Dixit house –
Sona explains the importance of relationship to neha and finally neha is ready to wear the bridal dress sent by ranveer. Sona comes out of neha’s room and dev pulls her.
D- khargosh cute hote hain ye to pata tha lekin itne samjhdaar bhi hote hain ye aaj pata chala (rabits are so cute but i never kniw that they are mature too)
S- to aapko main idiot lagti hoon (you think i am an idiot)
D?- maine khargosh ke bare me baat ki, aap apne bare me kyun samjh rahi hai (i talked about rabbit not you)
Sona shies. Dev holda sona’s hand.
D- thank you. Mujhe lagta tha ki main aapse jitna pyar karta hoon usse jyada kabhi nahi kar paunga….main galat tha (i thought i would never love you more than i do but i was wrong)
Sona shies.
S- mujhe kitchen me kaam h (i have work in kitchen)
Dev holds sona’s both hands.
D- aur agar na jane doon to (what if i dont let you go)
S- mujhe jane dijiye (let me go)
“Pehli dafa hai…..” plays.
Dev comes closer to sona, sona closes her eyes (may be she thinks dev will kiss her ?)
D – thank you.
Both smile looking at each other and sona leaves. Dev watches her leaving and smiles cutely.

Bose house –
All are getting ready for going in nehs’s marriage. (Typical bengali attire)

Dixit house –
Sona comes in kitchen and asks bhola to prepare foid for Ishwari but Ishwari comes and denies for food. She tells sona that it is a ritual that bride’s mother needs to di fasting till marriage completed. Ishwari gets emotional to and says thanks to sona for making neha understand all the things. Sona tells her that mr. Dixit asked her to do so thatsy she tried and neha understood. Suddenly Ishwari’s expressionn change. (I must say supriya ji aka Ishwari is too goid actor). She is looking uncomfortable but somehow she manages herself. (Typical mom who thinjs that her son is her property only)

Bose house –
Sona is getting ready in saree (majenta color).
Dev sends her a msg. Msg chat-
D- kab aa rahi hain aap? Mujhe aapko bengali dress me dekhna hai, come fast aur tab tak mujhe ek selfie bhejo (when will you come ? I want to see you in bengali dress… come fast and till then send me a selfie)
Sona becomes naughty. She clicks a pic elena and sends it to dev. Dev gets the pic and smiles.
Dev – very pretty, gorgeous, beautiful.
Sona gets jealous.
D- ok….bilkul achi nahi lag rahi.
Sona gets irritated.
D- aap chahti kya ho? Uski tarif karta hoon to jealous hoti ho, nahi karta hoon to chhidh jati ho, apni pic kyun nahi bhejti ho, you know ki main sirf tumhe dekhna chahta hoon (ehat do want? If i praise her you get jealous, if i do not you get irritated. You know that i want to see you only. Why dont you send me your pic?)
S- to phir thoda Wait kijiye aur tab tak ke liye…(then wait for some time…till then..)
She clicks the pic of her earings and sends it to dev.
D?- i cant wait.
Saurabh and bijoy’s nok jhonk.

Dixit house –
Neha is getting ready in bridal dress. Dev comes and gets emotional. He says that neha is the most beautiful girl in the whole world, he leaves with teary eyes. Sona comes and applies “kala teeka” behind neha’s ear to save her from evil eyes. Nikki admIres sona’s beauty.
Again msg chat –
D- duniya ka sabse famous khargosh apni race ke raste me hi so gaya tha, tum esa mat karna, jaldi aao…. i am waiting (in the world famous story the rabbit sleeps in the mid of the race, you dont do this, come fast… i am waiting)
Sona again clicks a pic of her bangle and sends to dev.
D- ms. Bose maine kaha… i am waiting. (Ms. Bose, i said….i am waiting)
Nikki and riya discuss about “joota chhupai” and asks sona for this but sona leaves making excuse. She reache’s to dev’s room. Dev pulls her inside and locks the door.
Sona (folds her hand) – ladki ke bhai ko ese behave karna chahiye? (Should bride’s brother behave like this?)
D- har koi ladka kisi na kisi ladki ka bhai hota hi hai, iska matlab ye to nahi ki wo apni girlfriend ke sath bhi esa behave nahi kar sakta. (Every boy is brother of some girl, it doesn’t mean that he cant behave like this with his girlfriend too)
{How cut ?}
S- achcha… to iska matlab ye hai ki aap sare ladkon ki taraf se mujhse ladne wale hain? (Ok… it means you are going to fight with me on behalf of all boys)
D- depends
S-kese? (How?)
D- ki aapko sab ladkon me interest hai ya mujhme (whether you are interested in all guys or in me)
S- what rubbish… i am leaving.
Dev holds sona and hugs her from back.
S- kya kar rahe ho? Koi aa jayega… (what are doing? Someone will come)
D- subah se apni pictures bhej rahi ho…(he turns sona to see her)…thik se dekhne to do (you ate sending your pics sincs morning, let me see properly Now)
Sona gets nervous. s- kya dekhne do? Mujhse ye typical wala romance nahi hota.(what to see? I cant do thus typical romance)
Dev continuesly stares her.
S- thik to lag rahi hoon na, mere face par kuch hai kya? (Looking ok na? Is there something ony face?)
She looks into mirror.
S- kya hai? (What’s that)
D- bahot kuch…. sab kuch hai is chehre pe(So much is on this face.)
D- lekin ek cheez ki kami hai (but something is missing)
S- kis cheez ki kami (what is missing?)
D- jab tumne kaha tha na neha se to mujhe bahot achcha laga tha… ki agar tumhe taiyar hona hai… sajna hai to sabje liye nahi…ranveer ke liye sajo…aur agar uska doya hua kuch pehnogi to use apni si lagogi….tum achi to lag rahi ho… par meri apni nahi lag rahi…isiliye….(i liked what you said to neha that if you want to get ready… then get ready for only ranveer, not for all…if you wear something given by him, he will feel that you are his own…. you are also looking beautiful… but not looking mine…so…)
Dev takes out a “Gajra”…
D- isliye…. (that is why…)
S- Gajra…
D- maine online search kiya…. jab tumne mujhe bataya ki tum bengali traditional pehan kar aa rahi ho to….. iske sath kya pehnte hain {hiw sweet ?} (i searched online… when you told me that you will be coming in traditional bengali attire… then what to wear with this)
S- to aapne traditional bengali Gajra liya (so you got it for me)
D- lo pehno (now wear it)
S – no….
D- kyun? (Why?)
S – kyunki aap pehnayenge (coz you will make me wear)
D- mujhe nahi aata Gajra pehnana (i dont know hot to make it wear)
S – to aap ye bhi search kar lete na ki how to wear Gajra…. agar main ye pehnungi to aap pehnayenge (you should have searched how to wear Gajra…. i will wear it only if you make me wear)
D- ok…
Dev literally searces it online and makes her wear… finally its done.

Ishwari praises neha. Both ladies get emotional.
Ishwari asks fir dev and mami heads to dev’s room to call him. Sona and Dev both get nervous. Dev asks sona to hide in washroom. Mami senses that someone is there in room but dev somehow makes excuses.ami takes dev with her locks the door from.outside. dev gets tensed but is helpless.
Ranveer comes and ritual starts.
Sona comes out of washroom and does not find dev. She tries to out of the room but cant as it is locked from out side. She calls if someone is there outside but all in vain. Dev tries to come back to open the door but does not get succeeded. He is to stay there coz he will do “kanyadaan”.

Precap – sona knocks the doir and Ishwari opens it. Ishwari questions sona what she is doing in dev’s room….

{Guys….I love the way dev loves sona…the way he expreses his love….so serene…so pure ???}

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  8. Asmita...

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