KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 29

Kya maanga tha maine, sirf 10 comments na..wo bhi nhi diya😭😭 Aise kaise chalega?? Response nhi milega to mujhe aage type krne ka man kaise hoga?? Pehle maine socha ki 50 episodes se pehle khatam nhi krungi..but ab to lagta h 50 hoga hi nhi..comments hi nhi milenge!!
Is baar agar 10 se kam comments aye to main story bhi incomplete chhod dungi😞
N I’m busy wid my BBA admissions, so isliye late sorry for dat Kashish!!

Anyways aaj ka episode to padh lo..
RECAP- first day after Devakshi marriage n Devakshi argument..

Episode 29
Dev comes to his room n sees Sonakshi already sleeping at her side of bed n her back towards his side. Nobody had talked to him after his n Sona’s argument. There was no point talking to an angry Dev, coz he’ll nvr understand their point. He lied down on d bed n turned towards his side, turning his back towards Sonakshi. He heard her sniff, which implied she was still awake n was crying. But his anger overpowered all his other emotions, n he slept.

Shravan, Twinj n NRN were sitting in d garden.
Twinkle: Shravan Bhaiya, how’s Suman bhabhi??
Shravan: she’s resting in her room..d doctor said as d reports r positive, she’ll hv to take proper care n hv a sound sleep..
Ria: n we can’t discuss dis wid Suman bhabhi.. she’ll take a lot of stress..
Neha: we’ll hv to do something to solve Dev Bhai n Sona bhabhi’s fight..
Nikki: but wat??
Kunj: wat happens after every marriage..
Nikki: Bhaiya, d post marriage rituals r done..
Kunj: duffer, looks like u spend a lot of time wid siyappa queen..
Twinkle: shut up Kunj!!
Kunj: ok, sorry sorry..I’m talking abt honeymoon..let’s send them on their honeymoon..
Shravan: good idea.. u’ve become smart, Kunj!!
Twinkle: my influence!!😎
Kunj: liar!!πŸ˜’
Ria: ok then, plan done..but wats d honeymoon destination??
Nikki: when will my laptop help!! I’ll get it..I was searching for honeymoon destination since Dev bhaiya’s wedding..I’ve shortlisted some places..
Neha: ok let’s go to your room only..

Everyone headed towards Nikki’s room. Vicky was hiding behind d wall, hearing their entire convo. He immediately called RR to his room n informed her abt it.
RR: oh, so dat bro-sis team is planning Dev n bangalan’s honeymoon!! But when garib ki beti is here, how can Dev be happy!! Huh!!
Vicky: mummy, dat Dev Dixit has destroyed our happiness, he shud nvr be happy.. NEVER!! I will make sure his happiness is destroyed completely..
RR: it has started, my Red.. Dev has already shouted on dat bangalan..we just need to fuel their it by changing jiji’s medicines again..or by doing something else..
RR n Vicky hv a evil smirk..

Nikki’s room
Nikki: so d place is final..shall I book d tickets??
Shravan: yes
Suman enters right then..
Suman: r u all talking abt??
Nikki: Devakshi’s honeymoon in V..
Shravan: (before Nikki cud complete) wat r u doing here?? I told u to rest n not to get up!!
Suman: I hv to tell u something important..
Shravan: no..u hv to sleep right now..
Suman: it’s abt mamiji, Shravan..
Shravan: mamiji..wat??
Suman tells them how she was looking for Shravan n when she was passing by Vicky’s room, she heard RR n Vicky talking abt d medicine exchange matter.
Twinkle: mamiji did all dis!?
Suman: yes..
Kunj: I’ll tell dis to everyone right now..
He was abt to leave when Shravan held his hand signalling him to stop.
Shravan: no Kunj..everyone is already stressed out n tensed for maa’s health..we can stress them more..
Suman: ya..moreover, Maa will be tensed if she’ll know it..
Ria: but we’ll hv to tell dis to everyone..otherwise all will mistake Sona bhabhi..
Twinkle: yes, tomorrow morning we’ll talk to everyone..
Neha: ok, nw it’s too late..we shud sleep..Espclly Suman bhabhi..
They move to their respective rooms.

PRECAP- RR n Vicky’s truth told to everyone.. Devakshi πŸ’œπŸ’œ

Plzz comment..comments nhi milte h to dil toot jata h πŸ’”πŸ’”
N guess d honeymoon destination..


  1. Kashish

    Thanku so much 4 update……agle episode mein devakshi scene jalada dena plz….keep writing

  2. Ritika

    Awesome. Actually bohot Wattpad chale gaye hai. Toh yaha par jaida nahi aate just like me. So I will recommend you to write there. Btw post soon. I am waiting. And yes dev Ko thoda tadpa dena. Kyuki usne sona pe chillaya. Plzzzzzzzzzzz. It’s MY request. And yes if u r in wattpad or intended to start writing there. Then plzz inform me. My wattpad id: Ritika9294.

  3. Shahina


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    Nice episode dr.
    I started to read this today only,and I’ve completed reading all the 29 epis in one go.
    It was very niceβ™₯
    Pls don’t stop writing

  4. amy

    nice ep sorry i am was your silent fan after today i will comment every update you make and pls dont stop update …..

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    Nice update…….
    Waiting eagerly for the next part…….πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

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