Hello people.It’s me Sharica aka Tina.I am back with my family. I know I told that I will be back soon but due to the festivals I didn’t get time and then I was at my cousins place. Anyways,now I will continue my previous ff. I am sorry that I won’t be able to provide you the link of the first two episodes as I was not a member of TU then. So I will just provide you the glimpse of it.

In the beginning
Ishwari I suddenly fainted Sunday and everyone took them to the hospital. Then the doctor suggested Dev to consult a nutritionist. When Dev asked if he knew any nutritionist so the doctor suggested Dr. Sonakshi Bose and also informed him that she was the best Dr in Delhi. Dev and Sonakshi had a short conversation. Sonakshi gave him a diet plan for Ishwari and instructed to strictly follow it. Next day Ishwariwas discharged from the hospital and was taken home.

At the time of breakfast. Everyone are at the breakfast table and sat down. Ishwari was shockedto see the food. And…..
I- Dev whose food is it and why is it served on my plate?
D- Maa from now on you will be eating this food.
I- But why kichu knows how to cook food so why do I need to eat these boiled veggie.
D- Yes Maa, kichu bhaiyaknows how to cook ffood. But Maa u r sick and I have consulted from a doctor and she told if you eat this food u will get well soon.
Ishwari- But Dev I just fainted that day I am not sick. I know that u worry for me but Dev I can take care of my health and I am confident that I am absolutelyfine so don’t worry about me and go to office.See you are getting late na.
D- Mom I know that how much you care about your health and I am your son no. I won’t be thinking bad about you so please listen to me and eat this food.

Ishwari unwillingly eats the food but in the lunch and dinner when Dev wasn’t present she used to make some excuse, hide the food or do something else and eat unhealthy food for her.Dev was aware about all of this and he knew his mom very well. So, one day he took an appointmentof Sonakshi and went to meet her.
S- So, Mr. Dev how is your mom doing. Is she following the chart.
D- Dr.My mom is not followingthe chart at all. When I am present she follows it well but she doesn’t listen to anyone else at all.She doesn’t even listen to my sister’s. She has become more stubborn day by day…..
Could you please help me out. I wanted to meet you due to this reason.
S- Mr.Dixit I can understandthe problem. It’s not a new one for me. So how can I help you.
D- Dr. It is a request…. Please leave this job and be my mother’s personal nutritionist. I will pay u as much as you want.
S- Firstly Mr. Dixit I don’t work for money I work because I love it.And next I have so many patients whom I can’t leave so suddenly so how can I be your mom’s personal assistant. I dont think that is possible.
D- please think about it doctor.
S- I still don’t think that it is possible. But can I come to your home and talk to your mom for once. May be I could be of some help.
D- Why not doctor.U are always welcome. See you tomorrow then.
Dev leaves the office and next day early in the morning the doorbell of digital mansion rings.
Ishwari opens the door and there is a girl standing with a suitcase.
Girl- Aunt is Dev in?
Ishwari- yes he is there but who are you?
Girl- I am his friend. College friend Sonakshi.Didn’t he tell you about me.
Ishwari was clueless and she replied I was a no.
Dev was coming downstairs and saw Sonakshi.When he was just gonna call her she told…
S- Dev.. Thank God u r here.
She went into the house and gave a friendly hug.Dev was taken aback as well. Then Ishwari
I- Dev u had a girlfriend in your college days.Why didn’t you tell me. Is it the reason that you didn’t want to marry.Anyways I like the girl. Now, not if u r ready than can I call pundit Jo. Oh God I have so much work to do. Now I think I should call bhai ya baby and tell them to be back soon.
And she went on to blabbering and Sonakshi was laughing hearing all this.
D- Maa…. Maa…….Maa please stop it. It’s is othing like that and miss Sonakshi Bose can I talk to you for a second.
He pulled her aside and..
D- Dr what is all this.I have u lost it.

Sonakshi controlling her laugh
S- Mr dixithaven’t u datedanyone till now until unbelievabl.
D- Dr……. [Giving a what!I look]
S- okay,but I coming to a serious point. Yesterday I told u know that I would, d like to meet urand mom than why r u shocked to see me.
D- yes Dr I told u can meet her but I what is all this?
S- my way to meet my patient
D- what!Do u meet ur patients in this way.
S-Yes and u listen to me.Do as I say.
This time she doesn’t let Dev speak and instructs him to follow the plan. Dev goes to Ishwariand..
D- maa ,and this is my college friend Sonakshi. Just friend. and she will be staying here for few months.
I- Sorry Sonakshiand I thought u were his girlfriend.
S- it’s okay aunt I don’t mind things like that.
I- That’s a relief come, I will show u your room.
They have the breakfast together . Dev introduces her to all the family members and also includes the tag JUST A Friend while introducing Herr. Everyone laugh when he tells this.
The whole day Sonakshi observes the activities of Ishwar. Thinks about it and comes to a conclusion. Takes out her laptop.I send a mail and waits for Dev. When Dev comes home he freshens up and has dinner with Ishwari . Tells her to sleep and does some work in his laptop and is about to go to Sona’s room to talk to her. At the same time Sona comes down and……….
S- Mr.Dixit can I have a word with u.
D- yeah sure Dr.

In the hall the sit on sofa and start to talk.
S- Mr.Dixit, and I observed the activities of ur mom the whole day and came to a conclusion.I checked my patients and there are only two patients whom I have to give special care on the weekends. I hope that you asked me to be your mom’s P. N. So I am ready.
D- Dr really?
S- Don’t u want me to do it?
D- No Dr it’s not like that.Thank u very much.
S- but I have some condition.
D- anything for u Dr.
S- will u let to checkmy patients on the weekends.
D- of course Dr. No problem at all.
S- and would you please let me say at ur place for toda. Actually I used to stay at the quarter at my hospital but as I resigned from there I don’t have anywhere to go. And it’s already very late.So just for tonight….
D- no Dr.
S- oh. Okay then I shall leave now.
D- No Dr.I meant to say that u don’t have to sear h any place u can stay here forever. There is an empty room up besides my room so u can stay there.And u can have food with us.There is no problem at all and I know that mom willbe happy as well.
S- thank you Mr dixit.
D- Dr there is no need to thank me. In fact I need to thank yo. Now let’s go.
They both go up and when they both are gonna enter to their respective rooms suddenly so a stops him and
S- Mr dixit,
D- Yes Dr.
S- Friends?[She forwards her hand]
D- Huh?
S- As I am going tto stayhere from now on, I would not at all like to speak formally to you and also not like u to call be Dr.So friends.
D- than its okay I will call you from ur name from now on. No need to be friends for that simple thing.
S- Mr dixit that is not only the reason………. Anyways u can call me Sona.
D- okay then. Sona good night.
S- Good night Dev.

So guys this was the episode for today. Hope u enjoy it. Your feelings are always welcome so feel free to express as u do with us closest friend. Lots of love to you all.I will soon be back with my 4th episode. Bye ? love u all and have a nice day?

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  1. Just amazing episode I love iit very much desperate for the next episode

    1. Sharica

      Thanks Princess. I will be posting soon. Hope u will like next one as well?

  2. Awesome and superb……..???????❤?????????????……..loved it…..amazing❤???????????????

    1. Sharica

      Thanks Marcela and when are u gonna update us ff. Please update it soon I am desperately waiting for it?

  3. Vinya

    Nice episode loved it….. The way sonakshi came into dev’s house was awesome and the series of events that happened after that were funny….pls update the next part soon….. Keep writing and keep smiling ☺

    1. Sharica

      Thanks vinya and I will surely keep smiling ?

  4. Aaru

    Superb.. Awesome.. Amazing..

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    Love love?

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  7. Rockzzzzzz

    Nice….loved sona ‘s character…and how stupid is dev can’t even understand something????

  8. Bhoomi

    After long time yaar…. Very good… Post soon?

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      It’s a pleasure to me that u liked it?

  9. Angel20

    This was awesome yaar! Just loved it????

    1. Sharica

      Thanks a lot for ur love?

  10. hi
    thank god u posted this episode I thought that u forgot to post only it seems
    coming to epi it was just outstanding I am at top of the world after reading this
    pls don’t make me wait again post next epi asap

    1. Sharica

      Yeah I know that I got too late but after finishing my exams I just got lazy and procrastinated it. And then due to the festivals and vacation home works I wasn’t able to do it and I didn’t want to write it at my cousins place.
      I am really very happy that u liked the episode and I will surely be posting it soon?

  11. Awmmmmmm dear???❤???……………
    Dev and Sona r in same house and they became frnds?????………nze!

    1. Sharica

      Thanks Nikki and till now Dev and Sonakshi are not friends I hope that u remember that Dev told we don’t need to be friends for this simple thing. But they will surely be friends soon?

  12. AMAZING episode!!
    Loved Dev and Sonakshi’s friendly relation!
    Post soon this time! And don’t simply disappear all of a sudden!
    Love ya!

    1. Sharica

      Thanks a lot anshita and I won’t dissappear this time. See u soon ?

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