KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 20 (Engagement Special)


Heya!! Welcome to d 20th episode of KRPKAB Devakshi ff. I know I’m late again, as always, but I’m sorry, as always. Actually, I was in a bad mood yesterday, so if I would hv written yesterday, it wud hv been a worst episode n I didn’t want dat. Guys, dis is d 20th episode, a milestone for me. N, coincidentally, it’s Devakshi’s engagement today. I swear I didn’t plan it, it’s all a coincidence. So now I don’t want to be even 1 second late. So let’s start d episode.
RECAP: Dev n Sona’s khichdi. Engagement shopping n other preparations. Mami is back.

Episode 20
Dixit house
It’s a fine morning. All r busy n excited as well. Ishwari is in her room. A big box is kept on her bed. Suman, Neha, Twinkle, Ria n Nikki come to her room.
S: maa, u called us.
I: yes. Come.
Ne: wat happened ma?
I: Suman, u n Neha go to Sonakshi’s house n give her her lehenga n d jewellery.
S: ok maa.
Ni: maa, dis is very bad. Only Suman bhabhi n Neha Di, y?? We also want to go. She’s our bhabhi also.
I: ok, drama queen. U also go.
Ri n T: we also.

I: they’re getting engaged, not married..dat today only d baraat will go to Sonakshi’s house!!
S: maa, let them come wid us.
I: ok.
All d girls leave.
Dev’s office
Dev calls Tina in his cabin.
D: Tina, do I hv any important meetings tomorrow?
T: yes sir, but..
D: (interrupts) I won’t b coming to office tomorrow, so..
T: sir, I’ve postponed all d meetings till day after tomorrow. Sir, tomorrow is your engagement, n if u’ll come to office tomorrow, Sonakshi mam will feel vry bad.
D: But, how do u know abt all dis?
T: sir, I’m also invited.
Dev smiles. He against gets to work, as he has to finish all d work today itself. Tomorrow is a holiday for him.

Bose house
Today Sona is allowed late entry in Dixit house, so she is in her house. D Dixit ladies reach there. Asha n Dadi welcome them. All hug Sona n Sona too hugs them back. All sit on d sofa.
Su: Sona, we hv brought your lehenga n some jewellery. U hv to wear dis tomorrow..during your engagement.
So: thank u bhabhi.
Ni: Sona bhabhi, atleast open d boxes n see d jewellery.
Ri: bhabhi, more than u, Nikki is excited!!
So: (smiling) ohk..
She opens d box n sees beautiful diamond jewellery.
Ni: wow bhabhi, u’re so lucky.
Sona smiles. Asha comes there wid some snacks n juice, for d Dixit ladies.
A: shona, today also u’ll be going for work??
So: yes maa. I’ll be leaving in sometime.
A: oh god, how do I explain dis girl, is it important to go today??
So: maa, I hv to go.

T: well, Sona bhabhi, today there’s no point coming there, bhaiya will b in office, whole day.
All laugh n Sona blushes.
So: I don’t care abt your bhaiya, I come there for my work, not for your bhaiya.
All: ohh!! Really!!
Su: ok ok. Sona, u go n get ready n then come home wid us only.
So: ok bhabhi.
Su: so aunty, we’re taking your daughter wid us.
Ni: temporarily..
A: but one day, u’ll take her from us, permanently..
Asha gets teary eyed. Sona hugs her n asks her not to cry. They hv a mother – daughter moment. Sona gets ready n leaves for Dixit house along wid d Dixit girls.
(Guys, for some time I’m going in fast forward mode)
Bose house
It’s night n Sona back home. Everyone is sitting in d hall.
E: Sona, wats d time for tomorrow’s beauty parlor appointment?
S: I don’t know.
E: wat do u mean by u don’t know!!

S: I mean dat I don’t know..
E: how can u be so careless Sona!! Tomorrow is your engagement n u forgot d timing of your beauty parlor appointment!!

S: oh, drama queen!! Stop it.
E: ok, I’ll stop it. But tomorrow u won’t stop.
S: wat do u mean??
Then, comes Saurabh n threatens Sona.
Sa: Sona, u’re vry innocent.
E: look, before u came into his life, Dev was d most eligible bachelor. N now he’s getting engaged to u, so many girls r heartbroken.
Sa: yes, after all u stole Dev from them.

Sona gives him a shut up wala look.
E: but Sona, some girls r jst vry stubborn. They will want to get Dev, by hook or by crook.
Sa: yes, they will b roaming around Dev Babu, even on your engagement day.
E: n sice u forgot your salon timings, u won’t b able to get ready properly.
Sa: then u’ll look horrible, as always.
E: n then, some other girl will attract Dev towards her.
Sa: n men cannot control them, in front of beauty!!
E: but, if u wud hv remembered your salon appointment timing, then it wud hv been a different case.
Sona thinks for some time n then says
So: no, Dev is not like dat.
Saying did, she goes to her room. She immediately calls Dev
D: hello my bunny!!
S: Dev, if I don’t look beautiful, will u not love me??
D: wat sort of question is dis?
S: jst tell me, if I look d worst tomorrow, will u see any other girl??
D: wat do u think?? Will I do dat??
S: it’s better if u don’t do dat..
D: ok madam!! But suddenly y r u asking dis??
S:(she tells him all abt Saurabh n Elena’s talks) They always do like dis..
D: ohk, so my would b wife is jealous!!
S: no, I’m not..
D: yes u are..
S: no Dev I’m not..
D: yes Sona u are..

S: no
D: yes
S: no
D: yes
S: no
D: no
S: yes.
D: see, I told u u’re jealous..
S: Dev it’s cheating..
D: first admit dat u’re jealous..
S: ok, I m jealous. Bcz I don’t want any other girl to roam around u. I don’t want any other girl to be in your mind n heart. Only I hv dat right.
D: till some months, it’s ok..but..
S: but wat?? After some months, u’ll see someone else!!
D: maybe, after a year or two, some other girl can also be in my heart..
S: Dev, wat do u mean??

D: (very sweetly) if, after marriage, we had a daughter, then she will be in my mind n heart.
S:(shies)’s late now..bye.
D: arey, but y so early..
S: bcz I hv to get up early tomorrow.
S: ok, gud nyt
D: gud nyt..n I love u
S: I love u too..
They both sleep.
Next day
Bose house
It’s Devakshi’s engagement today n your Sona darling is still sleeping. Even Elena has woke up but Sona is sleeping. Maybe she’s dreaming abt her engagement.
E: Sona, get up. Till when will u sleep.
She shakes Sona. Sona gets up.
S: wat is dis Elena? Atleast u shud tried twice. No, only once u called me n then u jerked me as if there’s an earthquake.
E: but u were not getting up na..
S: I’m not like u, I get up at once.
E: ok, now stop fighting wid me n get ready.
Sona goes to d washroom to hv a bath.

Dixit house
Only few hours r left for d engagement. Excitement is all over d house. Ishwari is checking if all d gifts to be given to Sonakshi’s family, are ready or not. Kunj n Shravan r at d venue, keeping a check at d decorations n other arrangements. Suman, Twinkle n Neha r asking everyone to hv breakfast n then continue their work. Nikki is busy in her nail polish. Ria is busy convincing her best frnd to come. Radha Rani is busy pretending to work. Haha!! But, where is Dev Babu. Has he gone to office, today also!!
Mama: Ishwari, where is Dev??

I: bhaiya, he’s in his room. He’s at home, but still working on his laptop.
Mama: I’ll go to him.
Ri: wait mamaji, I’ll call bhaiya..
Ria comes to Dev’s room. She sees Dev working on his laptop n thinks, bhai will nvr change.
Ri: bhai, mamaji is calling u.
D: ok I’m coming..
Ria goes down, but Dev does not come. Dis time some1 else goes to call Dev.
Ni: (shuts Dev’s laptop) bhaiya, stop all dis n come, mamaji is calling u.
D: arey Nikki..
Ni: no arey..jst forget dat u’re a businessman..for 1 day.
Dev sees d entire girl power of Dixit family in his room.
D: y do u all always come wid d entire battalion. I’m coming na.
Ni: good!!

Dev n others cone down n Dev goes to mamaji. They hv some talk(not so important).
Few hours later
Engagement venue
A beautiful hall, decorated in white. Ishwari, mamaji n Radha Rani r greeting all d guests. Suman, Shravan, Kunj n Twinkle talking wid Dev. Neha n Ria wid their frnds n our Nikki, clicking too many selfies. All are busy. Dev is waiting for Sona, eagerly.
Sh: wat happened Dev? U look restless?
Su: maybe he’s waiting for someone.
K: bhaiya is waiting for bhabhi to come.
T: jst lil more time bhaiya, bhabhi is on d way..
Dev smiles. After sometime, Bose family arrives. Dev tries to see Sona, but Saurabh comes n stands in front of Sona. N it’s impossible to find out Sona behind! Dev tries a lot, to see his Sona, but fails. Finally, on seeing Dev’s sad face, Elena asks Saurabh to move aside. Dev is jst spellbound on seeing his Sona. So beautiful..

Suman makes Sona stand near Dev. Dev jst keeps staring her.
K: bhaiya..bhaiya..
D: hmm(still lost in Sona’s beauty)
Sh: Dev, stop staring her. All r staring u..
Dev comes out of his dreams. Suman n twinkle giggle.
T: bhaiya, life long u hv to see her only, atleast now control yourself.
All d time, Sona is blushing. Her cheeks hv turned red. Ishwari comes there n Sona touches her feet.
I: ok, now stop your jokes n let them sit. We hv to start d ceremony.
Dev n Sonakshi r made to sit. The priest asks mamaji to get d rings. Mamaji brings d rings.

Dev takes d ring in his hand. He holds Sona’s hand. Sona smiles at him. He too smiles. He slides d ring in Sona’s ring finger. All clap 4 them. Now it’s Sona’s turn. She too slides d ring in Dev’s ring finger. All clap again. They both touch their elder’s feet n take their blessings. N then starts d photo session. The photographer clicks a pic of Dev n Sonakshi showing their rings. Then all get busy n Dev n Sona get a chance to romance.
D: u look gorgeous today..
S: only today??
D: no, I mean u look beautiful everyday, but today there’s something spcl in u.
S: yes, n dats dis..
She shows her ring n both smile. Dev takes her hand in his hand n kisses on d ring. Sona smiles. The screen freezes on Dev kissing her hand.

PRECAP: now mami’s back, so she won’t be silent for long..

Guys, how was d episode?? Plzz let me know your reviews through d comments section. N some of u might not hv seen d engagement card, so here’s d link..

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