KRPKAB Devakshi ff (episode 2)


Hey guys!! Welcome 2 d 2nd episode. Let’s start.
Recap:sona is questioned by Aasha regarding d party n sona gets angry on Dev n has a confrontation wid Dev.

Episode 2
Dev: wat? My problem?
Sona:yes Mr Dixit, your problem.
D: miss Bose,plz say clearly. Wat do u mean?
S:y did u take me 2 dat party?
D:4 my mom. So dat u can take care of her. N days your job too.
S: oh,but dancing was not a part of my job.
D: I nvr forced u to dance. If u had any problem, u cud hv refused 2 dance. U can’t blame me 4 dat.
S:(in a low tone, realising her mistake) ya,but (again in normal voice) I can’t continue dis job anymore.
D:(shocked) y?? I mean no..u can’t leave like dis. Still 1 month if your job is left.
S: look Mr Dixit..( b4 she cud complete, Nikki comes there n takes sona wid her as she was getting bored. Nikki had found a good frnd in Sona.)
Sona was in d kitchen n was doing something wid her phone, when she saw Dev n hers titanic pose pic. She was continuously looking at d pic, when Nikki came n took her phone. Son was running after Nikki. Nikki went running upstairs, sona was also climbing d stairs when she tripped n was abt 2 fall when Dev, who was coming from upstairs, held her hand n saved her. They were looking into each others eyes. Nikki shouted from upstairs.
N: bhaiya, plzz hold Dr Bose like dat 4 some more time so dat I can c her phone.
Sona realized dat Nikki had her phone n she ran towards Nikki. Finally, sona got her phone back n Nikki cud not c Dev’s pic in her phone.
S: Nikki, can u smell something burning.
N:Dr Bose, I’m not jealous of u.
S:arey, not dat 1 duffer, seriously, something is burning.
S n N 2gthr: milk.(they run 2wards d kitchen as they realized dat milk was in d gas n it was over boiled.)
Sona runs first n Nikki after her. Sona was running downstairs n Nikki asked her 2 go down safely, but sona tripped n fell down d stairs. Her head was bleeding n her r8 hand got hit by d edge of d stairs. Nikki shouted n called evry1. Evry1 came down n Dev carried sona in his arms n took her 2 d car n they all rushed 2 d hospital. Dr told them dat sona wud gain consciousness within 2-3 hrs. By d time her parents had also come. Dr informed them dat her r8 hand got fractured. She was in d hospital 4 few days. Nikki used 2 come 2 meet her.

Few days later
Sona had been discharged from d hospital n she’s back home. She came 4 d breakfast.
Aasha: arey! Shona, y did u come down, v were jst sending your breakfast 2 your room.
Sona: no maa. N I hv 2 go so I can’t b late.
A: but where r u going.
S: Dixit house..obviously
A: but how’ll u go. U can’t drive, so how
S: don’t worry maa, I’ll get a rickshaw.
A: no,no shona. How’ll u manage?
Jst then Dev comes n says
D: she doesn’t need 2 manage. I’ll do all dat 4 her.
S: wat do u mean?
D: from 2day, its my responsibility 2 pick her from here n drop her back, till her hand becomes alr8.
S: all dis is not required. I’ll manage.
D: plzz Dr Bose. At least once listen 2 some1. N now sit in d car.
S: but Mr Dixit..
Dev makes her sit in d car n goes 2 his seat. He ties her seatbelt n they r vry vry close. They share an eyelock. Dev breaks d eye lock n starts driving. They reach Dixit house. Sona tries coming out of d car but can’t, as she can’t remove her seatbelt. Dev helps her in removing her seatbelt.

Evening time
Sona was in d kitchen. She was trying 2 take out d box containing brown rice, but, as it was vry heavy, she cud not take it out wid only 1 hand. D container was abt 2 fall on her,when Dev came n saved her. Dev was holding d container n while doing dat he held sona’s hand. It was an awkward moment 4 both of them. Dev said
D: plzz b careful. Already your hand is fractured. If u wud hv got hurt then..
S: thank 4 your concern Mr Dixit, but I’m fine n I can take care if myself.
D:(he calls Kicchu) Kicchu bhaiya, whatever Dr Bose needs, u give her.
Sona had completed her work n was leaving 4 her home. She goes out n d driver said
Driver(let his name b harish): ma’am Dev sir told dat I hv 2 drop u home.
S: no thanks. I’ll go by myself.
H: but ma’am..
Jst then Dev comes n says
D: leave it harish. U go.
S: Ty Mr Dixit
D:coz I’ll drop her
S:(somewhat shocked) wat..not needed.
D: don’t argue Dr Bose.
S: when did I argue?
D: jst now.. Now sit in d car.
They leave. They reach sona’s house. Sona comes out of d car n they bid bye to each other. Sona smiles 2 herself. Saurabh sees all dis from d window n smiles. Sona comes n sees saurabh sitting on d sofa wid a puppy face. Sona asks
Sona: wat happened Dada?
Saurabh: your nvr say good bye like dis 2 us?
Sona:(shocked n embarrassed) wat..wat do u mean motu?
Saurabh: u were so happy while saying good bye 2 your Mr Abhadro. Something something.
Sona: nothing nothing motu..good n8.(she runs towards her room blushing)
While returning Dev saw an ice cream parlor n he stopped his car when saw sona eating ice cream. When he heard other cars blow horn, he realized dat it was his imagination. He smiles to himself. He buys an ice cream n while eating it, thinks abt sona.
Dev:(self talk) wats wrong wid u Dev..y r u thinking abt u she’s Dr Bose.(funny tune plays)

Next day morning at Bose House
Sona: maa, I hv some work in d market 2day. I hv 2 buy some vegetables,so i hv 2 go early. No time 4 breakfast..bye
Sona comes out n sees dat Dev’s driver was standing outside.
S: u came so early??
D: sir told me reach here at 5am. He said dat u shud not hv any problem.
Sona sits in d car n leaves. On d way to Dixit house, she was thinking dat Dev sent d driver at 5am, so early. He cares 4 her..but d vry next moment, she thinks dat Dev cares 4 his mom n not her. She shooks away d thoughts from her mind n thinks, sona u r only his mom’s nutritionist.. nothing else. Sona reaches Dixit house. She goes 2 d kitchen n sees Ishwari cooking something.
S:aunty Ji, d kitchen??
I: I was preparing kadha(medicine) 4 Dev. Actually he ate ice cream yesterday, so he’s coughing since n8. He nvr used to eat ice cream during childhood, so whenever he eats ice cream, he starts coughing.
Sona:(thinking) Mr Dixit did not enjoy his childhood as normally evry1 does. He had so many responsibilities when he was small. Dis is d reason why he’s rude n arrogant most of d time. But at least now he shud enjoy his life’s small small joys. But who will explain him..huh..Mr Abhadro.
It’s evening time. Ishwari, Neha, Ria, Nikki n Dev had 2 go 4 a wedding reception party n sona was leaving 4 her house.
D: maa, u all go. I’ll drop Miss Bose home n then come 2 d party directly.
I: ok beta, but come fast.
Sona realises dat her phone was missing. She goes in d house 2 search 4 her phone. Dev was abt 2 sit in d car, when he was searching for his wallet. He keeps his phone (which was earlier in his hand) on d car n checks all his pockets. He goes 2 his room 2 take his wallet. Evry1 think dat he’s gone n also sona, so they lock d house n leave. Dev n sona r locked inside d house. Dev’s house’s lights go off immediately if d main door is locked, so there was no light. Dev is shocked when suddenly lights go off. He thinks its power cut. He goes down n heard some sound coming from d kitchen. He goes there n finds Sona sitting in one corner wid her hands joined n she was reciting Kali maa’s name.
D: miss Bose?
S:(shouts in fear) who’s dat??(she sees its Dev n gets relieved n hugs Dev) thank god its u..I wud hv died of fear..
D:(still hugging n consoling her) nothing will happen..its jst a power cut..n v r going out don’t fear.
Sona leaves him n composes herself. Sona tells him dat she’s not getting her phone. He tells her dat its getting late, so she can find her phone 2mrrw. Sona reluctantly agrees n they try 2 open d door. But it does not open. Dev thinks something. He looks at sona wid a weird expression n sona looks at him wid a questioning expression.
Screen freezes at their faces.
PRECAP: Sona n Dev realize dat they r locked in d house.

Credit to: Aarti

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