KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 16


Heya!! How r u all.. welcome to dis crazy girl’s ff. N ya, I’m indeed crazy but at times..not always. Forget it.. so u all must b happy dat now Dev n sona r gonna get married n then they’ll live happily ever after n then I’ll end eating your heads as well as dis ff..but Delhi abhi bohot door h guys. Many more twists r still left to come n turn d story upside down. Story se yaad aya, d storyline of all d other ffs r jst fab..lemme list those..
Where is DevShi?? HarSHaN – fabulous..luvd it..
Ishq f(o)re(ver) DevSona – wow..I’m luving it when Dev is jealous n I’m waiting for shravan scenes..
Pyaar ki Angell – lovely episodes r on!!keep it like dis only..
PYAAR KA RANG AUR SAAGA – awesome episodes..n I wish Elena n Karan’s crazy minds get some ideas to bring Devakshi closer..superb promo n funny precap..idiot!! Hahahahaha..
KRPKAB (ff) Tina – nice intro..

My love – a fan Dimple – finally, Dev n Sona realised dat they r in love.. awesome episodes by far..
Devakshi – break ke 4nshika – Nidhi ko Dev ke jagah Ishwari ko sunana chahiye tha..anyways, glad ki Ishwari ji maan gyi..but is it important for Dev to go?? :'( I mean, can’t he stayback wid his lady love..
EVERY RELATIONSHIP HAS IT’S Pinky – plzz end d past track soon n make it fast track..hehe!! Fati – OMG!! you’re damn funny yaar..pehle galat pairing ho gyi, phir change kr k bhi galat ho gyi.. ROFL!!
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi FF (FUNNY & ROMANTIC) Esme – I said dat line in my previous episode, jst as a joke n I know dat u all will nvr say like dat..d suspense was great…
Devakshi Rocks!! (PERFECT COUPLE) Esme – fantastic OS..
It’s TWILIGHT……a Devakshi Esme again – awesome intro..release it soon okay..
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Nishi – nice episodes n finally u’re back..
Living a DevSona – oooooooo..”bad boy Dev”..amazing!!
Rangon ke vaishnavi – superb n suspense bhara intro..n awesome episode..
DevAnkshi everyone’s Deepika1 – soo romantic intro..fab!!
Luv’s 1st sec.. DevShi HarSHaN – fantastic..

So let’s take a look at d recap..
RECAP: Ishwari n Dev, along wid d entire Bose family, play a prank on Sona. They tell her dat she’s no more Ishwari’s nutrition. Dev n Sona’s alliance is finalized.

Episode 16
Bijoy, Asha, Dadi n Ishwari r having some discussion abt d alliance. Elena comes to Sona n both whisper.
E: Sona, come wid me.
S: now!! Y?
E:(pulls her hand) arey, u jst come na..
S: arey but where ??
E: to your room.
S: but..
E: shut up Sona..
S: offo, Elena..
Elena brings Sona to their room.
S: wat happened Elena..
E: see wat happened..
Sona sees Dev standing near d window wid his back facing her.
E: okay, so my would b jiju, now I hv done a huge favour in u, so u’ll hv to pay for dis.
D: sure..
Both smile n Elena leaves. Dev takes Sona in his embrace.
D: so, r u happy now, to be Mrs Dixit??
S: no..
D: wat!?
S: coz I’m vry happy. N hearing Mrs Dixit, makes me feel so happy. All thanx 2 u.
D: so I shud b rewarded right!!
He leans forward, towards Sonakshi. But Sonakshi stops him.

S: Dev!!
D: arey, v r gonna get married.
S: so wat, v r going to, but v hav not yet married each other. V r not even engaged.
D: dat means v r boyfriend – girlfriend. But v didn’t do anything which boyfriend – girlfriend do..
S- on d second day of your relationship, u want to do all dat?!
D: arey see, yesterday I proposed u, n today, our alliance is fixed. So v hv vry less time to enjoy our status of boyfriend and girlfriend. So v need to b fast forward right..
S: shut up Dev!! It’s all your fault. Couldn’t u propose me earlier?? V wud hv enjoyed so much, hidden romance, dates n all..but bcz of u v missed all dat..(she makes a puppy face)
D: vry good!!(sarcastically) u cud hv also told me first n, u cud hv also proposed..
S: but girls don’t propose, boys propose..
D: who said dat?? Girls also propose..
S: u know more or me??
D: internet knows more..I hv read on internet, girls also propose.
S: tumi ekdum impossible.. then go n marry your internet, she’ll propose u. Go
She turns n was abt to leave when Dev holds her wrist n pulls her towards him.
D: how can I marry internet, she can’t fight wid me in Bengali. N abt d hidden romance, I’m sure we’re not gonna romance in front of d family, n regarding d dates, I’ll take u on a date everyday, promise..
Sona smiles n hugs him. He too hugs her tightly. Suddenly, Elena shouts from outside.

E: Sona, evry1 is calling u.
Sona n Dev break d hug.
S: coming..
She gives a peck on Dev’s cheek n leaves blushing. Dev too smiles.
I: so, I think v shud leave now. But where’s Dev?
B: here he comes..
Dev comes n looks at Sona. Sona too looks at him n both smile.

I: let’s go beta.
D: yes maa..
I: ok Asha ji, Bijoy ji, v shall b waiting for u tomorrow. We’ll call d priest to finalize d engagement date.
A: sure Mrs Dixit.
Ishwari n Dev leave.

Dixit house
As soon as Ishwari n Dev enter d house, Nikki comes.
Ni: bhaiya!! Wat happened?? Did Sona Di’s family agree? Wat did they say?? Do they like u??wat was Sona di wearing? How was she looking? Did u..
I: offo Nikki, we hv come from outside, so atleast offer us a glass of water..
R: maa, she’ll nvr change. She always does like dis only..
Neha brings water for Dev n Ishwari.
Ne: maa, tell na..wat did they say??
R: yes maa, tell na. Did they agree?
Ni: can we call Sona Di as bhabhi??
I: yes..
Ni: really!! Yayyyy..
R: congrats bhaiya..
Ne: bhai, I’m so happy for u.
Ni: bhaiya, more than u I’m happy for myself. It’s Devrath Dixit’s wedding, so I’ll do a lot of shopping. After all you’re my only brother..
Suddenly, a voice comes from back.
Voice: no, it’s not true!!
Evry1 turns back to see, who is it?? Screen freezes on Ishwari’s face.

PRECAP: Elena teasing Sona. A truth revealed.

So guys, dis was d episode n keep guessing, who’ll b d person n wat truth will b revealed. 4nshika, Riya, varsha94, Naina, pinky, Erika, simplesweety1, Sumaiya Sumi, AYUSHI, Bhoomi, Shreyansh..Ty all of u..n I like writing your name in capitals, AYUSHI. Plzz comment more n more. D no. of comments is decreasing per episode.. :'(

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