KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 12

Hey guys, I m 2 break d suspense of d previous episode, but..itni bhi jaldi kya h?? Sabr ka phal meetha hota h.. so sabr karo 😛
Magic of angel_pari – will miss your ff a lot n d ending was so sweet.
Love can be measured? naren – it was really superb.
Kya maa Simplesweety1 – d picnic idea n d upcoming fun is interesting.
PYAR KA NAAM AUR SAAGA – i read both episode 12&13. Waiting 4 Sona’s idea 2 make Dev normal.
PRINCE AND shaheerica – awesome epi..but plzz send d links of the outfits again, cjz d page was not loading..I tried a plzz.
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (aur ek rang) Nishi – nishu, ye episode to times bhi chhotu tha..want a long episode next time haan.
Ishq f(o)re(ver) DevSona – luvd Dev n Sona’s cute fight. Awesome precap.
EVERY RELATIONSHIP HAS IT’S pinki – the intro itself was so romantic, looking forward 2 it.n in d first episode, looks like sona n sumo had some issue n Dev n shravan r trying 2 sort it. N plzz end d flashback soon n start d present.
A step 4nshika – it was superb as always n tum to gr8 ho hi..n d new guy seems a big flirt to me..
Pyaar ki Angell – thank god Radha Rani is gonna b kicked out..n plzz dont put any twist n bring dat irritating lady back in d story. Epi was awesome. Sona’s bday was also sweet n cute.
Kuch rang pyar ke ek duje ke Fatarajo – I was soo happy when i saw your ff posted. Unexpected surprise u know..finally devakshi r married..hashhh!! Otherwise I was so worried dat u did Dev say dat he can’t accept dis marriage..
My love a fan Dimple – awesome episode.. jealous raghuwar n Ishwari r d best parents 1 can jst kidding. My parents r d best.
My possessive Sammy – finally u posted after so many days..I was really missing it. I hope karan gets out of d story asap.
Color of love (promo) Anshi – interesting promo..waiting 4 episodes.
So guys, now let’s start..but..arey recap to dekh lo..control!!

RECAP: Dixit family on a picnic. Dev mesmerized by Sona’s new look. Cricket match boys Vs girls. Girls win d match. All r inside but Sona has come outside 2 take her phone n..

Episode 12
Some1 holds Sona’s hand n pulls her behind a wall. Sona was abt 2 shout when dat person kept his hand on her mouth.(guys, it was none other than Vicky..hehe u thought it wud b Dev na!!) Sona widens her eyes. He twists her hand at her back on holds her both hands wid his one hand (ya guys he was enough strong) n wid his other hand he touched her waist. He tried 2 kiss her, but Sona scratched his hand wid her nails (see, nails r so useful 4 girls. It’s not abt beauty all d time). Due 2 dis, Vicky left her hands n she ran away shouting. While running, she bumped into Dev. Dev looked at her n saw tears in her eyes. She was crying badly. She cud not even speak anything. He then saw Vicky coming running n he understood d entire situation. He looked at Sona n she looked down. Now Dev’s eyes were filled wid anger. He punched Vicky so hard dat his nose was bleeding.

D: how dare u!! How dare u touch her??
V: bhai stop it
D: jst shut up. I’ll kill u today
All try 2 stop Dev, but he was not ready 2 listen. He kept hitting Vicky as if he was a punching bag. Finally Mami ji came in between n stopped Dev.
RR: wat r u doing Dev?? Y r u beating my son so badly?
D: don’t ask Mami can he stoop so low. He tried 2 misbehave wid Dr Bose..again
All r shocked. Sona is still crying. NRN console her.
I: again!?
D: yes maa, few days ago also he tried 2 touch her. I had warned him but, he..he is so shameless.
RR: stop it son can’t do dis. Dis bangalan must hv done sth..huh..I vry well know these middle class girls. They r expert in such things..characterless.
D: stop it Mami..Sona is not characterless..I believe her.
Sona looks at Dev n Mami stands shocked.
RR: wow Dev, for dis outsider, you’re shouting on me!! N jiji, y r u quiet??
V: wat will she say maa, she will support her son only na..y will she support us?
I: yes I will not support u..but not bcz of Dev. I know dat a girl can nvr tell such a big lie. I know Sona vry well, she’s not dat kind of girl.
RR: jiji..u r supporting dis bangalan..
D: maa is supporting the truth..
RR: arey, who the hell is she?? N Dev, how can u trust dis outsider against your brother??
D: (anger at d peak n gritting his teeth) she us not an outsider..
V: oh really, then who is she 2**dy..
D: jst shut up Vicky..don’t u dare speak a word against her..n u want 2 know who is she 2 listen..I LOVE HER!!
All stand shocked. Sona looks at Dev with teary eyes. NRN r now worried abt Sona’s reaction n moreover

Ishwari’s reaction. Sona leaves from there.
D: miss Bose..miss Bose stop
I: Dev, u go near Sona..
Dev goes 2 her. She was standing at d pool side. Dev comes 2 her.
D: miss Bose..I know it’s all so sudden n shocking 4 u but..
S: how many times will u do dis ha? How many times will u lie..jst 2 save me.. all dis is not a joke. If u continue all dis, then I’ll fall in love wid u..AGAIN. N then u’ll say dat, u jst lied to save me. N my heart will b broken..AGAIN..
She cries.
D: miss Bose, I did not lie. It mean it. I LOVE YOU.
Sona looks at him. He takes her hands in his hands.
D: Sonakshi..I love u..I really really love u. Dat day, I was not serious, but today, I mean it by heart. I nvr wanted 2 break your heart.
Sona hugs him n he too hugs her.

S:(while hugging) I’ve been waiting since long, jst 2 hear dis from u.
D:(he breaks d hug) now atleast tell dat which I want 2 hear..
Sona shies n looks down. Dev cups her face.
D: sonakshi…
Dev smiles brightly n kisses her forehead. All of a sudden, Sona starts hitting his arm.
D: arey, wat r u doing?? Wat happened!!
S: tumi ekta boka!!
D: again Bengali..plzz Hindi yaar!!
S: u r so stupid. Instead of playing those tricks 2 know my feelings, couldn’t u ask me directly??
D: ohh..sorry..wait wait do u know abt those tricks??
Sona bites her tongue n tries 2 change d topic.
S: wat..wat tricks??
She tries 2 leave but Dev holds her wrist n pulls her close 2 him.
D: tell me..
S: ok ok..wo actually..
Fb starts
Dev n Bunty were talking abt d first trick (when one gets hurt, d other feels d pain). Sona was standing behind a wall n she overheard their convo. Sona was so happy from inside but she thought of some mischief. N when Dev pretended 2 b hurt in d leg, Sona did not show much concern. N in d rest of d tricks too, Sona intentionally gave a negative response.
Fb ends

Dev n Sona were now sitting on d seats kept her d pool (I really don’t know wat it us called). They were looking at d stars.
D: I nvr knew u were so naughty..
S: love teaches all.
She smiles n Dev looks at her smiling n feels so happy n peaceful.
S: wat!! Y r u looking at me??
D: u look so cute while smiling..jst like a rabbit
S: rabbit!!
D: ya rabbit..
S: Mr dixit..plzz dont call me rabbit
D: so wat..bunny
S: no no chee
D: bunny..
S: aahh..plzz na
D: aww my bunny looks so cute in anger.
S: so u won’t listen..

Sona gets up 2 beat him but he runs n Sona chases him. Suddenly he stops n Sona collides wid him. She falls on him. They r list in each other’s eyes. Dev rolls her n comes on top of her. He again calls her bunny n runs away. After sometime, both of them come inside. As soon as they step in, NRN surround them n stare like anything.
D: wat??
Ni: yes or no??
D: ask her only..
R: Sona di..say na
S: (all red blushing) yes
The trio shout ‘yay’.. Jst then Ishwari comes.
I: Nikki, y r u all shouting??
Ni: mas, Sona di said yes. Now she’ll bcm Sona I’m so happy!!
I: I want 2 talk 2 Sonakshi. U all go 2 your rooms.
NRN leave.
I:(she looks at Dev n says) Alone..
Dev understands n leaves. Screen freezes on ishwari, Sona n Dev’s faces.

PRECAP: Ishwari n Sona’s talk. All come back from picnic.

So guys keep thinking abt wat Ishwari will say 2 Sona.
I want 2 thank Laxmi, Sumaiya Sumi, Erika, Fatima, Nishi (I liked your idea), nida, Dimple, AYUSHI, Bhoomi, Maria, simplesweety1, 4nshika, Angell, mishti, Aarohi, Naina, Benish n Muskan. I want u all 2 comment dis time too. N plzz raise d no. of comments above 20..plzz..byeeee

Credit to: Aarti


  1. Nishi

    Tāra ēta sundara ēbaṁ majāra…!!meaning it’s very beautiful and funny!!!?Keep writing!!

  2. Sumaiya Sumi

    Woooowwwwww finally dev proposed Sona. N bunny fight awesome. Hope ishwari won’t spoil their love

  3. Simplesweety1

    |Registered Member

    Loved It! And Thank U For The Comment U Made On My FF … But Actually I Got Only 5 Comments On My 11th Episode … I’m Upset .. Maybe I Updated It On The Wrong Time And The People Who Read My FF Don’t Know .. Please Tell Everybody To Comment Coz I Want 8 Comments To Continue For The Next Episode .. Sorry For The Trouble .. And Yes .. I’m Eagerly Waiting For Ur Update … Update Soon And Please Do What I Said U To .. Its A Request! 🙂 And Please If Possible … Comment On My FF Please! Sorry For The Trouble Again!
    Thank U

  4. Angell

    |Registered Member

    Very good Aarti!!!!! Dev finally said the 3 magical words!!!!!!!!! I just love Devakshi a.k.a Shaheer and Erica’s chemistry

  5. 4nshika

    |Registered Member

    hey ! now i rarely wait for the episode update of ur ff but mostly for your critic opinion on my ff! mam ! thankq ! and hope many ,many readers and comments flourish on your ff!

  6. SAGAA

    Tanq Aarti for reading my FF…and yh i’m also one of the reader of ur FF too….ur writting skill is soo nice… it soo realistic…..eagerly waiting for nxt one…..keep continue….

  7. Shreyansh maheshwari

    Nice episode…. It was great…..hope that the upcoming episodes have no negatives

  8. Naina

    Aarti i told u that vicky will do smthng like that and dev reaction was also expected like this only……see i m soo intelligent…hahahahahaha…..ok ok coming to the point epi was really nice the bunny convo was soooo cute

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