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Hey guys, welcome to KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 23. I hv posted d intro of my 3 shots, Hum Saath Saath Hain Reloaded. Do read it. Here’s d link..Click Here

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RECAP: Nani n Sona’s meeting. Nani likes Sona. Devakshi romance.
Episode 23
Bose House
Sona n Elena were in their room. Sona tells her abt wat happened today n her encounter wid Nani. Elena laughs at Sona n Sona gives her deadly glares.

Next day at Dixit House
Sona comes n sees Ishwari, mamaji, mamiji n Nani sitting in d hall. They were having some talk. Sona comes n touches their feet. All bless her n Radha Rani gives her spcl blessings..fake!! She’s a..watever.. Nani asks her to complete her work soon, as she has to do some important ritual. Ahh!! Again a ritual.
NJ: Sona, finish your work soon n come to my room. I need to give u sth.
S: ok Nani.
She heads towards d kitchen. As soon as she enters d kitchen, someone pulls her from behind d wall.
S: Uri Baba!! Ke acche??
D: wat??Baba.. not Baba, it’s Dev.
S: Dev.. Etta Ki..
D: wat ki ki..
S: Dev..wat us dis! U’re becoming shameless day by day.
D: (coming close to her, says in a husky voice) u can become more beautiful day by day, but I can’t become shameless..great!!
S:(controlling her blush) Dev, I’m your mother’s doctor. Don’t u dare flirt wid me.
D: ok then I’m going.(making a disappointed face, but as soon as he turns to go, he smirks)
S: (she holds his hand) ok ok..sorry. (she hugs him from behind)
Dev turns n hugs her back.
D: now dats perfect. U n me so close to each other.
S: Dev, no one can come between us na.
D: no one.. I promise.

Sona smiles. After sometime, Dev breaks d hug.
D: wat is dis Sona, I’m getting late for office n u’re romancing wid me. Vry bad.
S: haww..Chee Dev..u’re blaming me! After marriage also u’ll do like dis?
D: ofcourse..
Sona turns her back towards him n shows fake anger.
D: arey, u’re not understanding my motive behind it. Everyday I’ll do like dis, then wat’ll happen..
S: (interrupts) I’ll dance in happiness, right..
D: wrong..u’ll get angry on me n then after coming back from office, I’ll come to u n will manaofy u.
S: so wats so spcl in dat!!
D: d way I’ll do it, dat gonna be spcl.
He kisses in her cheeks n leaves smirking, leaving a confused Sonakshi in d kitchen. Sonakshi then understands his meaning n blushes.

Dev’s office
Dev was sitting in his cabin n was in deep thought. He then takes his mobile n was scrolling down something. He makes a frustrated face.
D: wat is all dis! Now even internet cannot help me. Althoufh it can, but all dis is not my types. Wat do I do now?
He thinks n then gets an idea. He calls Tina n asks her to come to his cabin.
T: may I come in sir?
D: yes, cone in Tina.
Tina comes in. Dev looks confused.
T: any problem sir?
D: ya, actually..umm..
T: sir, plzz feel free to say.
D: yeah.. actually Tina, can u list some songs of Shah Rukh Khan.
T: sir, u n SRK songs!! U like old songs right.
D: yes, but dis time I want Shah Rukh Khan songs. As soon as possible.
T: ok sir.
Tina goes.

Dixit House
Sona has completed her work n was going in nani’s room. Radha Rani sees her going towards nani’s room. She follows her.
Nani’s room
Sona enters d room. N Radha Rani hides behind d wall to listen to their convo.
NJ: Sonakshi, come. Sit.
Sona sits on d bed, near nani.
S: Nani, I also wanted to talk to u. But u say first.
NJ: I wanted to give u something.
She goes n gets some box from her Almirah. She opens d box.
S: kangan! (Bangle)
RR:(whispers) kangan!! Haye haye! Maa is giving kangan to dis bangalan. Dis oldie has nvr given any kangan to me n is showering all her love n jewellery on jiji n her family. Let me see which kangan she is giving to dis bangalan. (She peeps in nani’s room)
NJ: hmm. My mother had given these to me. N I wanted to give dis to Dev’s wife from my hands.
S: but naniji..
NJ: u should nvr say no to your elders blessings.
Sona smiles. Nani makes her wear d kangan.
NJ: (keeps her hand on Sona’s head) always be happy. (Shouts) u also be happy Radha Rani. I’ve kept one kangan for Vicky’s wife too. Now stop peeping in my room.
RR: no no maa. I was jst passing by.
Radha Rani runs away. Nani n Sonakshi laugh.

NJ: dis lady will nvr change. U were saying something na..say.
S: Nani, after my n Dev’s marriage, u’ll go back.
NJ: yes beta, I’ll hv to go back. But u promise me dat after marriage u n Dev will come to stay wid me for 1 month.
S: but Nani, y don’t u stay here, wid all of us. Everyone is here, maa, mamaji, mamiji, everyone. Plzz stay here naniji.
NJ: no beta. U’re nanaji is not here. He’s in Kanpur. His memories r in Kanpur. I can’t stay without those.
D:(enters d room) but memories r in our heart n not at any place.
NRN:(they too enter) n we all hv nanaji’s memories in our heart. So, here r more memories than in Kanpur.
Twinj n Shranan too enter.
Tw, Ku, Sh n Su (together): plzz Nani. Don’t go back to Kanpur.
All say Nani amma Nani amma maan jao.
NJ: so u all had dis planned to convince me?
All nod in yes. Nani smiles.
NJ: who can keep d entire family together, she is a perfect daughter in-law. N who would like to go away from such a loveable daughter in-law.
D: dat means u’re not going??(wid twinkling excited eyes)
NJ: no..I’ll not go.
All hug Nani.

Outside Bose House
Dev gas come to drop Sonakshi home. Both r sitting in d car.
D: (holds Sonakshi’s hand) thank u Sona. U convinced nani, thank u so much for dat.
S: u don’t need to thank me Dev. I’m also going to become a part of your family. I’m nani’s bahu. She’s my Nani too.
D: ok, so now become nani’s grandson’s fiancée too. (Gets close to Sonakshi)
S: Dev, u all boys r a one track mind. (Pushes)
D: u’re saying as if dis track nvr goes on in your mind!!
S: haww Dev. U’re so bad!
D: it’s all bcz of u. If u don’t resist me, I’ll nvr talk like dis. I’ll jst do watever I want.
S:(goes red blushing) ok stop it.. do watever u want to do..but not now..hv patience Mr fiance.
She opens d door n runs out from d car. Dev moves his hand in his hair n says,”I hate patience.” Screen freezes on Dev’s cute face.

PRECAP: no more wait..Devakshi wedding rituals will start..

So how was d episode guys..I know it was not dat interesting, but I tried to add devakshi scenes, more n more..hope u like it. N next episode post krne me bhi bohot late ho sakta h kyuki mere exams h..N ho sakta h ki main comment bhi na kr saku, so plzz try to understand guys..??

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  1. Manya

    Finally u posted Aarti?
    Episode was super duper amazing❤️?❣?????????❣❣especially Dev babu’s last dialouge I hate patience??
    And it’s okay if it gets late bcoz exams?Anyways all the best for ur exams do well???
    Post soon if possible?
    Love love ?❤️

    1. Aaru

      Thanx for commenting..Thanx for luving d episode..Thanx for being so understanding?

  2. Ali

    Amazingly awesome.

    1. Aaru

      Thankfully thanx

  3. Yashfeen

    Evn i hate patience…n u posted finally….i jst luv nani…quite smart n do u lyk srk?? D epi ws osum…its lyk sabr ka fal mitha hota hai

    1. Aaru

      I hope your sabr ka fal was meetha enough..N I jst hate SRK, but I added him for a motive..Thanx for commenting?

  4. Waaooow di!
    Lovely episode!
    Alike Dev, I hate patience as well and I was relieved after seeing your post!☺️☺️
    It was fabulous!
    I love Nani? Unlike Dadi-Bua….after all, Nani to Dadi se zyaada achchi hoti hi hain???
    Over all, it was an amazing episode and I’m baldy waiting for the next one!
    Do post soon!
    And all the best for your exams?????
    Love you!??????

    1. Aaru

      Thanx for commenting..but darlo, I’m so late always dat u’ll get used to hv patience, or maybe u’ll start luvin’it..

  5. jis ka interzaar tha Woh ho gaya …………aap ki superb……awesome…….marvellous…..aur amazing episode ka interzaar tha…….??????????????❤?????????????………it was fab…… good luck for ur exams….. ?❤?????????

    1. Aaru

      Thanx for your appreciation..N your wishes too..

  6. Caira

    I loved it… amazing aaru di??✌?

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      Thank u Ciara..

  7. Superb . Awesome episode

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    It was superb di…..luv it amazing plot….post the next asap….waiting for the nxt……???

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      1. Bhoomi

        Its ok…. study comes first (look whos saying this 😛 😛 )

  10. Yaa its superb…amazing …..and lovely…….
    Plz post next epi as soon as u get time…
    All the best for u r exams & from tomarrow my mid exams r gng to start….

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Mahi..all d best to u too..I’ll try to write whenever I get time n as soon as I complete writing an episode, I’ll post it..but d next post will b of Hum Saath Saath Hain Reloaded..

  11. Saheli

    Nice story line….waiting for next episode…it’s more interesting than actual krpkab

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Saheli, it means a lot to me..

  12. wow awesom di!
    wat a lins.”i dont hv patience'” .i jst luv it.
    plz jaldi sa nxt epi ko post karooo…..

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Nikki dear..but I hv exams, nxt episode can b late.. actually all r late..but nxt can b vry late..

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    So finally aap k darshaan ho hi gye…. Nd epi was awesomeeeee as always nd all d very best for exam swtheart

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      1. Erina

        Swtheart apne thanks bacha k rkho tmhe isski bahut jarurat h bcse mai to tmhe aise hi tang krne aaya krungi ?????

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      Zarur aana..Mujhe koi problem nhi h..tumhara to welcome h..

    3. Aaru

      Zarur aana..Mujhe koi problem nhi h..tumhara to welcome h..??

  14. Manyaa

    Soo sweet epii….it was veryy much interesting…plss post soon…

    1. Aaru

      Zarur aana..Mujhe koi problem nhi h..tumhara to welcome h..??thanx dear..but next episode post krne mein bhi, as usual, time lagega..

    2. Aaru

      thanx dear..but next episode post krne mein bhi, as usual, time lagega..

  15. Ria

    Hey di,
    The episode was just amazing. I legit loved it.

    All the best for your exams.

    Loads of love.?

    1. Aaru

      Thanx for your comment, wishes n love..thank u so much..

  16. Erika

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee update asap superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cute episode

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      Thanx Erika..

  17. DevSona

    The episode took my heart away….dev babu toh sona ke liye pagal hote ja rahe hai 😛 n dev asking for srk songs? mindblowing…can’t wait for their marriage rituals to of luck for ur exams 🙂

    1. Aaru

      Thanx dear..u know, right now I hv 4 notifications, all yours..?

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