KRPKAB 28th june analysis

Hi guys…. sorry for not updating yesterday’s episode bilingual but today bilingual is there, so enjoy guys….

Aweeeeee… it was super romantic episode today and i am very bad in expresseing romantic feelings thatsy i apologize in advance coz i am not at all good in it. And one more thing plz avoid my mistakes as i was totally lost in watching the chemistry btwn Devna so there are more chances of mistakes today. The episode is full of love… pure love with no lust….❤?❤?❤?❤?❤?❤

Enough bak bak… now episode details –

Dixit House –
Dev and sona are in dev’s room.
D- ms. Sonakshi bose “I LOVE YOU” . I love your eyes ?, pyar karta hoon main apki aankhon se isly nahi kyunki wo bahot khoobsurat hain, haan kuch kajal sa lagati hain lekin wo to mujhe dikhai bhi nahi deta…. lekin jab aap kisi se baat karti hain to wo kitni udaar hoti hain (i love your eyes not because they are beautiful and you put kajal (i dont know what kajal is called in English) in them but because they look so kind when you talk to someone.)
Sona shies ?
D- i love youe lips, isly nahi ki wo perfect hain, isly ki jab aap baat karti hain to inse jo words niklte hain wo kitne understanding hote hain, pyar se bhare hote hain. (i love your lips not because they are perfect but because when ever you say something, the words are so understanding and full of love.)
Sona ?
D- maine aapke earings notice kiye hain, lekin tab…jab aapne sharma ke niche dekha. Pyar karne laga hoon main aapki is nayi nayi sharm se….ye saree, ye jhumke, aaka haar… ye sab kitne khoobsurat hain main nahi jantaaap kitni khoobsurat hain, aapka man kitna khoobsurat hai, ye janta hoon main, (i have noticed your earings, but only then, when you saw down shying. I started loving your this newly shyness…. this saree, earings, neck piece… i dont know how beautiful they are, but i know you are so beautiful and so is your heart. )
Sona continues ☺☺☺

Ranveer’s house –
Radha rani is so much irritating as usual. they talk about marriage and ranveer’s mum tells that next week is ok for marriage othrwise it will take 3 months according to pandit.

BACK to Dixit house –
D- aapka mujhse milna, mera aapse pyar karna, aapka mujhse lyar karna, ye meri zindagi ki sabse important cheez hai, sabse khoobsurat cheez hai, meri zindagi me aaj tak itna khoobsurat kuch bhi nahi hua hai (we met, i started loving you, you started loving me, this is the most important thing of my life, the most beautiful thing. Nothing happened in my life like this.
Sona is still looking at dev with shyness.
D- aur sach kahu to apne liye isse zyada kuch chahiye bhi nahi, khush hoon main isi me (infact i dont want anything more than this, i am happy in this).
Finally sona speaks. She gets senti too.
S- dont do this mr. Dixit. Ye sab jo aap mujhe keh rahe hain, main aapko kehna chahti thi, aap jante hain na ki main kab se apni love story ka wait kar rahi thi, bas sapne hi dekhti thi, lekin kabhi ye nahi socha ki hum dono ese… main to humesha sochti thi ki aap kisi aur ke ho jayenge… aur mere hisse me bas heart break, dukh(whatever you are telling me, i wanted to tell you, you know that i was waiting for my love story since a long time, i saw dreamz, never thought that we would be together, i thought that you would be someone else’s… i will get pain and heart break only)
D- main aapko kabhi dard nahi dena chhta tha, hurt nahi karna chahta tha kabhi, (i never wanted to hurt you)
S- dev, aap mere liye itne important ho chuke hain ki aapke alawa mujhe koi aur hurt kar hi nahi sakta. (You have become so important to me that no one can hurt me other than you)
Dev gets panic.
D- to mat banaiye mujhe itna important, mujhe itni importance itni power mat dijiye ki main aapko hurt kar saku….ms. sonakshi bose, aap mujhe janti hi kitna hain, (dont make me so important, dont give me such importance and power to hurt you. You dont know me much)
S- jitna janti hoon utna kafi hai (whatever i know is enough)
D- kisliye (for what)
S- aapse pyar karne ke liye ( to love you)
Dev gets emotional.
D- pata hai, zindagi me pehli baar esa lag raha hai jese koi mera apna hai, jis pe haq hai, jise main kabhi bhi pa sakta hoon, maang sakta hoon…. haq se… ab is zindagi se aur kuch nahi chahiye (you know, i am feeling first time that there is someone who is mine, whom i have right on, i can ask for her anytime, dont need anything else form life now)
D- ms. Sonakshi, you complete me.
S- and you complete me.
Sona is about to move upstairs bot dev holda her hand. “Is tarah se tu aaya…” starts and so on their romance. They share some not some, so many moments….they dance together… they enjoy each other’s company…. they both become naughty… and one of dona’s earings falls down. They share an romantic eyelock.

Bose House –
Stupid nok jhonk and family drama is on.

Dixit house –
Sona goes out of the room and goes to garden area, dev too comes there. “Pagle se din hain, meri bafli si raaren…” plays. Dev holds sona’s hand. “Anchhue the sapne mere, tune chhu liye….”plays. Both laugh and enjoy.
Suddenly sona sees time.
S- oh no, bahot late ho gaya, mujhe jana chahiye, sab logon ko ghar par tension ho gaya hoga, main chalti hoon (i should leave now, its too late, everyone would be worried at home, i am going)
Dev holds her hand.
D- sonakshi…
Sona interrupts…
S- main nahi ruk sakti, yahan par bhi to sab aane wale hain abhi, please chhod dijiye (i cant stay now, all will come here too now, please leave me)
D – Chhid deta hoon, ghat tak ( i will drop you home)
S- par aapko ye sab…. (you need not to…)
D- maine kaha na, ghar tak chhod deta hoon, mera haq hai tum par, is baat ke liye tum mujhe mana nahi kar sakti (i said i will drop you, i have right on you, and you cant deny)
Sona ?
D- mera bas chale to har second aapke satb rahoon, har pal aapke sath rahoon ( i wish to be with you 24*7)
D- chale (lets go)

Mami comes in dev’s room to complaint about ranveer’s family but does not find dev. She finds canldle there and earing too.

In car –
Dev is looking at sona.
S- aap aise kya dekh rahe hain? (Why are you looking at me?)
D- chand dekh raha hoon (looking ay moon ?)
Sona again shies.
S- to upar dekhiye na (then look up)
Dev continued stares at sona.
D- mr. Dixit, aap badi bafi baaten larne lage hain. Pehle to….. (You started talking big things….) {sorry guys i missed the line}
D – pehle main sirf ek businessman tha, ab boyfriend bhi hoon, aur businessman to sirf aata jata traffic dekhta hai, boyfriend chand bhi dekhte hain.(before thus i was a businessman only, now a boyfriend too, businessman looks inly traffic, but boyfriend look moon ?
S- mr. Dixit, esa lagta hai ki ye sab sapna hai, aur agar ye sapna hai to main jagna nahi chahti (it seems, this all is a dream, anf if so i dont want to wake up)
D – first of all “Dev” for you, aur dusri baat sapna nahi, haqiqat hai, aur ye sach kabhi nahi badlega (and the second thing its not a dream, its reality and this thing will never change)
Dev reminds something.
D- achcha haan, mujhe aapki ek help chahiye thi, kal wo din hai jo mere saal ka sabse important din hota hai – meri maa ka birthday. Main unhe surprise dena chahta hoon, kal aap jaldi aa sakti hain? ( Ineed your help, tomorrow is the most important day of the whole year for me – my mother’s birthday. Can you come early tomorrow?)
S – ok. Lekin aap aunty ji ko kya surprise dena chahte hain? (But What surprise you want to give her?)
D- har saal unke liye main saree leta hoon, lekin wo mere sath aati hain, is saal main chahta hoon ki main unhe surprise doon, isly main chahta tha ki aap mere sath aayen. Aap to janti hain ki main in chhezon me thoda gadha hoon (I buy saree for her every year, but she comes along witj me. This year i want to give her surprise thatsy i wanted you to come with Me. You know i am not goid in all this)
S- aap kai cheezon me bade gadhe hain, mr. Dixit (you are not goid in so many things)
D- sonakshi
S- aap kya keh rahe the (what were you saying?)
D- seriously…..
Both laugh.
D- main chahta hoon ki maa me liye saree kharidne ke liye aap mere sath chale (i want you to come with me to buy saree for maa)
S- ok. Par hum jayenge kab? Main to aapke ghar ke liye 10bj niklti hoon aur tab tak market khula bhi nahi hota (but when will we go? I go to your house by 10 and till then market does not opened)
D- uski fikar mat kariye, main maa ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hoon, koi bhi dukan khulwa sakta hoon…. tum bas 8bj ready rehna (dont worry about this, i can do anything for maa, i can make shopkeeper to open the shop… you just get rady by 8)
S -ok.
Saying this dona tucks her hair behind her ear. Dev notices something.
D- ye kya hai, ek kaan me jhumka hai, ek kaan me nahi hai, koi naya fashion hai ? (what is this, there iz no earing in one ear, is this some new fashion style?)
S – fashion nahi hai, gir gaya hoga, aapke room me to nahi gira na (its not fashion, it was dropped somewhere, may be in your room)
D- main dhoondh lunga (i will search )
S – Niw move, it getting late.
Dev makes face.

Dixit house –
Riya and nikki argue about their gift. Neha comes and tell that bhaiya’s gift will be best only. Mami comes and asks neha about the earing which she found in dev’s room and she comes to know that its sona’s earing.

In car-
D- aap bhulengi to nahi kal 8 bj.? (Do t forget tomorrow 8 o’clock)
S- dev, aap bahot bade gadhe hain (you are such a stupid)
D- what ???
S- aapne mere sath apni zindagi share ki hai na, lekin share karne ka ye matlab nahi hai ki sirf batana… baatna bhi hota hai.. main aapki life ka important part hoon na… to iska matlab ye hai ki aapki maa meri bhi maa hai… aur main apni maa ka birthday kabhi nahi bhulti… to aap time par aaiye aur main 8 bj taiyar hoti hoon (you shared your life with me… sharing does not means only telling…. i am an important part of your life… i consider your mother as mine… and i never forget .y mother’s birthday… so you come on time)
Dev smiles and sona leaves saying bye.

Precap – dev brings saree for dev to surprise Ishwari but rather than being surprised she looks shocked.

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