Hello people?! After a long time I am back. So without much talks let’s start,
So, today it’s Sunday. The weekend. So, early in the morning about at 4 o’clock Sonakshi woke up, took bath and got ready. When she came downstairs it was only 5and only Ishwari was the only one who was awake and was doing her pooja. Sonakshi also prayed the God, told Ishwari and went to her patients without having her breakfast.
Maybe u all are thinking that early in the morning, checking the patients! Really crazy ?. But the way was too long so she had to go early and now Ishwari would HERSELF WILLINGLY follow the chart so she didn’t have to worry at all.
Today she is very very veryyyy excited. She was going near Mumbai. She enjoyed the cool breeze of early winter and finally she reached the destination. Her first patient was a small boy. He was the cute little member of a small and sweet family. The family treated Sona as the member of the family so she never felt like a doctor there. She played with the boy for some time. His name was Aarav and lovingly she she called him Aaru. It was girly so Aarav didn’t like it but he loved it when she called him with that name. So, nobody else called him with that name. There she ate aalo ka paratha, a big glass of lass and lots of other stuff.
Yes she is a very strict nutritionist but she was like the daughter of the house and she called Aarav’s parents maa and baba and she loved them and the food of her mother’s hand very much. She enjoyed a lot there. No one wanted her to go and insisted her to stay there but she had her patient so she promised that next weekend she would surely stay there. But now she had to go.

Next was her another patient. She lived near Aarav’s house. She was an old lady with no one but Sonakshi. They were like best friend from childhood, like sweetest mother and daughter’s, like the crazy teenagers, like a strict nutritionist and a very stubborn childish old patient and like everything that described their amazing, sweet, and cute bond. There also was a very homely environment. She examined the old lady. Her name was Mary. And Sona sometimes would tease her calling MOTHER MARY. Yeah, its not so funny thing to tease but looking at their bond it could be easily said that it annoyed Mary. The bubbly ladies went for shopping in the noon as Mary had to buy some stuffs for her household and they had lots of fun an and easy snack nearby the beach. In the evening they both returned back.
Then Sonakshi unwillingly took leave from there and went to Aarav place for dinner as her mother had insisted her to do so. There she helped Aarav to complete his project had a lovely family dinner and then, finally, she returned to the ISHWARI MANSION.
There Ishwari was waiting for her and Dev was doing his office works in the garden.
Aunt, hasn’t Dev come home? But, today is Sunday. Did he go to office today also. OMG so workaholic. Exclaimed Sona
Ishwari made face and signaled that Dev was in the garden.
And Dev just had arrived there….
She is not waiting for me. And today is weekend. And on weekends I never work infact spend time with her. Told Dev
Then who is she waiting for? Has anyone gone out? Asked Sona
Yes. Exclaimed dev

Then who is the person? Sona raised the question
So…. Oh sorry…. Mis…….. Again I am sorry Dr! Is this the time to come home. It’s 10:30. Said Dev furiously
Dev, why are u being so furious. Oh God. And….. Oh……… I know that I broke the rule u had set for me. But I told u that I will have to check my patients on the weekends and today is weekend. And yes I already informed aunty as well. I asked u right aunty.
No Dr. I am not furious at U because u came late.
Yes, Sona he is not angry he is just annoyed. Not. Not because of u, but…… But me. Finally Ishwari spoke
Dev….., this is quiet….. No not quiet, I mean very amusing but may I ask u the reason for ur annoyance ?asked Sona with surprise
Sonakshi. Said dev
Yes, Dev I am clearly listening to u. Please tell me the reason.
Sonakshi. Dev again said
Yes? Why are u just blabbering out my name? Exclaimed Sonakshi.
Sonakshi, I am not just blabbering out ur name.
Then what?
U asked me the reason for so I just…
Yeah, I asked u the reason and u just told my name not the……. Sona paused for a while and……..wait, just wait. U mean….. I am the reason for ur annoyance. But why? Sonakshi asked out loudly…… Why? I mean I was not here. Than how can I be the reason. Seriously Dev babu have u gone crazy. I mean even my ghost was not around this house.
Dev was like what?! But he ignored her last sentence and…..
Sona u r not the reason. It’s just that I was not sleeping on time and waiting for u as u were late. And I was not listening to Dev as well so he just, u know what I mean.
Oh I totally understand aunty, what u mean. It was really very sweet of u to wait for me. [Ishwari was glad and looked and Dev and she was like SEE I WAS Right. Yeah???] but,…….
Both of them looked at her and asked at the same time

Sona was confused and gave the same look but the tow son and mom didn’t move so she spoke…
But I agree with u Dev. I totally agree.
Then the look which was at Ishwari’s face before sometime switched to Dev.
Aunty please do ur work on time and sleep as well. From now on don’t be careless with ur health okay. And Dev u shouldn’t be angry and try to make her understand okay.
They both were quiet and said OK.
Well, I am very tired so I will go to sleep. Aren’t u 2 going? She asked
Yeah we are going. They both said
All of them went to their respective rooms and slept peacefully except Dev………

Okay guys this is for today. Maybe it was short but next time it won’t be.
Guys I have to tell u all something.
Till now I didn’t introduce u all to Sonakshi family. And other lot more people, like Dev’s mama and Mami. Vicky and a lot are to be introduced. We’ll, they will be introduced. Surely they will be. But very slowly as there is lot more and I will not be ending it so soon. So for the new introductions u all will have to wait.
Good by and have a nice day?

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  1. Superb sharica……?????❤????…….I loved every bit of it…….sona treating her patients……..her bond with ishwari…..everything……..??????????????……..awesome one????❤?

    1. Sharica

      So sweet of u thanks a lot?

  2. Rockzzzzzz

    I loved it but a longer one next time plz

    1. Sharica

      Thanks and I will surely try to make other longer?

  3. Manya

    But a lil longer next time?
    Post soon?
    Love love❤️

    1. Sharica

      Thanks Aayushi dear. And I will surely make it longer next time?

  4. Hey!
    Well, long time no see, huh?
    Leaving that aside, the episode was really fabulous!
    I loved our lovely Sonakshi’s lovable bond with Ishwari! It was of great pleasure to see them happily together after such a long time!
    Do post soon and yes, a longer one please!
    Loads of love!?????

    1. Sharica

      Thanks Anshita for your love and yes I know that I told I will post soon. But, I recently shifted my house and the Internet was not connected and there were lots of works to do. So sorry dear. And yes maybe a little few days I won’t be able to post. Sorry in advance for that. And yes I will make it long one next time?

  5. Aarti98

    Superb dear..but make it long next time..plzz

    1. Sharica

      I will surely make it long and thank u?

  6. Awsmmmmmmm dear! ??????………
    I like the way of sona treating her patients and their treating it was Awsmmmmmmm cuteeeeee bond.????❤?…….
    I also like ish & sona’s bond.
    It was too amazigggggg.

    Plz post not epi soooooooooon?????..

  7. Awesome

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