KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 26

Hey guys, I won’t waste much time in blabbering..Directly starting d episode..

RECAP- Devakshi video call..Haldi fun..Saurabh’s dance in mehendi to entertain a bored Sona..Asha n Sona senti convo..Elena coming to Asha saying Sona’s room..She’s panting..

Episode 26
D: speak up Elena..Wat happened to Sonakshi??
E: Jiju, Sona’s room is locked..D door is not opening..Sona tried a lot but it’s not opening..
D: wat?? But suddenly how d door is locked..
Sa: actually Dev Babu, Sona’s room door was jammed..I was going to call d carpenter..
Bi:(interrupts) when, after someone wud get locked..Now see Shona got locked in d room..Dis football is of no use..
Sa: today is Sona’s wedding..Everyone wud be going in n out of her room..So I thought to call carpenter tomorrow..I’m not impulsive like u Baba..
As: Saurabh, Bijoy, stop it both of u..

NJ: but someone open d door n get my bahu out of d room..
D: let’s go upstairs first..
All rush upstairs n gather outside Sona’s room. Dev bangs d door.
So: Dev, plzz someone open d door..
D: Sonakshi, wait a minute.. We’ll do something..
Suddenly Sonakshi screams..
D: wat happened??
So: Dev, there’s a cockroach in d room..It’s very big..Dev..Do something.. Ahhh..Maa.. Baba!!

Radha Rani too shouts..
Ni: wat r u doing mamiji..U scared me!!
Ne: now y r u shouting mamiji??
RR: banga..Bahu said na.. Cockroach!!
NJ: Radha Rani, d cockroach is inside d room..So y r u scared..Now stay quiet..
So: Dev, I’m feeling very scared..It’s coming towards me..Somebody help..
Bi: but how can there be cockroach in our house!! Last month only we had a pest control..
As n Sa:(hitting their foreheads wid their hands) Bijoy/Baba
D: Shravan, Kunj, let’s break d door..
Dev, Shravan n Kunj break d door..Sona rushes out of d room..Dev cups her face..
D: r u fine??
So: yes, I’m fine..

Is: now hurry up, we’re getting late for d marriage..
All go downstairs n Dev n Sona sit in d mandap.. D priest starts chanting d mantras..
P: please stand up for d varmala..

Devakshi stand up. Both take a garland in their hands.. First Sonakshi puts d garland around Dev’s neck, then Dev puts a garland around Sonakshi’s neck..They sit..D priest asks bride’s parents to do d kanyadan..Bijoy n Asha do Sona’s kanyadan wid emotional eyes..Bijoy gives Sona’s hand in Dev’s hand..D priest asks d groom to fill d bride’s hairline wid vermilion..Suman offers Dev a small box containing vermilion n Dev takes vermilion from it n fills it in Sona’s hairline..Then d priest asks d groom to tie d mangalsutra around d bride’s neck..Twinkle gives a mangalsutra to Dev n he ties it around Sona’s neck.. D priest asks groom’s sister to do d gathbandhan..Neha does d gathbandhan, while Nikki clicks a selfie wid d gathbandhan (lol??) n Ria hits her forehead lightly..Priest asks them to stand up for d pheras..Devakshi stand up..Dev holds Sona’s hand while taking d rounds..In d first four rounds, Sonakshi follows Dev..But, in d fifth, sixth n seventh round, Dev follows Sonakshi..After taking d seven nuptial rounds, d priest declares them as husband and wife (woohoo) n they take d blessings of d elders..

After sometime, it’s time for Sona to leave her house..Her family..Her parents..Her surname.. Ms Sonakshi Bose’s identity..N from now, she’ll hv a new house..New family..New parents..New surname..n Mrs Sonakshi Devrath Dixit’s identity..
Sonakshi n d Boses get teary eyed.. Sonakshi emotionally hugs everyone..All cry.. Saurabh makes her sit in d car..Dev too sits in d car n d driver starts d car.. Sonakshi waves bye to d Boses..She then turns towards Dev..Dev keeps his hand on hers..He smiles at her n wipes her tears wid his thumbs..He whispers something in her ears..

D: your kajal is smudging Ms Bose..
So: (sniffing) Mrs Dixit..
Both smile a bit..Dev side hugs her..D screen freezes on their faces..

PRECAP- first day of married life..

So guys, did u like it?? I’m sorry I was confused in d order of performing d rituals during d wedding..N I tried to make it funny..I couldn’t elaborate d bidaai much..Coz I wasn’t feeling senti, so couldn’t write a senti scene ?? but I hope it entertained u..

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  1. Nikkita0194

    That’s fab arti Di luv it waiting for their happy married life movements

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx nikkita.. Next episode will be posted next week..

  2. Richa144

    So lovely… Thank you for posting such a detailed episode.. Post soon

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      Thanx Richa..Next episode next week

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    that is really fab i loved it
    post soon

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      Thanx fuggysona..I’ll post d next episode next week

  4. Manya

    Di itna late and Ittu sa episode?
    Waise it was awesomeeee?????
    Plzzzzzz post soon or a longer one?
    Love u

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      Ye to jaldi h mere liye..Warna Mujhe Kitte din lag jate h tum bhi jaanti ho ??
      Next episode next week..N pakka longer one..

      1. Priya12

        Next week…omg di…pls toda jaldi se post karo na …pls..

  5. Akshita

    Wowww what a twist??? gate hi jamm hoo gya nd I loved the episode

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx Akshita dear..Yeah..Gate jam was d only thing I cud think of..

  6. Priya12

    Superbbb di…awesomeee
    Pls post nxt epi asap…

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx Priya..But mujhe apne new SS ka first episode isi week post krna h..So sorry, u’ll hv to wait till next week..Moreover, I hv to gather some ideas for d next episode too..

      1. Priya12

        K…di…take ur own time…

  7. Awesome episode post soon

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      Thank u Princess..I’ll post d next episode next week..

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    Awesome Post soon

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