Hello people. I am back. Thanks to all of u for praising my ff in spite of so much of grammatical and typing errors. I was too careless. But from now on I will make sure that this doesn’t happen.

In the morning in the breakfast table everyone are waiting for Dev and Sonakshi. And finally they come. Before sitting on the chair….
So everyone I’d like to introduce Ms. Sonakshi Bose to all of u, said Dev
But bhai u already introduced her to us and we have a good memory so we remember that she is ur college friend and will be staying here with us for few months, said Nikki in a mischievous tone.
Yes Nikki I know that u have a very good memory and u said absolutely correct what I told u yesterday about her. So…… I was [Nikki again interrupted]
Than are u again introducing her to us as ur girlfriend bhai. [in a naughty tone]
Nikki……. Could you please let me speak [In an annoyed way]
Why not Mr.Dixit. Please proceed. I grant you your wish.
Everyone laugh except Dev.

So she is Ms.Sonakshi Bose.
We know it! Everyone exclaimed.
Oh, okay then she is Dr. Sonakshi Bose and she is Maa’s P.N.
Bhai I knew about P. A. BUT WHAT IS P. N., NIKKI again getting mischievous.
My dear small sister, I request you…. Don’t pressurize your tiny little brain and P.N. Means personal nutritionist. Do you get it now? Said dev
Yes bhai, telling this she made a puppy face.
Dev, I told u I am fine so I don’t need any P.N.,said Ishwari in a childish manner.
Yes maa and I also told u that I won’t be thinking any harm for u so please obey her okay. And yes she will be staying here with us from now on.
Ishwari eats the food as Dev was present but during the lunch time she was acting stubborn like a small child and denying to eat the food, Sonakshi bought for her. Sonakshi was also tired trying to convince Ishwari so……..
Aunty Ji why are you not eating this food. This not a rat poison that u are being so much horrified to eat it.
Yes I know that. And I am also not a rat . exclaims Ishwari
Ha-ha, Aunty u r very funny. But please eat this food. Said Sona.
No I don’t want to. Exclaimed Ishwari.
But why? Sonakshi asked.

Because I don’t like it. I mean do you call this food. But as you speak I think u love them but anyways don’t call it. And please don’t compel me to do so. I mean I don’t just like to eat this boil veggies and these fruits and soup are not gonna fill my tummy. Ishwari blasted like a missile
Aunty calm down…… Calm down Aunty… OK… OK… Just chill., sona tried to console her
Ishwari was quiet no. Sona asked her to sit on the sofa and she tried to explain her……
Aunty please listen to me with a calm mind. Please, OK…
Aunty I understand that u are new to eat this type of food and I totally understand that it is not tasty in comparison to the spicy and oily food as well. But, it is healthy and now u r not that sick but afterwards it will be really very difficult for u . if u r not trying to understand me it’s, it’s totally okay.I can understand but, there is a saying of old people no, don’t disrespect food. But, that doesn’t matter.
Actually Aunty I was going to tell u that from now If u eat these not tasty and healthy veggies I will give you to eat the food of your choice every week on Mondays. But. if u don’t want to do so. Than when u will be completely hohospitalized than u shall meet me and that time u won’t be able to eat anything else except what I tell you to have. Ok

Are u threatening me? Ishwari again raised a question
Well……… You can think so. Sonakshi smiles and went to the kitchen
Aunt… Sonakshi called Ishwari…… Are u gonna eat the lunch here or shall I bring it to your room? Sona inquired
Do you think I will agree what you said just now? Ishwari raised the question trying to act smart
Well, I guess u don’t have any other choice, said Sonakshi with a cute smirk on her face
Ishwari then eats the food obediently. And In the evening…
Aunty take this. Sonakshi told by giving a glass of juice.
What is this Sonakshi ? Asked Ishwari
This is the juice of bitter gourd Aunty. Please drink it. It’s good for ur health.
What! It will be very bitter I am not gonna drink it. Just take it away.
But Aunty..
I said no so just take it away.
OK if u drink than I will also drink with u. We will have a competition. Will u agree now. Aunty please don’t be stubborn. Please. Just drink it for Dev please Aunty.
This is clearly an emotional blackmailing, Ishwari exclaimed
U r not listeningme so…. Shall I Call Dev, sona made a puppy face
Are u sure u will drink it with meme? Ishwari inquired
I will just bring the juice, sona gets excited
Ishwari and Sonakshi drink the juice and Ishwari is shocked.
Sonakshi, u told me that it is the juice of bitter gourd but this is juice of a raw mango, Ishwari asked
Yes aunt and I also told u that if u obey and eat the food I give u than I will give to eat u what u like. And I got to know from Ria that u love this juice. And yes I know that I told u I will give it only on Mondays but today was ur first day so it is a gift. Don’t take it for grantedand and have ur dinner now. She said like a strike doctor
Sonakshi u r very sweet, Ishwari smiled
I don’t want my patients to compare me with Hitler so….
Both of the laughed
Dev watched all this and got happy to see his mother happy. All of them had their dinner together and went to bed.

From next day Ishwari obidiently started to eat the food that sona had advised and her health was impimproving. Now was not so fond of spicy foods and didn’t ask for it. But sometimes she used to eat them for the sake of tongue. Dev was quiet impressed will all these incidents. Now Ishwari and Sonakshi shared a lovely bond of friendship and now they were not only friends but they were best friends. Dev was very happy with all this and one day…..
Sonakshi, thanks a lot. Because of u now mother is very happy and healthy. I am really very grateful to you. Said Dev with lots of gratitude
No Dev don’t thank me.Thank aunt as she obeyed me.
Okay just don’t say anytanything. Ifstarted thanking each other than only the time will be wasted which I won’t be able to afford . Sona interrupted dev
Dev smiled at her words and……..

By the way doctor do u remember that u asked me for friendship the day u arrived here. Asked Dev.
Yes. I clearly remember that u denied it so cleverly that day.
Dr. But I was just…
Don’t mind it. Please say what u were going to,sona exclaimed and smiled
So, that day u asked me for friendship but I ignored it. But, today Miss. Sonakshi Bose would u like to be my friend.
Well.. I will have to think about it.
That’s great u can take ur time doctor.
Dev is about to leave after telling this..but,
Okay..ok wait Mr dixit I am ready.I am ready to be ur friend. But…. I have some conditions.
Conditions?! What doctor.Asked Dev in curiosity.
As u know that Ishwari aunty and I r very good friends has she has shared about every thing to me. EVERYTHING.
So… I have heard that u don’t share any thing to anyone are very introvert. So…… My condition is that U shall share about each and every Thing to me and can fully open up to me as true friends do. Do u…,.,., accept it.
Is it necessary?He asked in a stupid way
I don’t know about others but, to accept these conditions to be my friend is compulsory.
Oh…. so um mom………… He thinks for sometime……. So, Sonakshi Bose I accept ur condition.
They both shake hands and smile at each other.

So guys this was the episode for today. Hope u didn’t feel sleepy. See u soon. Bye and have a nice day?

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