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Hey I am, back wid d 21st episode of KRPKAB Devakshi ff. Sorry, I made u all wait for so many days..maaf kar do??Guys, I asked u all for suggestions, n after reading your comments, I hv decided dat Devakshi will get married, but before dat, a small sa nikka sa twist. But it won’t last for many episodes, for two or three episodes only. So now, without wasting much time, let me start d episode.

RECAP: Devakshi engagement.

D engagement ceremony is over n now photosession is going on. Sona finds it difficult to carry her dupatta (her dupatta is pleated n pinned on her right shoulder) so she calls Elena.
E: ki holo Sona??(wat happened Sona)
S: Elena, dis dupatta is really vry heavy, I can’t handle it anymore. My shoulder will get dislocated.
E: ok ok, let’s go to some room. I’ll drape it in other way.
Sona n Elena go inside a room. Dev sees them going.
D: Sona, where r u both going??
E: jiju, I know u n Sona r engaged now, but atleast for sometime leave Sona alone.
All laugh. Devakshi blush. Sona n Elena go to d room. Elena locks d door. Sona unpins her dupatta n Elena tries draping it in a simple way.
E: oh no. I forgot to bring pins.
S: it’s in my bag. Get my bag from maa.
E: ok, u wait I’ll get it.

Elena goes out n Sona again locks d door n keeps her dupatta on d chair. Suddenly, someone comes in d room, through d windows.(u know who..??)
S: Dev!!(shocked)
Sona quickly takes her dupatta n covers herself.(hadd h, Dev se kya sharmana??)
S: Dev, wat r u doing here? Go out.
D: arey, y will I go out?
S: Dev, I’m arranging my dupatta, go out!!
D: do when did I stop u, u carry-on wid your dupatta n I’ll jst sit quietly.(naughty ho rha h ye banda)
S: Dev, u’re vry shameless. Plzz, go out.
D:(coming vry close to Sonakshi n holding her from her waist) wat can I do if d most beautiful girl, my fiancee is in front if me.
S: Dev, Elena will come..u plzz go.
D: my bunny, u yourself locked d door. How can Elena come in??
Dev moves Sona’s hair to her left shoulder. He was abt to kiss her neck when Elena d great knocks d door of d room.
D: ??I’ll banish her someday!!
Sona giggles n slightly pushes him n says, GO!! Dev kisses on her forehead n leaves from d window. Sona opens d door.
E: how much time u take in opening d door!! Wat were u doing?? Romancing wid jiju??
S:??(murmurs) how does she know??
E: jst kidding..relax
S:(murmurs) thank god??

Dixit house
All hv come home after d engagement. Ishwari n RR r sitting in d hall n r having some ladies type talks (boring). Now starts an interesting topic.
RR: jiji, I was thinking of calling maa also. She’s Dev’s Nani, she should come early na. Atleast 1 month before marriage.
I: but bhabhi, d marriage date is not finalised yet. First we’ll finalize d date n then call maa.
RR: yes ofcourse..
Someone rings d bell of d main door. Kicchu bhaiya opens d door. An old lady, wid a typical trunk suitcase in her hand, is standing at d door.
KB (Kicchu bhaiya): yes, who r u??
L: I am Ishwari’s mother..Dev’s Nani.(Guys, imagine our very own Shararat wali Nani Farida Jalal as Dev’s nani. She’s vry cute n adorable)

KB: namaste naniji. Plzz come inside. I’m sorry I didn’t know dat u’re bhaiya ji’s nani.
NJ(naniji): it’s ok. U’re not my bahu, dat u shud know d entire family. Ok, now take dis trunk n keep it in my room.
KB: ji naniji..
Kicchu bhaiya takes d trunk n keeps it in guest room.
Ishwari comes n touches nani’s feet.
I: ma, when did u come?? U cud hv called us, we would hv came to receive u..
NJ: ohho, u’re still restless, jst like u used to be in childhood. (Looking at RR) U can also touch my feet, if u wish to..(?? epic shit)
RR: yes maa, I was jst coming to u, but jiji started talking, so..
NJ: it’s ok Radha Rani.
The mother n daughter share some emotional talks.
NJ: arey, where is my Dev?? N my other grandchildren?? Shravan, Neha, Kunj..where r all??
I: Kicchu, call everyone here. Tell them, nani has come..

Kicchu bhaiya calls everyone.
D: nani, how r u?
He comes n touches her feet n nani hugs him. She caresses his head.
NJ: my little Dev has grown up. N see, now he’s engaged n soon he’ll get married.
All others also come n touch nani’s feet. Nani is seeing Shravan n Kunj for d first time.
NJ: (pointing at Shravan) ure Shravan na..u’re so tall!! Ishwari always tells dat my eldest son Shravan is so tall, dat in his marriage, there was no need to lift him, already it was so difficult for Suman to put d garland in his neck.
(Goes to Suman) n u r Suman, d badi bahu of Dixit family. Very responsible n sweet.(goes to Kunj) n u r Kunj, naughty jst like Nikki.
All laugh. Then she sees Twinkle.
NJ: whose she, Ishwari?
All r bit nervous.
I: maa, she’s Twinkle. Kunj’s..
RR:(as usual interrupts) Kunj’s galphrend..(cheap n pathetic?)
I: maa, Twinkle n Kunj love each other n she’s not Kunj’s girlfriend, she’s his life partner.
NJ: ohh..
I: maa, how did u know, dat is getting married?
NJ: Radha told me on phone n insisted me to come here.
RR: I thought dat if maa will be here, then she will tell us how to do every ritual n all, so..yes yes I’m coming.(jhooti) jiji, someone’s calling me. I’ll be back..
Radha Rani runs away. Nani goes to her room. All d grandchildren talk to their nani for sometime n then go to sleep n let Nani too sleep.
Bose house
Sona is sitting in her room n is jst staring, rather I should say adoring her engagement ring. Elena enters.
E: madam, it’s your ring only, in your finger. Stare it some other day, now come wid me, I hv to show u d pictures of your engagement.
S: u bring d laptop here na. Dev would also call me, so I’ll talk to him n see d pictures simultaneously.
E: no no. Today no phone. Today it’s family time.
S: but Elena..
E: no no, I won’t listen to anything.
She drags Sona to d hall n Sona’s mobile is in d room. Dev calls Sona, thinking dat he’ll tell her abt nani’s entry, but to his badluck, IT’S FAMILY TIME!! He calls her many times, but Sona is in d hall n her phone in d bedroom. Here, d Bose family is seeing d pictures of Devakshi’s engagement. While watching d pics, a pic of Dev kissing Sona’s hand (remember last episode ke end mein click karvayi thi) appears on screen. All look at Sona n Sona hides her face Eid d cushion. All tease Sona n her cheeks turn crimson red. The screen freezes on Sona’s blushing face n Dev’s tensed face.

PRECAP: Sona n Nani..first meeting..hahahahaha

Guys, sorry coz there were less Devakshi scenes. maaf kar do na.. N see, RR has done something to trouble our Sona. She’s so ….?? plzz comment n share your reviews..bye??

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  1. Wow superb episode ???
    U are back with blast ?
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    Awesomeeeeeeeeee Aarti Di but plzz try to post soon eagerly waiting for Sona and nani’s first meeting???❤️

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  8. Lovely episode Dr..???….shaheer is really doing as u said……????

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    2. Aaru

      Thank u Maleeha, n I too hope so..??

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    Dev kitna naughty hai. I just wanna pull his cheeks n say GOOGLI WOOGLI WOO.
    Dev manages to enter d room. Damn good.
    Aweeeeeeeeeesome episode.

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    this gkb is sooo cheap and bad both in the show and also in ff she can never change and i hope everything goes well in the first meet of nani and sona and ya this epi was a blast and update asap.. awesome epi

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