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Hey guys, welcome to d suspense breaker episode of KRPKAB Devakshi ff. Dis time, I’ve already commented on your ffs, so no comments.. but thanks to bolna h na. So thank u..but guys, I feel like crying. Who gets so less comments yaar!! Only 10!! Only simplesweety1, Nida, Priya9876, Sumaiya Sumi, Shreyansh, Manya, krish, Laxmi, Bhoomi n Erika hv commented. Where were all others??ha!! Dis time, all must comment. So now, senti melodrama is over n let’s start d episode.

RECAP: Dev n Sona’s romantic convo. NRN r happy dat Dev is gonna get married. Nikki says dat Dev is her only brother. Someone says dat it’s not true. Ishwari gives surprised expressions.

Episode 17
Ishwari’s surprised face gets a smile. All get happy.
D: shravan bhai..Kunj.
(Guys, I’m introducing new characters. Shravan n Suman from EDKV n Kunj n Twinkle from TEI. Shravan is elder n Kunj is younger brother of Dev. Suman is shravan’s wife n Twinkle is Kunj’s gf. Evry1 knows abt their relationship.)
Shravan, Suman, Kunj n Twinkle come inside. Kunj n shravan hug Dev.
Ni: Suman bhabhi!!(she comes n hugs Suman)
Ria hugs Twinkle hug. (Ria shares a good rapport wid Twinkle.) Shraman n Twinj touch Ishwari’s feet n take her blessing.
Sh: Ae Nikki, how can u say dat Dev is your only brother?
K: so..u totally forgot us..
Ni: so’s all your fault. U n Kunj bhaiya became so busy after going to London, dat u didn’t even call us. U only called maa n talked to her.
Ne: if u do like dis, we will obviously forget dat we hv two more brothers.
R: bhabhis r better than u. Suman bhabhi used to call us so many times. Even she told us abt Twinkle bhabhi.
D: Nikki, let them breathe atleast.!
I: my sons hv come home after so many years. How I’ve spent these 4 yrs without u all, only I know dat!!
Shravan n Kunj hug Ishwari. Dev also joins them. Aww, a family moment.
T: arey, wat abt us!?
I: come come..

Suman n Twinkle also join them.(I know it’s quite difficult for Ishwari to hug so many ppl together.) They all hv a great time at d dining table. All, after lunch, go to Dev’s room. By now, Sonakshi had also come (her job, remember). Sona was moving towards d kitchen, when Twinkle came n took her directly to Dev’s room.
So: who r u?? N y hv u brought me here?
T: bhabhi, I’m Twinkle..
Ni: Kunj bhaiya’s gf.
Twinkle smiles at Kunj.
So: Kunj??
Su: my devar..n yours too..
So: you??
Su: I’m shravan’s wife.
So: now whoz shravan?
D: my brother.
So: oh my god!! I’ll go crazy. Some1 plzz explain me all dis.
Ne: I’ll tell u bhabhi. He’s shravan bhai, elder than Dev bhai. She’s his wife, Suman. He’s Kunj, younger than Dev bhai. N she’s Twinkle, Kunj’s gf.
So: ok..but Mr Dixit, u nvr told u hv 2 brothers.
All: Mr Dixit..ohh..
Sona blushes.
K: bhai, u nvr told bhabhi abt us. Y Mr Dixit??
Su: ohho Kunj, he was busy romancing na..he mustn’t hv got time to tell abt his family. Am I right, Mr Dixit?
All laugh. Sona makes an excuse n leaves from their blushing.
Su: she became shy..
D: obviously, if u’ll tease like dis, any1 will bcm shy.
All: oohh..defensive..
D: shut up!! I need to go to office.

He leaves from his room. While moving towards d hall, he sees Sona in d kitchen, preparing Ishwari’s diet chart. He goes to d kitchen n back hugs Sona. Sona turns to see him.
So: Mr Dixit!!u scared me..
D: Dev..not Mr Dixit.
So: ok, Dev. Now tell me, wat r u doing here?
D: I jst came to see u.
Sona blushes. Dev holds her from her waist n pulls her closer.
So: Dev, some1 will come..
D: let them come..
So: some1 will see..
D: let them see..
Kunj comes n says..
K: ok then, let me see..

Dev quickly leaves Sona n moves towards d fridge n takes out a bottle.
D: I jst came to drink water.
K: oh I see..
So: Dev, dats squash..
D: (vry slowly) shit..
Kunj laughs. Sona blushes n acts to do her work.
D: y r u laughing?? U go near your Twinkle..y r u disturbing us?? Idiot!
Kunj leaves laughing. Dev returns to his romantic mood.
So: y did u tell him like dis?
D: leave it na..
So: ok. But, y didn’t u tell me abt shraman n Twinj??
D: when I see u, I forget even they r jst my brothers.
So: ok ok..dis much romance is enough 4 today. Now u go to office n let me do my work too..
D: ok. Bye!!
So: bye..

Dev leaves. Sona again starts preparing d chart.
All were sitting in d hall. Sona comes.
So: aunty ji, my work is done. So I’m leaving.
T: arey, how can u go like dis!!
Su: exactly, atleast hv d dinner wid us.
K: ya bhabhi. Plzz..
Sh: yeah, they’re right. Stay back.
Sona looks at Ishwari. Ishwari too tells her to stay back. She agrees.
All: yay..
Dinner table
Dev had come back from office. All were sitting at d dining table except Suman, Sona n Twinkle. Dev didn’t know abt Sona being at Ishwari mansion.
D: maa, where is suman bhabhi n Twinkle?
I: they’re inside d kitchen. Today, my daughters in law will serve food to all of us.
Ni: wow maa..wat a dialogue..
I: Nikki!!

Suddenly Suman, Sona n Twinkle come out of d kitchen. Dev surprised to see Sona there. They start serving food.
R: oh my god!! It’s a miracle!! In front of Sona bhabhi, maa is getting gajar halwa to eat..
Sona smiles.
So: yes, bcz in dis halwa, I’ve added jaggery instead of sugar.
I: u hv made dis??
So: don’t worry maa, Suman bhabhi has made dis, I jst helped her.
All laugh.
Sh: Sonakshi, Dev likes halwa a lot, serve him..
Dev looks at Sona n she blushes. She goes to serve him halwa.
K: now Dev bhai, get used to all dis. Now lifelong she has to serve u..
Ni: wow, Dev Babu n his paro..
All laugh. After d dinner, Dev goes to drop Sona home. After reaching Sona’s house, Dev holds her hand n brings her close.
So: Mr Dixit..
D: Dev!!
So: Dev..your family is really nice.
D: our family..
Sona smiles.
So: shravan bhaiya n Kunj luv u a lot na..
D: yes.. although we’re not real brothers, but we luv each other more than real brothers do..
So: u’re not real brothers!?
D: no..but we nvr feel dat..we all r one big happy family.. n soon, u’ll b a part of dis family.
Sona hugs Dev n he hugs her back.
So: okay, good night..
D: so soon.. 🙁
S: Dev!!
D: ok, good night..

Sona goes inside her house n Dev leaves for Dixit house. Sona enters her house.
A: shona, where were u, beta??
S: maa, I was coming early, but Dev’s brothers n sisters in law, insisted me to hv dinner wid them.
E: maashi, from now only Sona has started giving more importance to d Dixits. You’re loosing your daughter maashi..
Elena n Saurabh giggle.
S: shut up Elena!!
A: okay, now Sona, u go n sleep. U hv to get up early tomorrow.
Sona n Elena go to their room. Elena sleeps within sometime, but Sona is not able to sleep. So, she thinks of calling Dev. Before she could call Dev, she saw Dev’s name flashing on her phone.
S: Dev, I jst thought of calling u..n u called..
D: coz it’s heart to heart connection..
Sona smiles.
S: Dev, u r also not able to sleep?
D: no. U??
S: naah..
D: earlier also I had dis problem. But, dat time, I wanted to sleep, but could not.. but now, I don’t even want to sleep. I want to talk to u, whole night..
S: Dev!! Luv has changed u a lot..
D: may be, perhaps..
S: not only u, luv has changed me too. I nvr stay awake till dis late n I even advise others to sleep well. But see, now I’m talking to u on phone, so late..
D: not only dis..till yesterday, u were my love interest..yesterday, I proposed u n u became my girlfriend..n from today morning, u’re my would be wife.. n soon, dis ‘would be’ will b removed, n u’ll b my wife.. Mrs Sonakshi Dev Dixit.
Sona smiles hearing dis .Mrs Sonakshi Dev Dixit.
S: Dev, it’s too late now. So, good night!
D: ok, goodnight.
They both sleep thinking abt each other. Screen freezes on their happy faces.

PRECAP: Bose family comes to Dixit house. Devakshi’s engagement date fixed.

Guys, plzz tell me if u like d new entries or not??

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