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Hey guys, I’m back. Sorry 4 d delay but my frnd was not well n I had gone 2 meet her. Sorry again. I cud not comment on d ffs, so here I go..

Prince and shaheerica – finally u posted after such a long gap. Luvd it..
Ishq f(o)re(ver) DevSona – vry vry interesting..I hope Sona accepts being Dev’s hired fiancée.
Pyaar ki Angell – luvd d naughty side of Sona.
Poisoned love..again by DevSona – I guess Sona’s new boss will b Dev. Were devakshi in love??
A step 4nshika – you’re gr8, jhakass, superb, fab..I more than love u 4 using my name..Dev smiles only while talking 2 made my day..mmmuuuuaaahhhh..luv u.
Color of Anshi – superb, luvd Devakshi’s cute n romantic moments.
The land of naren – amazing..enjoyed devakshi part a lot.
The magic of love – angel_pari, it was amazing..n did soha die??
Rang pyar ka (again) by asmita- both epi 14 & 15 were awesome..mission Hitler..hehe n plzz kick out dis yash asap..plzz i beg u..
My love story (Devakshi) by Maria – both d episodes were fab n I’m happy dat finally their love story can b completed, only if there r no upcoming twists.
Kya maa simplesweety1 – luvd Devakshi’s cute romance at his me..alone. Waiting 4 sona’s bday.
My love a fan dimple – love d episodes..hehe jealousy track ahead.
Kuch rang pyar ke ek duje ke Fatarajo – u don’t know how much I wait 4 it ff, its always so long n amazing. But plzz dont put any more twists in Devakshi’s union. Happy dat u extended it for 5 episodes.
Love can be measured? naren – amazinggg.
Dangerous love story..again by naren – Apu is always a suspense wala character..luv Devakshi’s moments.
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang) Nishi – radha Rani..not again plzz n was d memory loss n all dat jazz a dream..if yes, thank god. Actually thank dis Tara, if I guess she’s gonna b irritating idiot!!
Guys believe me, I read all ffs n plzz dont feel bad if I forgot your ff, I typed bt it got deleted n I can’t type again even if I wish to..
So let’s start d episode
RECAP: a family picnic planned on Dev’s Papa’s bday n Sona also invited.

Episode 11
Dixit house
Ishwari is wearing a cream color simple saree n is ordering d servant 2 keep all d food stuff n badminton kit, cricket bat n ball n a frisbee in d bus. (Remember..picnic) Nikki comes down shouting.
Ni: Neha Di, Ria Di, bhaiya..plzz come down fast.
I: ohho Nikki, don’t shout, they’ll come down na. You’re not gonna miss any train, so relax.
Neha n Ria come down. (Hey, I forgot 2 tell ant their outfits..Nikki is wearing a knee length denim jeans n a black top wid grey jacket. Ria is wearing an ankle length light blue denim jeans n a sleeveless tank top. Neha is wearing a black jeans n a pink balloon top.)
R: Nikki, u shout too much.
Ni: oh hello, if u take 2 hrs to get ready, even maa will shout. N even after taking 2 hrs, u cud not beat my style.huh.. Nikki is d best. R8 maa??
I: haan baba, r8.
Nha n Ria: maa!!
I: ok baba u all r best, bass!!
Jst then Radha Rani n Vicky enter. NRN make a boring face seeing them.
RR: v r also ready jiji.
I: but bhabhi, where is bhaiya?? Is he not coming wid us?
RR: no no jiji, actually he has some imp work 2 b done today only. So he won’t b joining us.
I: ok no problem.. atleast u r there wid us.
Ni: maa, evry1 has come, but where is bhaiya??
Jst then Dev climbs down d stairs wearing a denim jeans wid black T-shirt , brown jacket.
D: here is your bhaiya. N u shout too much!!
NRN r shocked 2 c Dev dressed so casually.
Ni: bhaiya, is dis really u?
D: shud I pinch u Nikki?
Ni: no no no no no..
R: bhaiya, u in such casuals!!
D: so shud I wear formals 4 a picnic?!
R: no no bhaiya..
Ni: tell me, jst tell me where hv u kept our bhaiya hidden.. u r bhaiya’s lookalike na??
I: shut up Nikki..stop irritating him.
Ne: ok so now all hv come r8?
D: no no Miss Bose has not come yet!!
NRN control their giggle.
D: I mean..umm.. its already 6. Nikki u call her na
Nikki calls Sona n Sona answers d call.
Ni: hello, Sona di, where r u??
S: Nikki, I’m jst coming in 15 mins. I’m leaving r8 now..
Ni: ok Sona di, come fast.
Bose house
Sona comes out n goes 2wards her scooty but..
S: Elena, yesterday I told u na plzz get d puncture repaired. Now how will I go?
E: (she’s too sleepy) plzz Sona, don’t start early morning!!
S: oh my god, now wat do I do??
Sona calls Nikki.
Ni: hello Sona di, wat happened? Where r u?
S: Nikki, I won’t b able 2 make scooty’s tyre is punctured.
Ni: plzz Sona di, do sth but don’t miss d picnic.
S: wat can I do Nikki?
Ni: umm..idea. bhaiya will come n pick u. U b ready bhaiya is coming within 5 mins. Ok bye
S: hello..Nikki..hel..
Nikki cuts d call without even listening 2 Sona.(she’s so smart u know. She knew dat Sona wud not agree)
Ni: bhaiya, go fast n pick Sona di from her house.
D: but y??
Ni: arey bhaiya, her scooty’s tyre got punctured..u go na go go go go go..
D: ok ok I’m going..
RR: (irked) wow jiji. Now a boss has 2 go 2 pick his servant. Dis bangalan has too much tantrums.
I: bhabhi, it’s ok na n she has no tantrums..
RR makes faces.(she herself us sooo ugly dat she doesn’t hv 2 make faces.huh)

Bose house
Dev reaches there n sees Sona sitting on her scooty. Her back is facing him. He calls her. She turns. Hawwww..Dev is jst flat seeing her new look. She was wearing a light blue ankle length denim jeans n a baby pink full sleeves high neck top n black n white shoes. Her hair, left open talking wid d air (u know hava se batein krna). She was looking damn cool n smart n beautiful n enchanting. Dev was totally lost in her beauty. Sona comes n snaps her fingers in front of Dev.
S: Mr Dixit..
D:(he comes back 2 his senses) ha..ya Miss Bose??
S: where r u lost??
D:(he thinks) in u, your beauty..
(he says) no..nowhere.. come let’s go.
S: I’m sorry Mr Dixit, actually my scooty’s tyre got punctured n bcz of dat u had 2..
D: it’s ok Miss Bose, no problem.
S: Ty Mr Dixit.
D: you’re welcome..n hurry up or else Nikki will kill me.
Sona smiles n sits in d car n Dev drives off 2 Dixit house. On their way, Dev was trying 2 change d gear n while doing dat, his hand touched Sona’s hand. They both look at each other n share an eyelock. Dev breaks d eyelock n looks forward. A smile comes in his face. Sona looks outside through d window n enjoys d wind flowing. They reach Dixit house. They get down d car n Nikki drags them towards d bus n all of them sit in d bus n head off 2 the Chhattarpur farmhouse of d Dixits. Vicky eyes Sona wid lustful eyes while Dev stares Sona so lovingly.(guys, I forgot 2 tell dat Bunty is also coming wid them.)
Ni: Neha Di, don’t u think it’s getting boring. Picnics mean singing, dancing, playing n enjoying ourselves to d fullest.
Ne: yeah Nikki, you’re r8.
R: wait I’ll play d radio.(ya private buses can hv radios.)
Ria switches on d radio n A B C D song from Hum Saath Saath Hain plays(guys it’s my favorite movie so plzz bear old song)
Music plays.. He..He

JKLM – Vicky
YZ – Dev sits near ishwari
I love u – he hugs her
Hey..- all shout
ABCDEFGHI..JKLM.. NOPQRSTUVWX..YZ – All sing together.
I love – Ishwari hugs all her children.
Whistle tune plays n Vicky roams around Sona n whistles.
La la la la plays n Nikki takes Sona away from Vicky.
Chhuttiyon ke ye din h suhane, saathi tera yu Saath rahe.
Bacchon k sang bacche phir ban jayein, mauj mein jhoomein zara masti karein.
Banke badal, banke panchhi, udte rahein..- Dev sings dis for Bunty.
JKLM – Ria
YZ – Sona
I love you – Neha, Ria, Nikki n Sona hug. Dev eyes Sona lovingly n sings dis line vry slowly. Awwwww so cute. (Bas Bas, enough of song.)

They reach d farmhouse. Nikki literally jumps out of excitement. She n Ria, drag Sona n Neha 4 selfies. They click selfies while both Dev n Vicky stare Sona (u know y). Sona noticed dis n she takes NRN 2 some other spot 4 their selfie session. Ishwari n Mami roam around d garden. Evry1 is having cold drinks n snacks. Nikki, as usual, speaks up.
Ni: hey, come-on, let’s play something.
B: no, how will u girls play cricket.
R: wat do u mean Bunty bhaiya.!?
D: he’s r8. How will u girls play cricket?? It’s a boys’ game.
S: how can u say dat Mr Dixit!! R u challenging girls.?
V: sth like dat..sushmita..
S: Sonakshi..n 4 u, Dr Bose.
B: ok boys Vs girls..wat say??
All: done..
There r 2 teams, of course. In d boys’ team, there r Bunty, Dev n Vicky. In d girls’ team, there r Neha, Ria n Sona. Nikki is d umpire. Bunty n Neha r captains. The match starts.
First over by Bunty.
On strike – Ria. Off strike – Neha
0 4 2 1 0 6
2nd over by Vicky.
On strike – Ria. Off strike – Neha
6 W (Ria out n Sona in on strike) 4 4 1 4
3rd over by Dev.
In strike – Sona. Off strike – Neha
6 4 4 6 6 6 (u know na Dev was lost in Sona, so how will he bowl well)
The boys had 2 chase a target of 65 runs.
IInd innings
1st over by Neha
On strike – Vicky. Off strike – Bunty
4 W (Vicky out n Dev in on strike) 6 4 1 6
2nd over by Sona
On strike – Dev. Off strike – Bunty (guys Dev was hell nervous as Sona was d bowler)
0 0 (Bunty shouts on Dev dat was is he doing) 1 6 1 W
The girls jump in happiness especially Sona. Dev didn’t even realise dat he was out (he was busy adoring Sona). D sun was going 2 set n all were sitting near d pool. Mami was standing at d pool side n Vicky was clicking her picture.
Ni: Mami, don’t go near d pool, if u’ll fall then?
All hv a good laugh n Radha Rani makes faces.
I: Nikki..
Ni: sorry sorry
I: ok now, it’s getting dark. Let’s go inside n u all take some rest.
All go inside. Sona comes back 2 take her phone which she had forgot at d pool side. She takes her phone n was abt 2 go in when..
Guys I’m ending dis episode on d suspense n no precap today. So keep thinking.

I wud like..sorry luv 2 thank all those who commented on d previous episode.. Ty 4nshika, ibtesam, Simplesweety1, Sumaiya Sumi, AYUSHI, Dimple (I’m glad dat u commented 4 d first time n dat too on my ff), Laxmi.

Credit to: Aarti

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