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Hey guys!! Welcome back to d most irregular n late-lateef ff, KRPKAB Devakshi ff by d most unpunctual gurl. So sorry for not posting for soooo many days. But u guys r really vry nice. D response u all gave to my OS, ANNIVERSARY GIFT, was overwhelming!! Comments were almost double than I thought. Thank u so much to all those who commented n also those who read. Some of u must be thinking, how Devakshi n cutie pie Samarth got saved?? Arey yaar, kya fayda Dev Dixit hone ka, jab apne contacts ko use karke apni family ko bacha na sake!? Dev ne apni saari jaan-pechaan, saari takat sab use karke, khud ko, Sona ko n uske bete ko bacha liya.. simple!! So, now coming back to d ff, here’s d 19th episode, wid a short recap.

RECAP: All tease Dev at breakfast table. Sona n Dev DISCUSS REPORTS. Devakshi’s engagement date fixed. Dev n Sona’s kitchen romance.

Episode 19
Dixit House
Dev n Sona, busy in kitchen romance, hear d sound of car.
S: Dev, I think everyone’s back home.
D: oh no!! So early.
S: (blush) Dev!!
As guessed by Sona, our Dixit youngsters r back home. Dev comes out n Sona brings water for all. All drink water.
Sh: Dev, Sonakshi being in kitchen is all right, but what were u doing in kitchen?
D: umm..wo..I..I was cooking khichdi. (In mind) khichdi!?
K: mujhe pata h kaunsi khichdi Pak rhi thi.(I know which khichdi was being cooked)
D: wat do u mean by which khichdi??
T: arey arey, bhaiya..why r u getting tensed?
D: who said I’m tensed?? I’m not tensed.
He takes a glass of water n drinks it.
Su: no..u’re not tensed at all.
D: did u all find me only?? U can tease Kunj also.
As soon as Dev says dis, Kunj n Twinkle run to their rooms. All laugh.
So: ok, now I shud leave.
Su: ok, bye Sona.
Shraman go to their room n Sona too moves towards d main door. Dev runs towards her n takes her behind d wall (the place where Dev n Sona were talking, in d show, n Ria came.).
S: Dev, ki korcho??
D: wat??
S: wat r u doing??
D: dekh rha hoon khichdi kaisi paki h..(I’m checking howz d khichdi)
S:(blush) aap kuch zyada hi khichdi pakane lage h.(u’re cooking too much khichdi) R u planning to end your business n become a chef?
D: for u I can become chef too.
S: so Mr chef, let’s go. I’m getting late.
D: yes madam.
Sona smiles n Dev goes to drop her home. From d very next day, begin d preparations of Dev n Sona’s engagement. Everyone is busy, but our Dev Babu is double busy. Along wid managing his business, he also has to plan, how to romance wid Sona in d presence of d family. Sona being Ishwari’s nutritionist was an advantage n disadvantage as well. One day, all d ladies, Suman, Sona, Twinkle, NRN, plan to go for d engagement shopping. They were all set wid their plan. Dev passes through them.
D: wat gossip is going on??
R: bhai, girls don’t gossip all d time.
D: ok baba, wat talk is going on..ok
Ni: bhai, we all r going for shopping.
D: umm..ok, come today I’ll take u all for shopping. After all u need some1 to carry your bags also na. Girls shop too much, espclly Nikki.
Suman smirks.
Su: Dev, directly tell na dat u r practicing for future.
D: ww..wat..wat practice!?
T: bhaiya, after marriage u will only carry Sona bhabhi’s shopping bags na.
D: was jst asking to help u all..Nikki, she’s so delicate. How will she carry so many shopping bags. N she shops too much!!
Ne: bhai, Nikki is jst an excuse, u want to carry your Sona’s bags.
Nikki goes to Dev n hits his shoulder wid her.
Ni: wow bhaiya..not bad!!
Dev gives her a ferocious look. Nikki immediately hides behind Sona. All laugh at dis hilarious moment. Dev, then gives up his idea hold carrying shopping bags n leaves for his office. N d Dixit house ladies go for shopping.

Shopping mall
The Dixit ladies had almost completed their shopping. Only d engagement ring was left. They enter d jewellery shop. The salesman shows them rings. Everyone suggests rings to Sona, but Sona is confused. Atlast, Suman asks her to choose between two sets (they were buying engagement ring sets, two similar rings for two ppl made for each other!!)
So: Suman bhabhi, I’m really confused. U select any one.
Su: no, it’s your engagement n u will select rings.
T: but, it’s Dev bhaiya’s engagement too..
R: ok, let’s do one thing. Ask Dev bhaiya.
Ne: good idea!! Bhabhi, send d pic of these rings to bhaiya n ask him to select one.
Sona n Dev’s message convo:
So: (sends d pictures of rings)
D: wat r these??
So: rings..
D: I know dat, but y r u sending these pictures to me??
So: Mr unromantic, select any one set of rings..for our engagement.
D: ohh..
So: do it fast..
D: ok ok..d second one..
Nikki calls Sona.
Ni: bhabhi, romance later..first select your rings..
All giggle. Sona msgs bye to Dev n comes to Nikki.
So: d second one..pack dis one..
D salesman packs d rings in a box n gives it to Sona. All d ladies then come back home.

Dixit house
All d ladies reach home. As they enter d house, they find GARIB KI BETI RADHA RANI sitting on d sofa n talking to Ishwari..rather I shud say buttering her.
RR: jiji, plzz forgive dis garib ki beti. I promise u no such incident will happen in future.
I: bhabhi, if u want ask forgiveness, then ask from Sona, coz u r her culprit.
RR: ofcourse jiji. Banga..Sonakshi, I’m really vry sorry for watevr Vicky did. Plzz forgive me beta.
She joins her hands in front of Sonakshi..nautanki!! Sonakshi holds her hands.
S: no aunty, plzz don’t do dat. U’re elder than me, n it’s not right dat elders join hands in front of their children.
RR: thank u beta. Jiji, u’ve got a gem as your daughter in-law.
Ishwari smiles. Suman n Neha show their shopping stuff to Ishwari n Radha Rani. Twinkle n Nikki r busy booking salon appointments n calling d mehendi girl. After all only 9 days r left for d Devrath Dixit’s engagement. One week passes in d preparations. Let’s hv some glimpses of those preparations.
Everyone is sitting in d hall, selecting the invitation card of Devakshi’s engagement. Dev selects a light blue coloured card n Sona selects a light purple n white coloured card. Both argue over d card. Dev says dat blue is a nice colour. Sona says dat he can’t see any colour except grey n blue.. grey n blue Dixit. All laugh seeing them fight. Dev says dat u girls nvr listen to boys. Sona says dat bcz girls r always right. Kunj, Shravan n mamaji support Dev. Dev smirks, but his smirk fades seeing Sona’s battalion, consisting of Neha, Ria, Nikki, Suman, Twinkle, Ishwari n even Radha Rani. When it comes to husband Vs wife, Mami can even support Sona, to overpower mamaji. Finally d white n purple card is selected. Some other day, Ishwari is shown inviting all d close relatives, personally. At Sona’s home, Asha is telling to Sona, dat she face has got too much tan n she shud apply a face pack on her face. Elena laughs n says maashi, Sona n face pack, no chance!! Even if she looks horrible on her engagement, she will not apply face pack. All other girls will be looking so beautiful n gorgeous, n Dev will fall for some other girl. Sona gets jealous, but does not show. At night, when everyone else was sleeping, Sona brings face pack in a bowl n applies it on her face. Elena slowly opens one of her eyes n giggles seeing Sona applying face pack. She comes from backside n Sona is shocked to see her awake. She goes near Sona n Sona turns her back towards Elena n hides her face. Elena teases Sona. Shravan n Kunj hv also joined Ishwari communications. Shravan us Dev’s legal advisor n Kunj does PR for d company. It’s lunch time. The brothers r in Dev’s cabin, waiting for the peon to get their lunch boxes. The peon comes n gives the lunch boxes to them. Three identical boxes. Dev was very excited, coz today, for d first time, Sona had sent his lunch. He opens d box n sees white sauce pasta in it. Shravan’s box has poha. Kunj’s box has palak paneer. Kunj n Dev smiles brightly, while Shravan makes a sad face. De says I thought Sona will send salad for lunch, but she has sent pasta, wow!! Kunj says I don’t believe it, Twinkle had made palak paneer!! Shravan says sumo, who used to send star plus types food, rich n tasty..she has sent dis doordarshan types food. Dev jokes n says your star plus has become doordarshan. Shravan says, wait. U hv got pasta, Kunj has got palak paneer n I hv got poha, how?? Kunj says, I get it. Our boxes hv been exchanged. Dev bhai got my box, I got Shravan bhai’s n Shravan bhai got Dev bhai’s box. They exchange their boxes again n get d correct box. Dis time, Kunj n Shravan smiles n Dev makes a sad face. Shravan says enjoy your doordarshan. Three of them burst out laughing n enjoy their dinner.

PRECAP: Devakshi engagement. Grand celebration.

So, how was d episode guys? N let me clear one thing, doordarshan is d first ever channel on Indian television. But, d serials aired on it r vry pathetic n boring. So dats y i compared poha wid doordarshan. Plzz comment guys n all your suggestions n ideas r welcome!!

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  1. Simplesweety1

    Loved It! Ms Late Lateef! Lol! You’re An Awesome Writer!

    1. Aaru

      Ty simplesweety1.. n I m late lateef indeed!!

    2. Aaru

      Hey, take a look at d rings n below..

  2. Sharica

    So Beautiful. And this time don’t be Ms. Late Lateef again?

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Sharica..I’ll try posting d next episode by Wednesday..

      1. Sharica

        And yes the card is awesome and the rings are beautiful?

    1. Simplesweety1

      They Are So Beautiful! Loved Them!

  3. Manya

    Maza a gya episode pad Kar but plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz??????post the next epi ASAP bcoz it’s devakshi’s engagement ??❤️❤️?

    1. Aaru

      Ty Manya..N I’ll try my best to post d next episode by Wednesday..

      1. Manya

        Firstly it is AYUSHI ??

    2. Aaru

      Ok dear..AYUSHI in capitals!!

  4. Awwwww. Dev ki achi tarh sab dixits taang kheenchate hain ???? and that lunch boxes convo was superb. ?????? and ur OS was fab. I have read it but I didn’t commented bcoz at that time i was a silent reader ?. But now I’ll be commenting. Well done once again and please post next part soon

    1. Aaru

      Thank u Anonymous987.. I’ll post d next episode by Wednesday, perhaps..

    2. Sharica

      By the way what shall we call u. Don’t u feel weird or annoyed when we call u ANONYMOUS987 like Aayushi gets when we call her Manya. I am eager to know your name?

      1. Well weird nhi lagta par mera real name Maleeha hai ?

      2. Sharica

        But what does that mean. Actually I heard it for the first time so…….

  5. DevSona

    It was awesumm Aaru?❤️ Waise tum khichdi bahot achi paka leti ho?? Waiting for DevAkshi engagement and celebration 🙂 Saw rings and card….LOVED IT!!!??

    1. Aaru

      Thank u DevSona..khichdi pakane mein to main expert types hoon..??
      I was also laughing while writing dat khichdi part.. I too luvd d rings n card, they r do elegant n exclusive..

  6. The fabulous writers are posting so late why

    1. Aaru

      I don’t know abt fabulous writers, but I’m late most of d no almost always, bcz I hv to think a lot n then write..thanx for commenting Sheetal..

  7. Luv it..

    1. Aaru

      Thanx dear princess..

  8. Angell

    Awsome….but plz add more Devakshi romance scenes…serial main nahi toh Fan fictions main hi sahi(if not in the serial atleast in fan fictions)

    1. Aaru

      Thanx for commenting Angell. N d next episode is gonna be Devakshi’s engagement spcl, so there is gonna be romance, fun, masala n everything??

  9. Bhoomi

    Awww.. Its superb aaru ?… Khichdi kuch jyada hi pak gayi? …. Buts its tasty ?… Hehe doordarshan poha ??…. Amazing yaar ?…

    1. Aaru

      Thank you sooo much Bhoomi..khichdi tasty nhi hogi to phir kya fayda!!

  10. luved it 2,3,4,5….infinity …hahaha
    waitng for nxt epi..

    1. Aaru

      Thank u 6,7,8,9…..infinity..thanx ibtesam

  11. Varsha94

    How cute… It was very nice.. Bechara Dev kitni ladkiyo se ladega…?.. Damn fun..?

    1. Aaru

      Sach mein yaar, Dev ke ghar mein ladies zindabad!! Thanx for commenting..

  12. Awesome episode card ring only engagement is left plz post as soon as possible ?

    1. Aaru

      Hey, me too Dev’s fan!! Thanx for commenting n I’ll try to post next episode by Wednesday..

  13. ms. late lateef aap ka ff parhne ke bad me bhul jati hu ke aapbe deer se post kiya ha nice epi

    1. Aaru

      Thank u Pinky..N yehi to meri trick h, main aisa episode likhne ki koshish karti hu ki sab bhool jaye ki main late ho gyi..?

  14. wooow very nice and awesome precap

    1. Aaru

      Thanx Nida..N it’s Devakshi’s engagement, it has to be awesome..

  15. Wowwwwww its awesome. I’m in love with your ff ?? you are an amazing writer.????

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      Thank u do much Maria..your comment means a lot to me..

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