KRPKAB 29th june analysis


Bose house –
Everyone is having dinner but sona’s father is waiting fir her. Sona comes and Elena opens the gift. Sona lies that aunty gave her this saree for dry clean.

Dixit Housr –
Mami comes to Ishwari’s room and fills her ear against sona but Ishwari avoids. Dev asks mama about ranveer’s family and mama tells that they all are very nice people.

It strikes 12 in the clock. Dev comes to Ishwari’s room to wish her as , its her birthday. Dev comes to her room and does video call to sona.
D- aap so gayi thi kya ? (Were you sleeping?)
S- hmm…
D- aap so jaiye, i am sorry (you please sleep)
S- no…. mr. Dixit… bataiye na… (tell )
D- kya bataun? (What?)
S- yahi ki aapne caal kyun kiya? (Tell me why u called?)
D- aapko dekhna chahta tha(i wanted to see you)
S- to dekh liya… ab disconnect karu (you have seen, now should i disconnect?)
D – kar sakti hain (you can)
S- main kar bhi sakti hu, aapse milna hai na kal (i can… i will meet you tomorrow)
D- haan, subah 8bj (yes, 8 o’clock)
S- lekin itni jaldi to dukan khuli nahi hoti (shop is opened so early)
D – khuli hoti hain, aap fikar mat kariye, humare liye sab khula hota hai (it will be opened, you dont worry)
S- achcha, mr. Dev dixit ke paas har taale ki chabi hoti hai ?. Aal chahe to sooraj ugg jaye, aap chahe to raat ho jaye (ok, mr. Dixit has key of every lock. Sun will rise as per your instructions, it will turn into night if you want)
D- aur aap chahe to so bhi sakti hain, mwri taang khinchne ki jarurat nahi hia, ye aap baad me bhi kar sakti hain (if you want, you can sleep, no need to pull my leg, you can do it later on)
S- mr. Dixit, sab kuch kar sakte hain par ek call disconnect nahi kar sakte. ( mr. Dixit can do anything bot can’t disconnect a call)
D- haan nahi kar sakta (yes, i can’t do)
S- to kab tak aise rahenge, thik hai main so jati hoon (how long you will continue the call, ok i am sleeping)
D – ok, so jaiye (ok, you sleep)
Sona sleeps. Dev looks at her lovingly with a briad smile on his face. Sona opens obe eye and finds dev still on call.
S- aap mujhe ese hi dekhte rahoge (you will look at me like this?)
D- aap soti rahiya, galti aapki ki hi hai sote huye itni cute lagti hain. (You can sleep, its your fault, you look cute while sleeping)
S- ab so jaiye mr. Dixit. Itna late tak jaagne se health ko problem ho sakti hai. So jaiye. Its doctor’s order. Good night (now you sleep mr. Dixit. Its not good gor health to sleep late night)
D?- aap so jaiye (you sleep)
Sona sleeps and dev continue stares at her.

Next day –
Dixit house –
Dev gets ready and leaves. Ishwari gets up and goes to dev’s room but doesn’t find him.

Bose house –
Asha talks to dev about sona’s marriage and bijoy gets emotional.

Dixit house –
All 3 sisters come to Ishwari, wish her and gives her gifts. All SKS her to get ready as she has to go with dev to buy saree for her as they fo every year.
Ishwari gets ready and waits for dev. Dev comes and giFTS her the saree. Ishwari is Compltly shocked. Dev tells that he wants to surprise her sothat he went with ms. Bose to buy her a saree. Ishwari is again shocked, she gives wierd reaction. (I dont understand why she is shocked. She should be happy that dev has given her surprise). Again mami starts her nonsense. Dev asks Ishwari whether she likes the saree or not. She tells that she likes it.

Precap – Ishwari doesn’t wear the saree gifted by dev at the time of cake cutting. Dev is sad to see this.

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  1. I awwww thank u yar …

    U know y she is shocked by dev gifting her Saree …. coz always he takes her out for shopping and he selects with her …. but this tym he went with another lady ( his love 😉 ) to shop for her …. so she is sad …. and it’s too much tht she dint wear tht Saree…..

  2. Mishti

    kind of feeling bad for ishwari …. but no one is at fault here … dev tried to surprise her and ended up shocking her or maybe hurting her … 🙁

  3. Wow too quick…grt….

  4. Wow nice episode……video call chat was very nice…….asusual u rockeddddd……

  5. Partho


  6. Why is ishwari shocked?she shud be more happy that he decided to surprise her and not go with her like a gatha with her?!?i don’t understand her…

    1. Asmita...

      Hey Nishi……where are you dear……..where is your FF……. and what about your voice….?? Its ok now or not?

  7. thnks asmita for the analysis….
    SONA looks good whn she sleep &DEV admire her…



    feeling bad 4 ishwari

  8. Asmita excellent update and thanks for it!

  9. Missing devakshi scenes,little bit upset.tnx asmi

  10. Wow your update Us very good n I liked the sharica update the must where you translated their entire conversation . Thank you so much for your efforts ! Loved it

  11. i think ishwari becomes a big threat to dev sona love story more than rada rani…. i wonder how devakshi overcome this hurdle?????

  12. Asmita as always superb.
    Haa but ye baat toh sahi h ki ishwari had not weared the saree gifted by dev. Usne pehen ni chahiye thi ab jo ho gaya use itna badhaane ki kya jarurat h. But today dev was wrong

  13. Means i agree with u mishti. I also wanted to say the same thing.

  14. Guys watch this video.
    Dev invites sona to neha’s sangeet.

  15. Asmita...

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Dev To Put Payal In Sonakshi’s Foot –

  16. Asmita...

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Dev To Do 50 PUSH UPS For Sonakshi

    1. Thanks for the link

  17. Hey the for links asmita and Priya

  18. Asmita...

    Shocking spoiler –
    Kuch Rang PKAB:

    There is sangeet function going on. Neha is going to get married to the guy she loves. After praying to the Ganesh idol, the family members celebrate. They dance and are very happy. Neha’s parents dance on a retro song. Ishwari is happy that Neha got a suitable husband. She likes the guy and his family, and is content with Neha’s future. Dev and Sonakshi have a dance and have secret romance. Their love story is slowly going on. Dev is happy for Neha’s marriage. Sonakshi is attending a function at Dev’s house for the first time. She will soon turn into Dev’s family member soon. Dev and Sonakshi’s marriage will be next after Neha’s.

  19. Kiru

    Thanq for ur detailed update…and u gave their full video conversation …i liked it very much….?

  20. Missed the episode but relaxed after reading your update. Thanks yaar….

  21. Sorry @Asmita for late commenting…..
    As usual ur update is mind blowing ?

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