KRPKAB Devakshi ff (episode 3)


Hey guys!! Welcome 2 episode 3 of KRPKAB Devakshi ff. Hopeu guys like it..
RECAP: Sona falls down d stairs n her head is injured n r8 hand fractured. After being discharged from hospital, Sona returns 2 work. 1 day Dev goes 2 drop sona home n while returning, he sees ice cream stall n reminces how sona was eating ice cream when they ve back from d partybn he too eats icecream. Next day he starts coughing n ishwari prepares kadha for Dev. Ishwari, Neha, Nikki n Ria go for a party n Dev n sona get locked inside d house.

Episode 3
Dixit house
(Guys lights automatically go off as ishwari does not like Dev’s “mehnat ki kamai” 2 get wasted 2 this system is set up in their house..lolzzz)
S:plzz don’t tell me dat..
D: we’re locked inside d house.
S: oh no..y does dis always happen wid me?(frustrated)
D: Wat can I do now..
S: tumi ekta boka..
D: Hindi plzz miss Bose
S: arey call someone..
D: I can’t..bcz my phone is outside on my car..where’s your phone? U call some1.
S: I’m not getting my phone..I’m searching since an hour..
D: So now..even lights r also off.
S: wat..( in frustration she didn’t realize dat lights r off) so y r u standing here..go n switch on d lights.
D: no I can’t bcz..(b4 he cud complete, sona speaks)
S: bcz u r Dev Dixit n u don’t do such small things r8.. Here I’m so afraid n u r showing attitude..
D: its jst darkness, nothing 2 get afraid of.. N I can’t switch on lights bcz its automatic..lights go off after main door is locked from outside.
S: wat..who keeps such stupid systems. Oh I forgot how u yourself r, such ideas ull get in your mind..Mr abhadro..
D: don’t call me dat. N wat does dat mean? Tell me
S: y should I say? ( she runs away)
Dev runs behind her. While running, sona injures her leg by hitting it wid d dining table. She falls down n winces in pain. Dev asks
D: miss Bose, r u okay?
S: ya I’m fine..aahh
D: get up..(he offers his hand 4 support) come n sit on d sofa.
S: I can’t..its paining a lot..I can’t even my move my leg.
Dev lifts sona in his arms n takes her 2 d sofa. Sona was continuously looking at Dev who was concerned 4 her. He makes her sit on d sofa.
D:(touching her ankle) where is it paining?
S: little r8.
Dev moves his finger 2wrds r8. Sona feels ticklish. She giggles.
D: wat happened? Y r u giggling?
S: gudgudi(tickling). (smiles)

Dev too smiles. He tells sona dat he’ll bring candle from d kitchen. Sona holds his hand n says,”plzz don’t leave me alone”. Dev turns 2wrds sona n realises dat she’s afraid of darkness. He holds her hand n helps her get up. She trips n is abt 2 fall but Dev holds her. Dev keeps sona’s one hand on his shoulder n holds her other hand n his other hand is holding her waist. Sona is continuously looking at Dev. They reach near kitchen drawer n Dev takes out a candle(still holding sona) n lights it. He looks at sona who was looking extremely beautiful in candle light. They both share a beautiful n intense eyelock. Dev makes sona sit on a chair near d dining table n goes 2 d kitchen n was opening all d drawers as if he was searching something.

S: wat r u searching 4, Mr Dixit?
D: vo..actually..vo..I’m hungry. N there’s nothing 2 eat.
S: ohh..I can prepare something. Jst wait..(she tries 2 get up but falls. Dev picks her up n takes her 2 d kitchen. He gets a chair 4 her in d kitchen n she sits on it.)
D: but..umm..u don’t know how 2 cook r8
S: ya but I can at least prepare oats.
D: but..I do t like oats( in a low voice)
S: plzz stop your tantrums okay..if u can prepare anything then u may come forward.
D: plzz sonakshi..not oats.
S: who’s gonna cook?
D: u
S: who’s d nutritionist?
D: u..of course
S: then who’ll decide what 2 cook?
D:(giving up) u.
S: help me.
D: me??(startled)
S: ya..coz u r hungry not me!
D: ok(giving up again)

Dev n sona prepare oats. Dev takes sona 2 d dining table n they both eat oats n talk abt each others life(v shud not peep into their personal life so I won’t b describing sona coughs while eating n Dev quickly gives her water. Heakes her drink water n rubs her back. He gets fine. Dev is relieved. After a while, Sona hears a thunder lightning sound n holds Dev’s hand in fear. Dev calms her n they feel awkward as they were holding hands. After sometime,Ishwari, Neha, Nikki n Ria come back home. As they unlock d main door, lights turn on n ishwari n the sister trio come in.
I: Dev, y didn’t u come? N nutrition (sona) wat r u doing here?
D:(he explains her evrythng) sorry maa I cudnt help it?
S: actually aunty Ji, I’m sorry. If Dev wudnt hv 2 drop me home then all dis wud hv not happened.
I: no no its OK nutrition.
D: maa, I’ll drop sonakshi home.
I: ok, but come fast n drive safely.
Den n sona reach Bose house. Sona tries 2 get up but can’t as her leg is still paining. Dev helps her n takes her to d door of her house. He rings d bell n saurabh opens d door. Dev makes sona sit on d sofa n bids bye 2 her n saurabh. Sona n saurabh also bid bye 2 Dev.

PRECAP: Dev reaches home. Next morning, Radha instigates Ishwari against Sona. Ishwari seems 2 b affected by Radha’s talks.
Ty 4 reading. Plzz keep watching KRPKAB. Plzz do comment. Suggestions needed.

Credit to: Aarti

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  2. Ur ff is awesome

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  3. Lovely aarti, too funny and romantic nok jok between devakshi!! Lol

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  4. Aarti u r a superb writer… Great imagination… Keep going… We r always there to read and appreciate your talent.. ?

  5. hey was very good i loved their nok

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