KRPKAB 28 July analysis

Hi guys I am back with this detailed update… And extremely SORRY for not writing this for such a long time… But what to do… Firstly I was busy in shifting and after that I got admitted in hospital due to high fever… Sorry guys… Now lets go for today’s episode ~

Dixit house ~
GKB Radha rani is irritating as always. Sona comes to che Ishwari’s BP, first she denies thn agrees as mama says to do. Sona checjs her BP and finds it normal. Mama finds that ishwari is disturbed.

Bose house –
Bijoy and asha discuss about something.

Dixit house –
Dev comes home tired and Sona gets panic.
S- mr. Dixit aapko to bukhar h… Tumi ek dum impossible (you are suffering from fever… You are impossible)
D- ms. Bose…phir tumi tumi
S- its sonakshi
D- ab dantengi kya (now will you scold only)
Sona takes dev to his room and makes him sleep on bed. Sona cheks his temperature and its 103°. ???
Sona is to go to take water but dev holds her hand.
D- plz kahin mat jaao, yahin raho mere paas (plz dont go, just be with me)
S- main bs ek minute me aayi (i will come in 1 minute)
Sona comes back with water and hankey(may be). She keeps the hankey on dev’s forehead.
She again gets up and dev again holds her hand.
D- mat jaao(dont go)
S – main aa rahi hoon, 1 minute (i am coming)
Sona comes with soup.
D- kya hai (what is this)
S – soup
Dev doesn’t want to eat but sona feeds him forcefully. Sona again checjs the temperature and calls ishwari and tells her about dev’s condition. Ishwari gets worried.

Bose house –
Elena wants asha’s help as she wants to get up early in the morning. But asha denies and asks all not to share their problem with her now.

Dixit house –
Sona calls doctor. All family too comes. Doctor checjs and asks for the rest. Ishwari thanjs sona for taking care of dev and asks her to leave. Sona leaves unwillingly.

Bose house –
Sona is tensed for dev.

Dixit house – ishwari is also tensed for dev. Dev takes sona’s name when he is unconscious.
Ishwari realizes that dev too loves sona.
Ishwari remembers old days when dev gets hurt and mamaji asks him to go to doctor but he does not go to doctor as he wants his mother only. Ishwari cries reminfing all this.
Dev’s phone rings and ishwari thinks its sona and gets irritated. She picks up the phone but it turns to someone else.

Precap – sona is cooking something for dev but ishwari asks her not to bother about her children as she is there for them. Ishwari asks sona not to disturb dev.

Sorry guys… There is nothing much to write in today’s episode.

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  2. Thankgod u r back and how r u now ?? Is ur health ok??

  3. Sona Bose is a cook or nutritionist or a doctor or servant. Wonder why she is engaged as a full time servant, to take care of cooking. For any normal household, is it required for a doctor to stay full time to monitor cooking…?? Once diet chart is prepared, no need for doctor to come. They already have servants. She can just come once a day or twice a week to check the health of Ishwari. I think as a doctor or whatever, she is underutilized. Why she wants to go home at night. I think after lunch her work is over….what does she do in afternoon and evening. Dinner servant can manage or GKB and daughters are there. They also can help.

  4. hooray Asmita is back!! How r u now? You are back now so plzz write the episode analysis of this drama, i am eager to read them!!

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