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Hey guys, Aaru here. I’m vry happy today, coz dis is my 10th episode..I know dat 10 episodes is not dat big deal but 4 me it is..So I wanna thank all of u.. n those who commented on my previous episodes, thank u so much..But I cud not reply on your comments so now I’d do it
Simplesweety1- thanx 4 commenting n I hv read d ninth episode of your ff..
AYUSHI- Thanx 4 commenting dear n u too r jst WOW n WOW. :*
Arohi- thanq dear..n I’ll try to post d next episode asap..n my ff readers r best too..
Benish- thank u Ben n ya poor dev :'(
Zarmin Shah- thanx for commenting n c I’ve ended your wait..
Sumaiya Sumi-thanx sumaiya n glad dat u found it cute..
Laxmi- Ty Laxmi n ya it was funny indeed.
Shiamak- hey Sona is not a servant, she’s Ishwari’s nutrition..
Asmita- Ty asmita..ya if u imagine d situations, u find it even more interesting.
Shalini Naicker- thanx shalu..n plan D will b unexpected, I swear..
Maria- thanx n welcome as well..keep commenting.
Tani- thanx tani n glad u liked d palat palat trick..
Dimple- Ty Dimple n y wud I not like your story, it’s so awesome..
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Nishi- Ty nishu dear..
Guys, it’s a request plzz assume dat I’ve commented on your ff n add 1 comment to your ff’s comments..coz I’ll surely comment in my ff’s episode. Here r my comments..
Let’s love- it’s superb, I luv devakshi n purbul..abhigya married..nice ammu..
PYAAR KA RANG AUR NAAM- Amazing..arshi fights r really cute..hey y does khushi not call him lad
My love a fan fiction- I read episode 6,7,8 n 9. All were awesome..n dimple, I luvd Nikki when she called Sona, bhabhi..Dev again shouts at Sona, koi usko anti-depression pills dedo yaar..kitna gussa krta h pyaari si Sona pe. Par ab manana bhi to use hi padega..
Pyaar ki kahaani- awesome work..but I’m sad dat u can’t post anymore dis week..
The land of snow- wow, another new ff buy naren..hope u don’t mind me calling u naren.. d first epi was bang on..D tea concept is really different. U always come up wid something different, I must say..
Love can be measured??- a new ff, again by naren..nice one..
A step ahead (KRPKAB)- Episode 8 n 9 both were superb, but I’m not able to pronounce your name. I don’t understand it, wats 4nshika??
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi ff- hey prit, it was a really good start..
Rang pyar ka again (devna)- vry well written asmita. I think it’s Sona’s plan n all dis memory loss is a drama.. but if not, plzz eliminate dis yash..
The promise I gave u- finally u posted after soo long was too good..
The magic of love- new ff by angel_pari..nice start n want devakshi scenes soon.
KRPKAB (devakshi forever)- luvd your epi n hate dat vicky. He’s so cheap..I wish Sona tells everything to Dev n Dev kicks him out.. but well done angel.
Color of love- well done anshi, devakshi
Kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi (ek aur rang)- Nishi, u’re jst awesome..your younger than us but u write far better than us..
So guys now let’s move towards d episode, but after d recap.
RECAP: Bunty n d sister trio suggest Dev to change himself to impress Sona. Sona says dat one shud not change himself 4 some1 who wants him to change, even if u love dat person. Ria suggests d palat palat trick to Dev, but Dev is disappointed dis time also.

Episode 10
Day 4
In d evening, Dev returns from office n finds Neha, Ria n Nikki in his room, waiting 4 him.
Ni: bhaiya, v were waiting 4 u only..
D: y??
R: bhaiya, plzz dont worry, your face is looking do dull. Plzz bhaiya, don’t loose hope..
D: but Ria, not even once did I get a positive hint. I think Miss Bose doesn’t love me.
Ne: bhai, u all boys r idiots. U don’t give d girl any time 2 think. U met her jst 1 month ago. Let her know u, first let her think of u as a frnd. Give her some time n space n u hv patience..
D: I think you’re r8 Neha. I shud give her some time 2 know me, 2 like me n then 2 think abt me n her 2gthr.
R: ya. Bhaiya, u remember wats day after tomorrow??
D: how can I forget, it’s Papa’s birthday.
Ni: wow, Papa’s bday, v shud do something really spcl r8!!
Ne: Papa always wanted our happiness. Evry year on dis day, maa makes sure dat v don’t feel sad even 4 a second.
R: ya, maa says dat Papa’s soul feels immense peace seeing us happy n v shud enjoy his bday to d fullest.
D: okay girls, now u go n sleep. It’s too late. Wat 2 do, we’ll decide tomorrow morning. Goodnight.
Neha, Ria n Nikki (NRN) wish goodnight to Dev n go to their rooms. Dev too sleeps remembering Sona.
Next day
On d dining table
I: Dev, 2mrrw is your Papa’s bday. I want u 2 all 2 come wid me 2 Angels orphanage 2 donate clothes, books, gifts n cake to all d children there.
D: yes maa, we all will go.
NRN also nod in a yes.
D: maa, I’ll send d gifts to b given to those children, by evening.
Dev bids goodbye to all n leaves 4 office. In d evening, NRN r sitting on d dining table n Sona is preparing Ishwari’s diet chart.
Ni: Sona di, u know 2mrrw is Papa’s bday.
S: wow, so r u gonna do something spcl??
R: ya but wat?? U plzz suggest something.
Ne: ya, wat do u go 2 make your Papa feel spcl?? Tell us na Dr Bose..
S: I do those things which make my baba happy..
R: maa says dat Papa feels happy when he sees us wat shud v do??
All get thinking. Suddenly, Sona shouts.
S: idea..
NRN: wat??(excitedly)
S: PICNIC..a family picnic..
Ni: picnic??(confused)
R: picnic!!(wow types)
Ne: picnic..(done)
Dev reaches there.
D: wat picnic??
Ni: bhaiya, Sona di was saying dat v shud go on a picnic on Papa’s bday.
R: so nice idea na, bhaiya. We’ll enjoy Papa’s bday in a different manner.
D: but v hv to go to d orphanage too. When will v go there??
S: Mr Dixit, you’re not spend your entire day in d picnic. In d evening, u’ll b back n then u go 2 d orphanage..
D: ya, but..
Ni: no but wut bhaiya. I’ll tell dis idea 2 maa.
Jst then ishwari, Mami ji n Mami come down.
I: wat will u tell me Nikki??
Ni: maa, v hv planned sth 4 Papa’s bday.
R: yes maa, we hv decided 2 go for a picnic 2mrrw. We’ll enjoy a lot maa.
Ne: yes maa. N seeing us happy, Papa will b double happy..
I:(she gets teary eyed) yes beta, your Papa will b vry happy. It’s a vry good idea.
Ni: maa, it had 2 b good. After all it was Nikki’s best frnd Sona Di’s idea.
I: thanq nutrition.
Sona smiles. Garib ki beti, as always, get irked (she’s such a pathetic lady).
R: but maa, c na bhaiya is so boring. He’s only doing but wut.
I: no but Dev. U hv 2 come, no more discussion.
D: but maa..
I: no no..u hv 2 come.
D: ok maa..
Ni: yay..maa you’re d best..luv u.
I: n nutrition, u r also coming.
S: but aunty ji, how can I come??
I: y can’t u come?? Arey, if u’ll not come then who’ll take care of me??
S: but aunty ji.. it’s your family picnic, how can I..??
RR: she’s right 4 d first time, jiji. How can she come in our family picnic..huh!!
I: no bhabhi, she’s also family. 4 me, she’s also like Neha, Ria n Nikki. Enough of discussion nutrition, u hv 2 come n dats final.
RR: but jiji.
Mamaji:(he whispers in Mami ji’s ears) shut up radha Rani or else I’ll cancel your picnic..
Radha Mami keeps quiet n Sona too agrees 2 accompany them. It was decided dat they wud leave next morning @ 7 for d picnic at Dixits’ farmhouse.
S: okay aunty ji, I’ll take a leave now.
I: arey beta wait, Dev will drop u..
S: no aunty, it’s okay.
I: Sona..
S: okay aunty ji.
Dev drops Sona home. Sona wishes him a goodbye n he asks her 2 b ready by 6:30. He says he’ll come n pick her, but she says, she’ll come by her scooty. Dev says ok. Sona goes inside n Dev leaves 4 his house.
Bose house
Sona rings d doorbell n Elena opens d door. Sona comes in.
E: y r u so late Sona??
S: actually 2mrrw is Mr Dixit’s Papa’s bday, so I, Neha, Ria n Nikki were planning of doing sth spcl. We planned a family picnic n..
Jst then Bijoy, Asha n Saurabh come.
Asha: arey, shona u came?? But y r u soo late?
S: I’m sorry maa. But y r u n baba awake till now. U shud hv slept na.
Sa: Sona, I told them so many times dat Sona will come, u both sleep. But they didn’t listen 2 me.
B: shut up u football..(all giggle n Saurabh makes a pouty face) Sona did not come home n u were telling us 2 sleep..
Sa: baba, plzz u scold me 2mrrw as much as u want but not now plzz. U go n sleep.
E: arey Sona, u were telling abt some picnic.. wat was dat?
S: actually d entire Dixit family is going on a picnic 2mrrw n aunty ji asked me, literally ordered me, to come wid them. So I hv 2 go.
A: I must say, d Dixits r really nice ppl. So at wat time do u hv 2 leave?
S: maa, they told me 2 b ready by 6:30.
B: ok ok shona, u hv 2 get up early so u go n sleep now. Gn beta.
S: gn maa. Gn baba. Gn Motu (she pulls saurabh’s cheeks)
Elena n Sona go 2 their room. As soon as they enter d room, Elena locks d door.
E: wow Sona, now you’re included in their family picnic also. Soon u’ll b a part of their family. U might b having butterflies in your stomach na??
S: shut up Elena. I hv 2 get up early in d morning, so plzz dont disturb me n let me sleep. Good night.
E: arey, Sona..hmm. (she thinks) she didn’t say yes.. but she didn’t say no too.. it means, something something..whenever I used 2 tease her, she used 2 get angry n say dat there’s nothing like dat. But from some days, she does not say no, but kinda blushes n tries 2 change d topic. Hmmm..there’s sth more to it.
Elena na too sleeps.

PRECAP: D picnic n a surprise..

I hope it was enough long guys..plzz comment.

Credit to: Aarti

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    i was to comment last time also when you mentioned my episode…..
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  3. 4nshika

    hello…!! I was laughing aloud when i saw my mention in the list.. ! well thankq 🙂
    i was to comment last time also when you mentioned my episode…..
    so basically 4nshika is nothing but a tricky way to write Anshika… 🙂 But i find it cool !!!
    THANKQ **** Hope it helped

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