KRPKAB Devakshi ff (episode 5)

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RECAP: Dev drops sona home. Radha mami instigates Ishwari against sona. Dev n sona hv a convo over Bengali taunts of sona. Dev n sona talk while walking on d road.

Episode 5
Dev n sona r talking when a mad boy came there n held sona’s hand. Sona tried to free her hand but failed. Dev too tried to get sona’s hand rid of his holdz but d boy, being mentally unstable, said he wanted to marry sona.
B(boy): plss marry me na..u r so beautiful n I promise I’ll nvr let u do any work n u’ll only hv to order I’ll do evrythng 4 u..plzz marry me.
S: wat?? I can’t marry u..plzz leave my hand.
B: no no plzz..evry girl rejects me..plzz u hv to marry me.
D: arey..wat nonsense is dis..she said na dat she can’t marry u..don’t u understand.

B: u shut up!(funny tune plays) I’m talking to my future wife..who r u to talk in between!?
Sona n Dev look at him wid wide eyes.
D: she’s my future wife n not yours..I love her n she’s only mine. Now will u leave or shud my hand talk to u.
D boy gets scared n leaves saying sorry didi to sona. Sona looks at Dev in shock.
S: wat was all dis Mr Dixit..y did u say dat..
D: I’m sorry miss Bose..I had to say dat..or else dat boy wud hv married u today for sure.
S: ohh..I thought..
D: wat..u thought I love u..I mean seriously miss Bose.
S: Dr Bose 4 u..n if u say like dis then any1 will think like dis only..
D: ok leave it Dr Bose..4 now let’s leave from here.
They sit in d car n leave from there.

Next day
Sona reached Dixit house n wished evry1 good morning. She went directly to d kitchen as she had to make some changes in Ishwari’s diet chart. She moved towards the fridge to take a bottle of water while she had Ishwari’s diet chart in her hand(she was analyzing d chart so as to make d changes). She did not see dat Dev was coming from there n she collided wid Dev. She was abt to fall when Dev held her in his arms. She was holding d chart in one hand n her other hand was around Dev’s neck. They share an eyelock.
D: miss many times do I need to tell u..b careful.
S: wow Mr nicely u always blame me..(sarcasm) n btw wat r u doing in d kitchen.
D: y..can’t I come to my own kitchen to drink water.(by now u all must hv understood dat Dev was standing near d fridge 4 drinking water n sona too came n dats how they collided.)
S: oh plzz Mr Dixit..I’m not in a mood to argue..(she moves towards d kitchen counter n Dev heads towards office.)

All d ladies of d house along wid mamaji had gone for a lunch on radha mami’s insistence (to her favorite ghumakkad hotel..lolz) Vicky n Nikki were at home. Others had not returned yet. Nikki was in her room listening to music on high volume(using headphones).sona was abt to leave 4 her house when some1 held her hand.
S: wat nonsense is dis Vicky..??
V: its not nonsense, its my love 4 u..its your beauty dat attracts me..(he moves little closer to sona)
S: u r drunk!! Vicky leave my hand..
V: noways

S: leave my hand..I said leave my hand.
Vicky starts getting closer to sona. He was abt to kiss sona when he had a punch on his face..yeah it was Dev who punched him.
D: how dare u cud u behave so indecently wid her..
V: oh plzz Dev bhai..u jst go..wats your problem haa. Y do u always hv to interfere witinn my matters?? Go get a life..u r perfect wid your business only.
D: oh shut up..n apologize to Dr Bose.
V:(he was extremely angry but somehow controlled his anger) sorry..
Vicky had now decided to take revenge for his insult. He went to his room. Dev too apologized to sona. Sona who was crying, said its ok. She left 4 her house.
Evry1 returned home n had gone to their respective rooms. Dev was till now angry wid Vicky.
Next day (Dev’s room)
Dev was still annoyed wid Vicky’s misbehavior. It was sunday so bunty had come to meet Dev.
B(bunty): hey r u?
D:hey bunty..u here??

B: wat is dis yaar dev..v had decided to go to Ravi’s house n u said u’ll pick me n then v will go..but u didn’t come.
D:im sorry bunty.. actually it jst slipped out of my mind.i was so annoyed so i forgot.
B:wat happened..y r u so annoyed.?
D:all bcz of dat cud he do such a cheap thing dat too wid cud he misbehave wid her??
B:dev..u had nvr been so angry..vicky is always like dis..but u nvr reacted like dis..
D:but still..does he not feel ashamed of behaving like dis wid dr cud he touch cud he
B:dont overreact Dev..dis is not something new 4 vicky..
D:wat the hell bunty..u think I’m can u say like dat.
B:okay baba sorry..u jst calm down..n come v hv to go to Ravi’s house..
D: I’m sorry bunty..i shud hv not shouted on u..
B:once again if u say sorry na.. I’ll not talk to u.

They hv a friendly hug n they leave 4 Ravi’s house.

PRECAP:bunty n dev hv an guess wat d argument will be abt??

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