KRPKAB 30th june analysis

Dixut housev-
Ishwari goes to her room and is not happy that dev himself brought saree fir her. She reminds the old time when they were so poor.
Sona comes and finds dev in hall.
S (eagerly)- aunty ji ko saree kesi lagi hogi?(did aunty like the saree?)
D- aap itni pareshan kyun hain? (why are u so worried?)
S- kyunki har saal aunty ji khud jati hain saree select karne, aur is saal aapne mujhe kaha ki main select karoon, to maine kar diya. Unhe pasand to aayi hogi na? Pasand nahi aayi to wo exchange karne denge na? (Every year aunty used to go with you, but this year you askd me to select the saree and i did it. Did she like it? will they allow for exchange ?)
D- relax… aapko maa ki itni chinta hai…(you are worried for maa)
S- kyun… apko nahi hai?( why….. if you dont?)
D- hai…lekin aapko bhi (yes i do…..but you too)
S- i don’t think ki ab aapki aur meri chinta alag hai dev.
Dev comes closer to sona and tries to hold her hand but can not do coz someone is to come.
D- maa ko saree achi lagi (she liked the saree).
Both smile.
Nikki comes there and thnks sona for selecting saree. Nikki tells sona about the preparations of Ishwari’s birthday. Sona looks at dev and dev nods coz he told that he went with sona to buy saree. Sona goes to Ishwari’s room to give her gift. Sona gives Ishwari a photo frame of dev and Ishwari’photo. Ishwari likes the gift a lot and thanks sona for it. Mamiis again ready to fill Ishwari’s ear against sona but Ishwari avoids.

Bose house –
Saurav purchased lottery tickets and bijoy scolds him for this.

Dixit house –
In the evening Ishwari does not wear the saree gifted by dev and make excuses for it. Dev looks sad to see this. She cuts the cake and all enjoy this time. Dev asks Ishwari whether she likes the saree or not. Ishwari again makes silly excuses and tells dev that changes can not accept easily. Dev feels bad.

Ranveer’s house –
Ranveer’s family asks him to go and live in a separate house as this house is too small but he denies.

Dev & sona in car –
Dev is tensed and sona feels this. She holds his hand.
S- aap itne pareshan kyun lag rahe hain ? (Why are you looking so worried?)
D- ms. Bose… yaad hai……(do you remember…)
S- tension me bhul gaye na… (you forgot) its sonakshi for you…
D- sonakshi, yaad hai ek baar main aapko car gift karna chahta tha…. aur aapne mera kitna mazak udaya tha mera (you remember…. once i wanted to gift you a car… and you made fun of me)
Sona smiles.
D- kitna bura idea tha wo… pata hai main aaj tak figure out hi nahi kar paya hoon ki kisko kya gift dena hai… samajh me hi nahi aata. (That was a bad idea…. i never figure out what to gift)
S- aur aap is baat se pareshan hain ( and you are tensed coz of this)
Dev looks at her. Sona sees a coffee shop on the road side.
S- aage wo coffee shop…. coffee peete hue charcha karen… (a coffee shop is there…. we can discuss over a coffee)
D – ok.
Sona asks the coffee shop bouy about some “poochka (some bengali dish, i think) but he says that he does not know about him.
(If someone bengali is reading this plz tell what is thIs “poochka”)
Both take coffee.
S- to aap kya keh rahe the ? (So… what were you saying?)
D- shayad mujhe abi tak gift lena aaya nahi hai…maa ke liye humne jo gift liya tha wo shayad maa ko pasand nahi aaya. (I dont know how to get gifts…. perhaps maa did not like the gift we got for her)
S- aisa ho hi nahi sakta ki aap unke loye koi gift layen aur unhe pasand naa aaye… har saal wo saree ka wait nahi karti balki apne bete ki layi huyi saree ka wait karti hain…(it can’t be happened the she will not like the gift brought by you)
D- janta hoon…lekin is baar unke chehre par wo khushi nahi thi. Jo har baar hoti hai… saal me ek hi din hai, jis din wo apne liye kuch karne deti hain aur us din bhi kuch nahi kar paya.. (i know… but this time there was no smile on her face as always…this is the only day she alloWS to do something for her but i could not do anything)
S- par aapne try to kiya na…that is what matters.. (atleast you tried)
D- lekin main chahta hoon ki is baar ye koshish beka na jaye… ek minute (but i want not to make rhus try again worthless… one minute)
Dev gives a catalogue of watch.
S- ye kya hai? (What is thus?)
D- maa ko to gift de diya… ab gift dene ki ki bari hai to the second most important woman of my life…
S- to main second most important hoon…??
D(stammers) -nahi… i didn’t mean that…
S- relax dev… humara ye naya rishta purane rishte ke sath compete nahi karega, use complete larega (our this relation will not compete with any exiting relation, rather it will completethat)
Dev shows sona couple watches.
D-see couple watches.. one for the man and one for the woman… hum dono pehnenge… (we both will wear)
S- baate karte ho forever… lekin pyar kArte ho ghadi ka…
Dev gives her cute killer smile.
S- lekin ye kya hai… itni badi company hai aur printing mistake hai yahan par…its 18 lakhs…
Sona looks at dev.
S- ye actually 18 lakhs ki hai…? (Is it really 18 lakhs?)
Dev nods in yes.
D-wese aap 26 saal ki hain na? (Btw you are 26?)
S – main 26 ki lagti hoon ? (Do i look 26?)
D- nahi (no)
S- one tip for you… jab bhi main puchun ki kya main 26 ki lagti hoon to aap bina pause liye kahenge no baby not over 18 (whenever i ask you about thus you will say without a pause that i dont look over 18)
Dev ?
S- btw i am 26… apka point kya tha?
D- haan… point ye tha…ki maine aapke 26 birthdays miss kiye hain… i want to make up for all that.
S- birthday to maine bhi miss kiye hain aapke…? mujhe bhi ghadi leni padegi aapke liye?? 20lkh ki hai…
D- are… aap kyun lengi…main kharidunga (why you? I will get)
S- aap kyun kharidenge (why you?)

Again in car –
S- aap ya to aisi girlfriend choise karo, jiske budget me ye watch aaye, ya to aise watch choose karo jo aapki girlfriend ke budget me aaye..
Dev gives her a confusing look.
D- ye kya logic hua? .ain aapke liye gift le raha hoon to isme kya problem hai?
S- koi problem nahi hai.
D- to main ye ghadhiyaan le loon..
S- aap bilkul nahi samjhenge na ? Aur aap gift lena bhi kabhi nahi sikhenge.
D-are… lekin..
Dev drops sona home. Sona leaves a thinking dev behind.

Precap – Ishwari tells mami if dev will like any girl, i willimmediately come to know. mami again fills Ishwari’s ears against sona. Ishwari tells that dev is her proud.

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  1. priya

    Poochka is pani puri….in Kolkata pani puri ko phuchka kehte hai…..
    Gol gappe
    Gup chup
    These 2 also name of pani puri….

  2. Angel

    Hey Ashmita its really ni e to read the episode if anybody missed d conversation of DEVAKSHI….and BTW paani-puri or gol-gappe called as poochka in bengali

  3. Pritha

    Asmita, I am a silent reader of your analysis..and a Bengali also…poochka is indeed panipuri or golguppa..but I didn’t get why Sona asks 4 it is a coffee shop.

  4. Laxmi

    Hi asmita thnk u 4 eng uodate ……everyday i came here to read ur update for 2 times….bcoz its really gud in both eng & hindi

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    Maine login kar liya hai.. Bt I tried a lot to do personal msg… Bt kidhar se karu samjh hi nhi aa rha.. Message pe click kar rhi hu to kuch v nhi ho rha hai. Help me

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