Dixit house –
Ishwari reminds nikki’s saying about sona and dev. Her leg is paining. Dev comes and scolds Ishwari fir not taking care of herself. He brings her medicine too. Ishwari regrets thinking that she was wrong her son can never forgets anything about her.

Its morning –
Neha’s “haldi function” us going on. Dev goes to drop Ranveer’s family. All are happy and dance.
Mama ji scolds vicky for being irresponsible but Vicky is as usual useless. Dev comes and gets emotional to see neha. Borh get senti. Dev leaves with teary eyes.

Next “Mehndi” –
All apply mehndi. Nikki and Riya praises sona’s mehndi. GKB again staRTS her irritating talks. Riya and nikki tease sona for searching a groom in Nega’s marriage. Sona goes into a room and writes Dev’s name in her mehndi in Bengali. She clicks her mehndi pic and sends it too dev asking to fund his name in her mehndi. Dev tries to search but is not succeeded. Sona comes out of the room and mami enters, both dont see each other. Sona locks the door unknowingly. A jealous Dev comes. Sona shows her mehndi but dev is annoyed.
S- achi khushboo hai na. (Nice smell)
D- khushboo…. badboo hai ye. (Smell…..its stinking)
S- kya typical ladko wala reation de rahe hain? (You are reacting like typical boys)
D- typical ladkiyon wala reaction dete hue achcha lagunga kya? (Should i give reaction like typical girls)
Sona smiles.
D- batao kiska naam likhwaya hai? (Tell me, whose name is written)
S- aap thode jealous se lag rahe ho (you are looking jealous)
D- thoda jealous nahi lag raha hoo. Maine tumse kaha tha na sonakshi “you are mine”, phir aap kisi aur ka naam kese likhwa sakti ho ?(not only jealous, i told you na, you are mine. Then how could you write someone else’s name?)
S(teases) – bahot der ho chuki hai mr. Dixit, ye naam to mere hath par chhap gaya hai aur mehndi ka rang bhi pakka ho gaya hai. (Its too late now, its already written in my hand and heena left dark color)
D- i dont care, tumhe abhi dhona hoga (i dont care, you have to wash it now)
By saying this dev holds sona’s hand.
S- kya kar rahe ho…. dev mushay…. ye bengali me likha hai (what are you doing? Its written in bengali)
D – ms. Bose, hindi please.
S- its sonakshi for you. Aur maine yahi kaha ki ye maine bengali me likha hai… ab dhoondho. (I said that i wrote in bengali now find)
Mami is still locked ( seriously yaar she is the most unwanted person, i hate her)
Dev finally finds the name in mehndi written in bengali.
D(points her finger)- ye raha (here it is)
Dev is really annoyed and jealous.
D- kisi bhi language me mera naam itna lamba nahi ho sakta, aapko sirf Dev likhna tha. (My name can’t be so long in any language, you just needed to write Dev)
S- aapki life me mere alawa jo 4 ladies hain, unko pata chalne me itna time nshi lagega jitna aapko bolne me lag raha hai(there are 4 ladies in your life other than me, they will catch me soon)
Dev makes puppy face.
D- oh….ye to maine socha hi nahi (i didn’t think this)
S- maine soch liya….isilye bengali me likh liya “OBHODRO”(but i thought…. thatsy wrote in bengali “Obhodro”{rude})
D- what..???
Mami knocks the door from inside. Dev leaves. Sona open the door and gets nervous.

Riya and nikki enact as ranveer and neha. All enjoy. Sona imagines that dev is coming, holds her hand and they start dancing on song “is tarah se tu aaya hai….”
A cute smile comes on sona’s face.

Precap – nikki opens neha’s lehnga and covers sona’s head with dupatta. Ishwari and dev comes and shock to see this.

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