KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 26

Hey guys, I won’t waste much time in blabbering..Directly starting d episode..

RECAP- Devakshi video call..Haldi fun..Saurabh’s dance in mehendi to entertain a bored Sona..Asha n Sona senti convo..Elena coming to Asha saying Sona’s room..She’s panting..

Episode 26
D: speak up Elena..Wat happened to Sonakshi??
E: Jiju, Sona’s room is locked..D door is not opening..Sona tried a lot but it’s not opening..
D: wat?? But suddenly how d door is locked..
Sa: actually Dev Babu, Sona’s room door was jammed..I was going to call d carpenter..
Bi:(interrupts) when, after someone wud get locked..Now see Shona got locked in d room..Dis football is of no use..
Sa: today is Sona’s wedding..Everyone wud be going in n out of her room..So I thought to call carpenter tomorrow..I’m not impulsive like u Baba..
As: Saurabh, Bijoy, stop it both of u..

NJ: but someone open d door n get my bahu out of d room..
D: let’s go upstairs first..
All rush upstairs n gather outside Sona’s room. Dev bangs d door.
So: Dev, plzz someone open d door..
D: Sonakshi, wait a minute.. We’ll do something..
Suddenly Sonakshi screams..
D: wat happened??
So: Dev, there’s a cockroach in d room..It’s very big..Dev..Do something.. Ahhh..Maa.. Baba!!

Radha Rani too shouts..
Ni: wat r u doing mamiji..U scared me!!
Ne: now y r u shouting mamiji??
RR: banga..Bahu said na.. Cockroach!!
NJ: Radha Rani, d cockroach is inside d room..So y r u scared..Now stay quiet..
So: Dev, I’m feeling very scared..It’s coming towards me..Somebody help..
Bi: but how can there be cockroach in our house!! Last month only we had a pest control..
As n Sa:(hitting their foreheads wid their hands) Bijoy/Baba
D: Shravan, Kunj, let’s break d door..
Dev, Shravan n Kunj break d door..Sona rushes out of d room..Dev cups her face..
D: r u fine??
So: yes, I’m fine..

Is: now hurry up, we’re getting late for d marriage..
All go downstairs n Dev n Sona sit in d mandap.. D priest starts chanting d mantras..
P: please stand up for d varmala..

Devakshi stand up. Both take a garland in their hands.. First Sonakshi puts d garland around Dev’s neck, then Dev puts a garland around Sonakshi’s neck..They sit..D priest asks bride’s parents to do d kanyadan..Bijoy n Asha do Sona’s kanyadan wid emotional eyes..Bijoy gives Sona’s hand in Dev’s hand..D priest asks d groom to fill d bride’s hairline wid vermilion..Suman offers Dev a small box containing vermilion n Dev takes vermilion from it n fills it in Sona’s hairline..Then d priest asks d groom to tie d mangalsutra around d bride’s neck..Twinkle gives a mangalsutra to Dev n he ties it around Sona’s neck.. D priest asks groom’s sister to do d gathbandhan..Neha does d gathbandhan, while Nikki clicks a selfie wid d gathbandhan (lolπŸ˜…πŸ˜…) n Ria hits her forehead lightly..Priest asks them to stand up for d pheras..Devakshi stand up..Dev holds Sona’s hand while taking d rounds..In d first four rounds, Sonakshi follows Dev..But, in d fifth, sixth n seventh round, Dev follows Sonakshi..After taking d seven nuptial rounds, d priest declares them as husband and wife (woohoo) n they take d blessings of d elders..

After sometime, it’s time for Sona to leave her house..Her family..Her parents..Her surname.. Ms Sonakshi Bose’s identity..N from now, she’ll hv a new house..New family..New parents..New surname..n Mrs Sonakshi Devrath Dixit’s identity..
Sonakshi n d Boses get teary eyed.. Sonakshi emotionally hugs everyone..All cry.. Saurabh makes her sit in d car..Dev too sits in d car n d driver starts d car.. Sonakshi waves bye to d Boses..She then turns towards Dev..Dev keeps his hand on hers..He smiles at her n wipes her tears wid his thumbs..He whispers something in her ears..

D: your kajal is smudging Ms Bose..
So: (sniffing) Mrs Dixit..
Both smile a bit..Dev side hugs her..D screen freezes on their faces..

PRECAP- first day of married life..

So guys, did u like it?? I’m sorry I was confused in d order of performing d rituals during d wedding..N I tried to make it funny..I couldn’t elaborate d bidaai much..Coz I wasn’t feeling senti, so couldn’t write a senti scene πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but I hope it entertained u..


  1. Manya


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    Di itna late and Ittu sa episode😐
    Waise it was awesomeeee😘😘😘😘😘
    Plzzzzzz post soon or a longer one😘
    Love u

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