KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 28

RECAP- Devakshi marriage n wedding night!!

Episode 28

It’s d most beautiful morning for our Devakshi. Their first morning as Mr n Mrs Dixit. Sonakshi wakes up wid a smile n seeing Dev sleeping next to her, her smile widens. She wishes herself saying “good morning Mrs Dixit ?”. She thinks of waking Dev up, but looking at his calm n content smile while sleeping, drops d idea. She goes to d washroom, after taking her clothes n towel.

Downstairs, in d living room, d entire family is waiting for Dev n Sonakshi, for d morning prayer. Well, actually only Sonakshi, coz Dev is at loggerheads wid God ?. Suman looks bit tired. Twinkle n Neha, who noticed it, go to her.
Twinkle: Suman bhabhi, wat happened?? U look tired..looks like u didn’t sleep last night???
She nudges Suman from her elbow n teases her. Neha chuckles.
Suman: it’s nothing like dat Twinkle.. stop it!!?
Neha: on a serious note, bhabhi, u rilli look tired..r u fine??
Suman: yes Neha, I’m fine..don’t worry..
Jst then, Shravan comes n speaks, loud enough for everyone to hear..
Shravan: your bhabhi is a liar!! She’s unwell. She puked in d morning, twice!! N she’s feeling uneasy from abt 3-4 days..
Suman glares at him giving a ‘bolna-zaruri-tha?’ look.

Sonakshi comes out of d bathroom, wearing an orange saree wid a silver blouse. She stood in front of d mirror n started wid applying her moisturiser. Meanwhile, she was calling out to Dev, as he was still sleeping.
Sona:Dev!! Dev!! Wake up Dev!!
Dev: Bunty yaar!! Let me sleep on Sunday atleast!! (still in sleep..warna Sona aur Bunty ??)
Sona: neither it’s Sunday today, nor I’m Bunty.
Dev finally wakes up rubbing his eyes. He sees Sona standing in front of d mirror. He gets out of d bed n comes to her, hugs her from back n places his chin on her shoulder.
Dev: I wish I was your moisturizer..I wud hv been all over u
He moves his fingers on her waist n back. Sona closes her eyes going all blushy. His hand slips around her tummy n Sona feels ticklish. She quickly turns n slightly pushes him.
Sona: (giggling) Dev, u’ve lost it!! Go n get ready quickly. We hv to go down, everyone’s waiting.
Dev goes into d bathroom, but not before pecking Sona’s lips.

In d living room, Ishwari asks Suman..
Ishwari: Suman beta, u’re not well n u didn’t tell us!! U cud hv skipped prayer for today. (turning to Shravan) Shravan, u take her to d doctor.
Suman: maa, dat was not needed..maybe it’s bcz of d food in Dev’s wedding.. oil, ghee, sugar n all..don’t worry maa.
Kunj: but bhabhi, everyone had d same food n we’re all jst get a checkup done..
Nani thinks something n smiles..
Nani: yes Shravan, take her to d doctor..n be extra careful!!
She smiles teasingly. Everyone notice dis.
Nikki: Nani, I didn’t get d joke!!
Nani: Dats bcz I didn’t joke Nikki dear!!
Riya: then y r u smiling Nani??
All except Nani: ya??
Nani: oh god Ishwari, u were so busy in d wedding, dat u didn’t even notice dat your daughter in-law is having morning sickness n feels like vomiting..
Ishwari: maa, u mean….
Nani: yes..I think she’s pregnant ?

All smile hearing dis n qithin seconds NRN n Twinkle surround Suman, who’s made to sit on a sofa n Vicky, Kunj n Shravan share a hug.
RR: haye haye jiji, y didn’t dis come to my mind??
Nani: bcz already gossip of d entire town is filled inside it.
RR makes a face hearing mamaji giggle at nani’s statement.
Ishwari: n I was so busy dat I didn’t care for my daughter. Sorry beta.
Suman: no maa, don’t say dat..
Ishwari smiles at her. Kunj comes there.
Kunj: enough of your no one will make my bhabhi bhabhi will only smile.
Shravan: after all her devar is a joker!! (All laugh n Kunj goes n sits near Suman, making a puppy face. Suman glares at Shravan n Kunj sticks his tongue out at him.)
Twinkle: but where r Dev bhaiya n Sona bhabhi?? They’re missing everything..

“Wat r we missing??” said Dev while walking in d living room along wid Sonakshi. Over-excited, Nikki tells Devakshi everything. Both of them r beaming wid happiness.
Dev: congratulations bhabhi..(he goes n hugs Shravan)
Sonakshi: bhabhi, did u go to d doctor to get d news confirmed??
RR: banga..bahurani, when jiji n maaji r talking then y did u hv to talk in between?? Show off your doctorgiri somewhere else..
Ishwari: bhabhi, Sonakshi is right..we shud get it confirmed by d doctor..
RR tries to say something but mamaji doesn’t let her.
Mamaji: leave all dis n let’s start d prayer..Hain Bhai!!?

Dev moves towards d dining table but Neha stops him.
Neha: (goes to Dev) Bhai, at least for bhabhi, stand wid us for d prayer.
Dev looks at Sonakshi while she smiles at him.
Sonakshi: Dev, u don’t need to change your beliefs for me. I hv luvd u, n will always luv u d way u r.
Dev smiles n moves towards d dining table. After d prayer, Ishwari asks Shravan to take Suman to d doctor after having d breakfast.
Nikki: maa, I’ll also go wid bhabhi..
Twinj, Devakshi, Ria, Neha n Vicky: me too (looking at each other) actually we too!! ?
Ishwari: she’s going to d doctor, it’s not a baraat!! Only Shravan will go wid her. (Before anyone cud speak) n dats it!!
All move towards d breakfast table. Vicky sees RR still standing their n smirking. He looks at her wid confusion.
Vicky: mummy, wats going on in your head?? Y r u smirking??
RR: my Red, some things shud be kept surprise..jst wait n watch!! Cone let’s hv breakfast, I’m very hungry..

After d breakfast, mamiji comes to Sonakshi.
RR: Sonakshi, can u plzz go n check if jiji had her medicines..she always forgets her medicines..
Sonakshi: ok mamiji, I’ll go n check..
RR puts on a fake smile n leaves. Sonakshi goes to Ishwari’s room.
Sonakshi: maa, did u hv your medicines??
Ishwari: (bites her tongue as she forgot) actually..I..umm
Sonakshi: u forgot right!? Maa!!
She brings her medicines n gives her a glass of water. Ishwari takes her medicines n keeps her hand on Sonakshi’s head n blesses her. While going from her room, Sonakshi sees NRN n Twinj sitting in d garden n having some discussion. She goes to d garden.
Sonakshi: wat discussion is going on?? Tell me also..
All get alert seeing her.
Twinkle: no bhabhi, nothing serious (grins nervously)
Sonakshi: r u all hiding something from me!?
Nikki: no no bhabhi..btw, I hv to go to clg, bye bhabhi..
Kunj: I also hv to go to office, bye!!
Ria: even I hv to go..
Twinkle: Neha, will u accompany me to my frnd’s house?? I don’t know d roads n Lanes in plzz come wid me..
Like dis all of them leave as soon as possible. Sonakshi gets confused.

Dev comes home n seeing nobody in d living room, goes directly to his room. He sees Sonakshi sitting on d bed wid a pillow on her lap n her elbows on d pillow wid her palms on her cheeks. She looked so….bored.
Dev: y is my khargosh sitting wid a puppy face!!
He sits besides her on d bed. She turns her face to look at him n again turns it back to d original position, her expression being constant. Dev is surprised by her reaction.
Dev: wat happened Sonakshi??
Sonakshi: I hate u Dev!!?
Dev: but y?? Wat did I do??
Sonakshi turns towards him n points her finger at him.
Sonakshi: u went to office on d first day after our marriage..u didn’t even call me..u didn’t go late niether did u come early..u didn’t even bring any gift for me..u didn’t even romance wid me n..(stops suddenly) all n all u’re very bad..
Dev: (smirking) ohh..ok..tomorrow I’ll not go to office..even if I go, I’ll call u every half an hour n will come home early..I gift myself to u..n’s unlimited, let me compensate for it right now..
Dev holds Sonakshi’s arms n pulls her close to him. He tucks her hair behind her ear n caresses her cheek. Sona blushes.
Dev: don’t blush Mrs makes me lose control..
Sonakshi blushes even more. Dev leans on her. They’re abt to kiss, but someone knocks d door. Dev closes his eyes in frustration.
Dev: dis better be important..
He opens d door n finds Kicchu Bhaiya standing wid a tensed face.
Kicchu: Dev bhaiya, maaji….

Devakshi come to Ishwari’s room n find Doctor Sinha checking her blood pressure. Everyone else is also present there.
Dev: (whispers to Shravan) Bhai, wat happened to maa??
Shravan: mamiji was wid maa in her room, suddenly she called all if us n said maa vomited blood..n then she fainted..
Dev: (hell shocked) maa vomited blood!!
Mamaji: doctor, wat happened to Ishwari??
Doctor: she vomited bcz of wrong medicines being given to her..can u show me her medicines??
Neha gets Ishwari’s medicine box n gives it to d doctor.
Doctor: who gives her medicines??
Vicky: everyday mummy does dat, but today Sonakshi bhabhi gave her medicines..
Sonakshi nods. D doctor sees d prescription n d medicines.
Doctor: (points at a medicine bottle) dis was to be given before food, bcz taking dis after food can be fatal..being a doctor, u shud hv at least seen d prescription..
Sonakshi: but Dr Sinha, I had seen d prescription, after dat only I gave her d medicines..
RR: did jiji faint without any reason, then!? Y don’t u accept your mistake!!
Mamaji: (whispers to RR) shut up Radha Rani..
Nani: Kunj, take Doctor Sinha till d door..
Kunj goes wid Doctor Sinha. After doctor goes, RR starts throwing questions at Sonakshi.
RR: u bangalan, jst yesterday u came in d house, n today u made my jiji ill!! Arey wat kind of doctor u r!? U gave wrong medicines to my jiji!!
Sona’s eyes start to well up..
Sonakshi: but mamiji, I gave her d correct medicines, as written in d prescription..
RR: don’t act innocent..I know y u did all dis..u want to make jiji weak, so dat u can control d house!!
All look at RR wid disgusted faces, thinking how low can her mentality be!! Sonakshi looks at Dev, her face clearly indicating she’s not wrong. But Dev was very much worried for his mother.
Nani: stop it Radha Rani..u’re talking rubbish..
RR: but maaji..
Dev: plzz mamiji, stop putting false allegations on Sonakshi..she’ll nvr do dis intent..she must hv been mistaken..(to Sonakshi) say sorry to maa n end d topic..
Sonakshi: but Dev, I didn’t do any mistake, I had read d prescription properly..
Dev interrupts her n speaks bit loudly..
Dev: plzz Sonakshi..accept your mistake n say sorry n end d matter..
Sonakshi: but Dev..
Dev: (yells) will u listen to me or not??
Everyone present in d room is shocked. Sonakshi’s tears roll down her cheeks.
Sonakshi: maa, I’m sorry..
Sonakshi immediately leaves d room. She goes to her room n cries while sitting on d bed.

PRECAP- a khulasa? n a surprise

Ok, I know I’m hell late!! But, before u kill me..I want to tell u dat, now I’m gonna make it very romantic..d next episode won’t be much romantic, but after dat there’ll be 4-5 episodes full of think again before coming to kill me!!??

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