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Hey guys, how r all of u?? Welcome 2 episode 14 of KRPKAB Devakshi ff by pretty me!! Congrats to d entire KRPKAB team n all of us coz d show has completed 100 episode today. n 1 day, my ff will also complete 100 episodes. Hayee!! I wish dis happens.hoga, q nhi hoga. Bhagwan aap sable ffs ko 100 episodes ka vardan de. Hehe, but on a serious note, sorry!!guys from some days, it has bcm my ritual dat first I will comment on your ffs n then my episode n then I will thank y not follow it..
My love- a fan Dimple – wow..Dev is missing Sona..yay..n nice precap..v can call it a date right?? N Dev thoda romantic hone laga h..nai!!
A mythic HarSHaN – nice story..
Ishq (Devakshi) Zaku – it was emotional n heart touching..
Is it my Zaku – y r u so awesome yaar..I’m jealous of u..
Mera Zaku again- I knew it vry well dat u were d writer. Superb OS..y don’t u write an ff will a great one..

Devakshi Belle – sweet n awesome..
Devakshi break ke 4nshika – d promo was awesome n so was d episode..
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi Mariah – I hate it when d so called “true love” does not support is when v need it d most..huh!! It’s so common in tv shows..
Ek duje ke naam pyar ke Asmita – all problems r gonna get sorted soon, right!?
Pyaar ki Angell – a total cuteness filled episode..
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Nishi – nice one but, ab Sona ko kya hogaya?? I’m really worried..
PRINCE AND shaheerica – how can Dev propose Natasha yaar!! 🙁
Rang pyar ka again (devna) Asmita – plzz end dis yash n memory loss wala track soon coz I cant see Sona away from Dev n on top of dat, can’t see Sona close 2 yash..cheee..I hate dat yash!!
Kya maa simplesweety1 – I’m waiting eagerly 4 your mahaepisode..plzz post it soon..
Kuch rang pyar ke ek duje ke Fatarajo – luvd d honeymoon spcl episode. I always wait 4 your episode so eagerly..

Pyaar yah princess – plzz start it soon..n I think elina luvs Dev..
COLOURS OF LOVE DEVAKSHI pinky – all I can say is.. amazinggg..
So now let’s begin our episode..
Episode 14
Bose House
Sona was getting ready 2 go to Dixit house. It was already 8, so she did not hv much time as she had 2 reach there by 9. She was rushing around d entire house n then suddenly, she remembered dat today, her aunty ji had allowed her to come late. Woohoo..
S: (to herself) how can u b so dumb Sona!! Aunty ji told dat today late entry is allowed, so y to worry..
A: arey!! Sona, y r u standing here. Don’t u hv 2 go??
S: maa, today I’ll go at 10. Yesterday, aunty ji told dat I must b tired so I can come late. But only today..
A: okay, so now u hv a lot of time 2 get ready..
S: yah, maa..
She smiles n goes to her washroom. She gets ready by 9:30 n goes down for having her breakfast. She takes a sandwich n had jst taken a bite, when d doorbell rang. Sona, having d sandwich in her hand, went to open d door. She saw Dev standing at d door n felt very embarrassed.(guys imagine how a girl will feel if her boyfriend sees her in such a condition. A sandwich in hand n half of it stuffed in mouth. Dat too jst d next day after her love confession.) She hides d sandwich behind her back.
S: Mr Dixit, u here?? So early!!
D: not only me..
Dev moves aside n Ishwari comes in front of Sona. Sona swallows d sandwich at once n starts coughing. Asha gives her water n she sees Dev n Ishwari.
A: arey, Dev Babu n Mrs Dixit!!
I: namaste!!(hello)
A: nomoshkar. Plzz come in!!
Ishwari n Dev come in. Sona rushes into her room.
I: arey, where is Sonakshi going??
E: woh actually aunty, she was having her breakfast like anything, so..u know, she was feeling embarrassed in front of u n Dev Babu.
All laugh.

Sona’s room
Sona comes out of her washroom, after cleaning her face n hands. She thinks dat y Dev n Ishwari hv come 2 her house, so early n dat too without her knowledge. Screen freezes on her tensed face.

PRECAP: Ishwari says something 2 Asha, which shocks her n d Bose family as well. Sona is worried.
Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry….infinite number of times..first of all, I’m late n then, a short update..but I wanted 2 end on ya, I want 2 thank all of those who commented on previous episode (Devika, shaheerica, Sumaiya Sumi, AYUSHI, Dimple, simplesweety1, Erina, Naina, SAAGA, Shreyansh, Bhoomi, Maria, Benish, Erika, Fatarajo, Laxmi, jenny) but guys, y only 17 comments dis time.. 🙁 plzz give me more than 20 comments, so dat I don’t dare b late nxt time..main comments ki bhukkad hoon..hehe lol..n guys, I know dat in d precap of previous episode, I wrote 8 am, but ek do hrs upar neeche chalta h right!? Sorry again.bubye.

Credit to: Aarti

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  1. Simplesweety1

    Hey! Thanks For The Review And Keep Reading My FF! Loved The Episode!

  2. Nice but write longer episode and soon also don’t make us wait too much we just love such good ff’s…..

  3. Hehehehehee very funny aarti but epi was nice and and its ok that u r late but dont ve late next time and post soon and i think that dev and ishwari aee there to talk about sona and see dev’s alliance

  4. Asmita...

    You have done two mistake in this FF –
    First, you made it too short but tht can b forgiven…
    Second and biggest mistake is that now just coz of you suddenly i started missing sandwich.. you know i love sandwich… ans as now i stay alone without family… mere paas toaster bhi nahi h sandwich bnane ko…. so for this thing no forgiveness…

    Now come to the FF…ab tarif krne ka mood hi nahi h phir bhi bta deti hu… is very nice

  5. Angel20

    Nice episode but pls make it longer next time.

  6. Madhuri

    Nice yaar. Update soon

  7. Hope both came for the alliance with sona n dev

  8. Ya waiting for next epi….plz update was too short….

  9. Bhoomi

    Superb…. Post next one soon ?

  10. 4nshika

    Awesome…Gr8 gng girl

  11. hey u r late and again u r giving short update and even u have created another suspense so just to tell u that pl. update fast and long next time btw nice episode.

  12. The episode was good but short and it is not that my name is in capitals u can write ayushi also

  13. RANdomfANCreationz

    areh yaar what did ishwari said to asha which shocked them cant wait suspense I love it 😛

  14. This is not fair we wait alot for ur ff and I posted too short episode ???

    1. And me I mean u

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