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Hey guys, here I m presenting b4 u d 13th episode of KRPKAB Devakshi ff. Sorry, I m really vry late dis time, but plzz chala lo.. so as usual, first of all, my comments..
KRPKAB (Devakshi forever) angel – oh no..sooraj n Natasha both returns..n dis Vicky is so cheap..I tell u
Rang pyar ka (devna) Asmita – Bas yash Sona pe aur teen char baar chilla de na to sona to use chhod hi degi.. superb episode

A story’s HarSHaN – it’s really confusing..but your language is really d next episode, plzz give a summary of previous episodes so dat v all can get d concept so far, understood..
PYAR KA RANG AUR SAAGA – awesome one dear..plzz post next 1 soon..luvd d Devakshi started..yippie
Pyaar ki Angell – I really want u 2 continue dear .plzz dont ever stop writing..n d episodes were awesome. But partial amnesia..y?? But, thank god Sona regained her memory soon..
A step 4nshik – enjoyed reading it..luvd it when Dev said, u know wat sonakshi..when we will get married these things will transform into memories..OUR LOVESTORY..
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (aur ek rang) Nishi – start.. but I wonder, wat will happen 2 sona.. post soon dear..

My love Maria – will miss your ff a lot..hope u’ll b back wid a new one soon..
My love a fan Dimple – feel bad for neil..but thank god he will not come between Devakshi..oh wow..Dev misses Sonakshi..oooooooo
Ishq f(o)re(ver) DevSona – superb promo, waiting 4 episode..
Kya maa simplesweety1 – plzz dont stop writing, I’m luving it yaar..u count my comment as 8 but plzz write
Rang pyar ka (again) Asmita – ab Sona ko jaldi se theek kr do na plzz..ab wo yash tolerate nhi hota..
Whom to ashita – interesting start..oooo..Sona 2 seduce Dev..woo..
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi Mariah – nice story..but dis GKB..aarrgghh.. Ishwari maan gyi to ye Radha Rani..cheeeeee..cheapster..
THE GAME OF Tanya – superb dear..
Kuch rang pyar ke ek duje ke Fatarajo – luvd d promo..I can’t wait till nxt week..omg..
So now..let’s start..
RECAP: Vicky misbehaves wid Sona. Dev beats Vicky. Total panga. Devakshi confession. Ishwari wants 2 talk 2 Sona, alone.
I: nutrition, Dev loves u a lot.
Sona smiles a bit.
I: u also love him..
Sona smiles more.

I: I also love Dev.
S: I know aunty ji. U love Mr Dixit d most in d entire world. N he too loves u d most..more than any1.
I: but..u know wat nutrition, I always thought dat if a girl comes in Dev’s life, he will forget me. I will lose my son. N I don’t want dat to happen.
S: aunty ji, building new relationships does not mean forgetting d old ones. U r Mr Dixit’s mother n no 1 can steal your son from u. N I also don’t want to keep u away from your son. A mother is always a mother, no one can take her position in anyone’s life. U don’t need 2 worry aunty ji.
I: thank u nutrition. I jst wanted 2 share my worry.
S: plzz dont say thank u..aunty ji, u can share your worries wid me..
Ishwari keeps her hand on Sona’s cheek n blesses her (d way she said in d recent episode, kitna chhoti si to h tu..hehe..I found it really funny). Ishwari moves towards her room. Sona was moving towards Nikki’s room (guys Sona n Nikki in one room..ok). As soon as Sona enters, Nikki comes from behind d door n shouts boo..
N: boo!!
S: aahh..mummy..oh’s u.. u scared me
Ni: bhabhi..(she holds her hand n literally drags her 2 Neha n Ria’s room)
Neha n Ria: Nikki!!
R: wat r u doing Nikki, leave bhabhi’s hand.
Ne: n y hv u brought her here, let her spend some time wid..MR DIXIT..
S: Neha!!(blush blush blush)
All giggle.
Ne: well bhabhi, bhai told dat u knew abt d plans v tried, 2 know your feelings. Wat bhabhi, v did so much of efforts..
Ni: n u spoiled all..(she makes a pouty face)
S: aww..I’m sorry
Nikki hugs her.
R: well bhabhi, if u knew abt all dat, y did u give negative response??
S: actually, to b honest.. I really enjoyed it seeing your brother do those childish things. I was enjoying it so much..
Ni: ya, actually bhaiya was too funny.
D: accha, u were enjoying it..
Ya guys, Dev came in d room n ofcourse, he overheard all their girly talks.
NRN: shitt!!
D: Sona toh sona, u three, being my sisters also, were enjoying seeing me tensed. U found all dat funny..
Ni: oh ho bhaiya, Sona.. wow..

D: shut up Nikki.. n don’t change d topic..(fake anger u know)
Ni: bhaiya, I need 2 hv a bath..I got to go..byeeeeeeee (she thinks in her mind dat, seriously bath, at dis time. She makes a weird face)
R: bhaiya, my phone is ringing..I’ll attend d call..
Ne: yes maa, coming..bhai, maa is calling.
Within a second, three of them vanished. N Sona was trying 2 control her laugh. Dev looks at her wid fake anger n she laughs like crazy. Dev moves closer to Sona. Sona stops laughing n Dev holds her close 2 him, from her waist.
D: u were laughing a lot..haan..wat were u saying, u enjoyed when I was tensed.
S: no Mr Dixit, I didn’t mean dat.
D: (moving more close 2 her) so wat did u mean??
S: I didn’t enjoy seeing u tensed..
D: so wat did u enjoy..was there a movie going on!?
S: no..u won’t understand
D: then u make me understand.
S: Mr Dixit, your curiosity 2 know, if I also love u, was reflected in your eyes. N I enjoyed seeing dat curiosity.
D: so y did u act as if u didn’t love me??
S: I didn’t do so..
D: oh really!!
S: ya..when u PRETENDED dat u slipped n type leg got fractured, I had heard yours n Bunty’s conversation, so..I knew dat u don’t hv any pain in your leg. Next day, I knew dat u n all your partners in crime, were listening my n Nikki’s conversation from behind d wall, so I lied 2 Nikki.
D: ohh..but u didn’t turn back 2 see me..u remember dat day..
S: I very well remember dat fact, everyday, I turn back 2 see u..but..that’s after you’re gone. Dat day also, I turned, but u were gone. So, now I should complain dat u nvr wait till I turn back..
D: arey, dis is not fair..
S: no no..dis is only fair.

D: accha sorry baba..
S: it’s ok.
Dev hugs her.
D: well, I must say, you’ve become vry naughty nowadays..
S: so wat, u will hv 2 bear my naughtiness.
D: anything 4 my bunny.
S: (she hits his hand) Mr Dixit, don’t call me bunny.
He laughs. Sona too laughs.

It’s already 8 pm n all r now ready 4 going back home. All r tired, so after d bus started, within 10 mins, all were asleep. (All were sleeping in sitting position) After they reached home, first if all, Dev got up. He called d watchman n asked him to keep all d bags inside d house. Then he woke up evry1 n they went inside. Ishwari asked Dev 2 drop Sona home n she told Sona 2 come late tomorrow, as she also must b tired. Dev n Sona sit in d car n Sona falls asleep again. Dev lovingly stares her while she’s sleeping. She looks so adorable. They reach Sona’s house n Dev shakes Sona to wake her up. She wakes up n finds him so close 2 her. They share an eyelock. Dev forwards his hand 2 help Sona come out. She waves bye to Dev n Dev also waves a bye. She goes inside n Dev goes back home. While sleeping, both think abt each other n hv a pleasant smile on their faces. The screen freezes in their smiling faces.

PRECAO: It’s 8 o’clock in d morning. D Bose house. Bell rings n Sona opens d door n is shocked..

Guys, plzz comment more n more. Thank you Nishi, Sumaiya Sumi, simplesweety1, pinky, Angell, AYUSHI, Laxmi, Maria, Dimple, 4nishka, SAAGA, Asmita, Benish, Y.Balamirra, Shreyansh Maheshwari, Bhoomi, Aarohi, Naina, Erika, ibtesam, Muskan. Ty so so so so sooooooooooooooooooooo much guys. It’s bcz of all of u dat I got 21 comments wow..actually 23. But 1 comment was s reply to nishi’s comment n 2 comments were by same person. So total 21. Ty guys n plzz, dis time also more than 20 plzz.

Credit to: Aarti

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