KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 30

RECAP- Devakshi fight.. Shraman, Twinj n NRN decide to send them for a honeymoon to V..(u’ve to guess d destination ?).. Suman overhears Vicky n GKB’s convo n tells Shravan, Twinj n NRN abt it..

Episode 30

Dev wakes up in d morning, only to find Sonakshi’s side of d bed, empty.. Dev remembers their argument last night n sighs, his eyes closed. He hears d bathroom door open, as he opens his eyes. Sonakshi comes out of d bathroom n stands in front of d mirror, drying her hair.. Dev looks at her through d mirror..Sonakshi too looks at him, but then moves her gaze off him..
Dev: (thinking) yesterday, we were so happy..everything was so romantic..but today, we both aren’t even looking at each other..
Morning romance of d previous day flashes in his mind. He thinks to talk to Sonakshi..
Dev: Sonakshi..
Sonakshi is abt to leave d room without listening to him..but d Dixit battalion ? comes to them..Devakshi r startled to see them at their room, this early in d morning..

Sonakshi: wat r u all doing here?? Maa is fine na??
Suman: Sonakshi, maa is absolutely fine.. actually..
Twinkle: we want to talk to u..
Kunj: n Dev bhaiya also..
Dev gets up from d bed n calls them inside.
Dev: wat do u want to talk abt??
Shravan: Dev, actually we want to tell u something abt yesterday’s matter..maa’s medicines..
Dev: (interrupts) I don’t want to talk abt it..d topic is over now..
Sonakshi: (looking at Shravan) I want to talk abt it..those who don’t want to talk, may leave!!
Nikki: Bhai, bhabhi..dis is more important than your plzz!!
Dev: ok tell..
Neha: Bhai, Sona bhabhi didn’t change d medicines..
Dev: I know dat..but she gave wrong medicines by mistake..
Ria: no wasn’t bhabhi’s fault at all..someone exchanged d tablets in d bottles..
Sonakshi: wat?? Who did it??
Dev: mamiji!! Y will she do it??
Suman tells them everything she heard while GKB n Vicky were talking..

Dev n Sonakshi stand there wid shocked faces..
Dev: how can she do dis?? Wat if something wud hv happened to maa?? Mamiji did all dis jst to defame Sonakshi!! How can she stoop so low!!
Sonakshi: how can I blame mamiji, when d ppl I thought wud trust me, didn’t even listen to me!!
Dev looks at her wid sorrowful eyes. He realises how much he has hurt her..not by scolding her..but by not trusting her!! N now she isn’t even looking at him.
Sonakshi: ok now..we shud go for breakfast..
Sonakshi leaves immediately..all look at Dev wid pitying eyes..Kunj keeps his hand on Dev’s shoulder..
Kunj: I always say “control your anger..control your anger” but no..Dev Dixit nvr listens to anyone na..sometimes u shud listen to others too..
Shravan: shut up Kunj..but Dev, u’ll hv to work very hard to pacify her..
Dev nods n then goes to freshen up. Others leave for breakfast.

At d breakfast table, everyone observes dat Sonakshi is remaining silent..she is only focusing on her work n is not talking much..Nani signals Nikki asking “wat’s going on??” Nikki points at Dev n Sonakshi n Nani understands dat Sonakshi is angry wid Dev. Nani then signals Dev to talk to Sonakshi..Dev signals at GKB n Vicky, n asks “how to talk in front of them??” Nani thinks of some idea..
Nani: who has gone to give breakfast to Ishwari??
Suman: Nani, I was abt to go, but Shravan isn’t letting me I asked Sonakshi to go..after serving us, she’ll take breakfast for maa..
GKB: no no..after wat happened yesterday, I won’t let dis bangalan be wid jiji..
Sonakshi, who was serving sandwich to Suman, stops her hand, hearing GKB’s words..Dev clenches his fist..
Nani: yaa..then do one thing.. Radha Rani..u, baldev n Vicky take your breakfast plates n Ishwari’s breakfast as well..n hv breakfast wid Ishwari in her room..
Vicky: but Dadi, y me??
GKB: my Red, do as your Dadi says..(whispers) use dis as an opportunity to win jiji’s heart n trust..
Vicky: ok Dadi..we’ll hv our breakfast wid bhua..

GKB, Vicky n mamaji leave..Sonakshi, disheartened by GKB’s taunt, is abt to leave d breakfast table..Nani stops her..
Nani: Sona..beta, nvr insult food..(gets up from her chair n holds Sonakshi’s hand n brings her to her chair) come, sit n hv your breakfast..
Nani makes Sonakshi sit besides Dev.. Dev thinks of a plan to make her talk..
Dev: Kicchu, make an aloo paratha for me..wid extra butter..
He looks at Sonakshi, thinking she wud scold him..
Sonakshi: Kicchu Bhaiya, don’t u touch d one will get any aloo paratha..
Ria: see, when it came to bhaiya’s health, bhabhi forgot all her anger in a second..
Sonakshi: taking wrong decisions in anger, it’s not my habit..but forgiving ppl easily is also not my habit..?
Dev: Sonakshi, I’m sorry..I was so worried for maa, dat I couldn’t think rationally.. I’m sorry!!
Sonakshi: I understand, u were worried..but dat doesn’t justify wat u did..u didn’t trust me..u didn’t even listen to now, even I won’t listen to your Sorry!!

Dev pouts n looks at everyone for help..Nikki takes out her phone n plays a song..she sings along d song..
Nikki: One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry..Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!..Bachche ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry..Bachche ki loge jaan kya?

She signals everyone to sing along..
All: One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry..Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!..Bachche ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry..Bachche ki loge jaan kya?

Sonakshi looks at them, to find Nikki n Twinkle moving their heads in sync wid d music, Suman, Neha n Ria making tinkling sound wid d knife n glass, Kunj n Shravan tapping d table as a tabla, Nani appreciating d creativity of her grandchildren n Dev holding his ears..wid everyone singing along d song..Sonakshi doesn’t smile, but deep down she starts to melt, seeing Dev say sorry, so cutely..n Dev knew it!! But still, she didn’t smile..

When they realise dat Sonakshi isn’t going to smile like dis, they increase their volume n madness..they sing louder..Sonakshi closes her ears n shouts..
Sonakshi: plzz slow down!!
All get quiet at once..Kunj gives his one eyebrow up wala look n sends a msg to Dev..
Kunj: (message to Dev) Bhai, tell bhabhi dat dis song is for her..n play dis song..she’ll definitely smile..? [song]
Dev smiles at Kunj. He clears his throat n says full feeling k sath..
Dev: Sonakshi, dis song is only for u..?
He plays d song!!

PRECAP- aftermath of d song!!?

So ppl, u hv two things to guess..d song n d honeymoon destination..
In d previous episode, nobody guessed d honeymoon destination..not a single guess!! R u ppl not interested in it, plzz tell me if dats d matter..I thought Devakshi honeymoon wud excite u all..but I guess I was totally wrong!!

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  1. Aarti32

    Hey ppl, I was thinking of incorporating some Hindi dialogues..ofcourse wid English wat do u say??

    1. Ofcourse you can include some Hindi dialogues?

  2. I am ok with any and the destination is Venice or Vegas n

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      Nice guess..thank u dear

  3. I like was awesome.

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      Thank u Priya

  4. It was a fantastic episode???

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  5. Coming to ur question,
    I don’t watch too many movies, so I can’t choose the right song for the situation.
    Honeymoon destination can be Paris or Scandinavia.

    1. Aarti32

      It’s ok gurl..
      Both these places r rilli amazing..but I’ve already written dat d name of d place starts wid V..n u jst hv to guess dat place..but it’s ok

      1. Venice….. probably

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  7. I think its Vegas
    amazing epi
    love it post asap

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