’s d next episode of d vry first ff on devakshi..ok ok I know I’m praising myself..nvr without wasting much time, let’s begin wid d episode.
RECAP: Vicky tries 2 misbehave wid Sona n Dev punches him hard n is really vry angry. Bunty comes n takes Dev along wid him 2 their frnd Ravi’s house.

Episode 6
Bunty n Dev r returning from Ravi’s house. Dev is driving, but he’s not concentrating on his driving. He’s abt 2 hit another car but bunty stops him on time.

B: Dev.. b careful..plzz i dont wanna die so early.
D:I’m so sorry bunty, actually I was thinking abt something so I didn’t see d car approaching. I’m really sorry.
B: wat happened Dev?? At Ravi’s house also u seemed lost somewhere??
D: I jst can’t get off yesterday’s incident.(he says dis while driving)
B: stop d car Dev!!
D:wat happened bunty..
B:I said stop d car..jst stop it!!
Dev stops d car at a side n bunty gets down. Dev too gets down.
D: wat happened bunty?? Tell me something will u?? Plzz tell wat happened??
B: oh really..wat happened?? I should b d one asking dis 2 u..wat has happened 2 u Dev??
D: wat do u mean bunty?? Plzz tell clearly.
B: y r u so much bothered abt Dr Bose. Vicky misbehaved wid her, u punched him, he said sorry to Dr Bose. Even u too said sorry 2 her. So now wats bothering’s not dat big deal.
D: how can u say like dat bunty!? It is a big deal. If not 4 u but 4 me it is a big deal..
B: y..y is it a big deal 4 u??
D: bcz Miss Bose is frnd..infact best frnd
B: when did dis “best frndship” happen?? U didn’t tell me
D: wo..umm..wo..y shud i tell u everything?
B: how will u tell, when dis nvr happened.. u can’t lie 2 me Dev.
D: I’m not lying ok..
B: ok so I’ll ask Dr Bose only. Ok give me your phone. I’ll call her n ask?
D:umm..y my phone?? Woo..I don’t hv her number. Haan I don’t hv her number.(Dev has a bach gaye types smile)
B: Dev..u don’t hv your “best frnd’s number” ?? When u know u can’t lie so easily, then y do u even try?
Dev hits his head wid his hand.

B: u care 4 her soo much..u get so angry when some1 misbehaves wid her..u always think abt her..u say she’s your best y don’t u admit dat??
D: wat?? Wat r u trying 2 say?
B: dat u love her stupid..y don’t u admit it
D: wat r u saying’s nothing like dat.
B: oh cmon cannot n hidden.
D: no’s not love..don’t talk rubbish.
Bunty gets angry n shouts at him.
B: I’m talking wat r u doing haan..u care so much 4 Dr Bose..u nvr care soo much 4 any1 except your mom n sisters..u punched Vicky 4 misbehaving wid her n u r angry on Vicky till now..u were not do angry on him even when he stole your favourite watch..u knew dat he stole it. N after all dat u say u don’t love her..n I’m talking, I must say Dev you’re great!!
Saying dis bunty leaves from there n Dev was thinking abt wat bunty said.
Dev:(he thinks) wat was bunty can I love Dr Bose. But bunty was not saying anything wrong..I care 4, I’m worried 4 n I love only maa, my sisters n.. Dr Bose. Yes, I love means bunty was r8. I love her. I love no Sonakshi. Sonakshi..Sona.. Dev u’ll go crazy..
He then comes out of his thoughts n drives back 2 his home.

Next day morning
Bunty comes 2 Dixit house.
Radha Mami: are bunty!! Wat r u doing here early morning??
I: I had called him bhabhi..I had decided 2 send some sweets as prasad 4 tonight’s satsang(some prayer) so I called bunty n he will bring d sweets n deliver them at d temple..
B: yes aunty..(he sees Dev coming down from d stairs) Ishwari aunty called me so I came..or else I wud hv not come.
Dev realises dat bunty is angry wid him after yesterday’s incident. Ishwari too senses bunty’s anger. She asks bunty n Dev 2 talk n sort out their fight. Dev takes bunty 2 d garden.
B: wat happened..y hv u brought me to d garden..
D: I’m sorry yaar..plzz forgive me
B: sorry..4 wat??
D: 4 yesterday’s incident..yaar plzz forgive your bhai
B: you’re sorry..which means u admit dat I was r8??
D: umm..yess
Bunty gives Dev a tight hug
B: so when r u going 2 propose her??
D: no no..b4 dat I need 2 know wat she feels abt me..does she too feels d same??
B: oh problem yaar, we’ll find dat out..btw congratulations bhai..
They come inside happily n Ishwari is happy 2 see them like dat.

PRECAP: Dev n bunty’s plans to know if Sona loves Dev..Nikki, Neha n Ria also get involved..

Guys plzz comment..or else I’ll hv to end it in d vry next episode..plzz plzz comment krna..your comments mean a lot to me..

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