KRPKAB (devaakshi) and EKDV (shraman) Part 1


This is a combo of ekdv and krpkab!hope you like it!pls comment!
The episode starts with suman and sona walking from two different directions and bumping into eachother.sona is carrying books while suman is carrying vegetables.flour from suman’s bag drops and falls on sona and suman both.
Sona:hello madam agar chal na nehe Aatha Toa chup rehen;
Sona is shocked.
Sona:sumo?suman tiwari?batch of 1992 excel college?
Suman:oh my god sona?sonakshi Bose?chasmish?
Sona and suman both hug in happiness.they both sit at a near by cafè and chit chat.
Sona asks suman about her life
Sona:Toa,shravan ke saath Kua chalrahai
Suman:tume abhi bhi shravan yaad hai?
Sona:ofcourse yaar.suman and times par you two were the most popular couple.and wo push..Pushkin??nehe. Nehe.push;
Sona:ha ya.
Suman:waise ,college par tum bohot chup Thi,ab kisiko date vate…
Sona:hahha yes,I’m engaged!
Suman:what?to whom?
Sona:his name is dev dixit.pehele I was a Nutritionist to his mo;
Suman:wait wait mr dev dixit?
Suman:wo business tycoon?
Suman:wo shravan ki saath deal kareahahai!
Sona:shuddi?tumi jaano?
Suman:sona,I’m not Bengali…
Sona:sorry sorry,ya so how do you know?
Suman:wait wait I will tell you everything.

At dev’s office
Shravan: good morning mr dixit.
Dev:good morning.
Shravan:mr dixit,I don’t understand,why have you called me here,we both are from completely different can I help you.
Dev:Maine business ka kaam main nehe bulaya.rishte main kaam main bulaya.

Dev:shravan,dekho college Se bohot ache dost the,aur abhi bhi go dosti zinda hai..Toa why not we take this dosti one step higher?

Shravan:I didn’t get you sir.
Dev:why don’t you call me Jiju?
Shravan:sir?how?tumari Parivaar Se kaun
that main shaadi karsakthahu?
Dev:dekh Nikki is alr 23 and I need to find a boy for I thought you could…
Shravan:pls sir,I alr have commitments,Girlfriend ,a happy life with Suman and I don’t want to disturb it thanks.
Shravan leaves and dev is upset.he only wanted to do business with shravan and not any relationship.but why would shravan understand If shravan wanted to be the lawyer of sonakshi’ case?

Credit to: Amrita

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  1. nice episode….

  2. Nice start. . Both r my favourite serials… bt wat case… continue soon. ..

  3. Acha nehe tha Kya?

  4. Ncy starting

  5. Confusing…

  6. Nice least v don’t hv to wait 4 d couples to fall in love n then confess.

  7. It looks interesting…?

  8. Nice episode but I didn’t understand that why does dev want a lawyer and if he doesn’t want Shravani to marry Nikki then why he said that he wants to take their relationship to a higher level?

    1. Because shravan is only like a business partner for he just mean to become close friends..sorry I messed up that part a bit.he didn’t want him to marry Nikki.and about sona’s case..sorry I can’t reveal that now..

      1. Sorry I meant shravan is only a business partner for dev

  9. Wow another devakshi n shraman ff can’t wait

  10. Shruthi Ravichandran

    Nice ff.but i can understand little bit hindi only so can u pls make it in english amirta

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