Dixit house –
Ishwari is watching dev’s pic. Mama comes and tries to explain Ishwari that dev tries to do something best. Mama also gifts Ishwari “imli goli”. Ishwari becomes happy. They both laugh and enjoy.

Bose house –
Sona, saurav and Elena talks about lottery money and enjoy. Elena teases her by calling dev “jiju”. Dev cones with a guy to sona’s House with “poochka (pani puri)”. All are happy to see this. Dev comes.
D- der se sahi lekin tohfa ??? dena aa gaya mujhe (l learnd what to gift)
S- aap kafi der tak bahar rehte hain, kafi buri aadat lag gayi aapko, aap bigad chuke hain mr. Dixit (you stay out for so long, its a bad habit. You are being spoiled)
D- bigda nahi hoon badal gaya hoon. Haan aadat to lagi hai lekin buri nahi achi adat hai. (Not spoiled, but i have changed. I got one habit but that not bad, in stead its good)
S- konsi achi aadat ? (Which one?)
D- aap…. (you…)
Dev holds sona’s hand.
D- aur is aadat ko main kabhi chhodunga nahi (i will never leave this habit)
S- thnks for the best gift ever.
D- my pleasure.
Both smile and looks at each other with love.

Dixit house –

All 3 sisters talk about the surprise which dev gave today. Mami comes and Nikki also calls her “GKB” (GARIB KI BETI ) ??? She unnecessarily pokes her nose everywhere. She talks about the clorhs to wear in neha’s marriage.

Dev is watching sona’s pic in his laptop and smiles. Sona calls him
D- main abhi aapke bare me hi soch raha tha, aur aapka phone aa gaya (i was just thinking about you, and you called)
S- aap sara din mere bare me hi sochte rehte ho, kabhi na kabhi call to karungi hi na (whole day you think of me, sometimes i will definitely call)
D- aap phir meri Feelngs ka mazak uda rahi hain (you are making fun of my feelings)
S- nahi nahi… aap sara din mere bare me sochte ho aur main aapke bare mein (no no…all the day you think of me and i think of you)
D (romantic) – really.
S- shut up….wese kya kar rahe the aap (BTW what were you doing?)
D- kuch nahi… wo neha ki shadi ki work list check kar raha tha ki koi kaam chhoota to nahi (nothing… just checking work list of neha’s marriage whether something left or not)
S- maine bhi ise bare me baat karne ke liye aapko call kiya tha (i also want to talk to you about this)
Dev closes his laptop.
S- main soch rahi thi ki neha aur ranveer ko kya gift doon. Bataiye na… main nikki aur riya ko to toda bahot samjh sakti hoon… par neha se zyada baatcheet nahi hui na (i was thinking what to gift neha and ranveer… i know about riya and nikki but don’t knIw about neha)
D – i understand.. wo zyada ghulti milti nahi hai (she does not mingle easily)
S- to bataiye na kya gift doon dono ko (so tell me what to gift them)
D- kuch bhi (anything)
S- kuch bhi? Aap itna soch samajh kar mere liye gift late hain aur mujhe nahi (Anything? You gift me after so much thinking and i…..)
D- aapko gift dena to aasan hai na…. aap khud hi mujhe bata deti hain ki aapko kya chahiye… main to ek tarah se aapka jinny hoon…aapki wishes puri karta hoon (its easy to gift you….you yourself tell me what you want…i am just like your jinny who grants your wishes)
S- you are impossible.
D – relax… kal neha se pooch kar batata hoon (i will ask neha and will tell you tomorrow)
S- neha se poochoge to gift dene ka kya fayda hua? (What is the meaning of gift if you ask neha?)
D- to kuch bhi de do na… jo girls ko pasand hota hai… i mean…main teena se baat karta hoon…use bol deta hoon kuch kharidne ke liye ( gift anything which girls like… i will ask teena to buy something)
S- you are mad
D- ms. Bose…. hindi please.
S- its dr.bose for you.
Both laugh.
N – aap neha ke gift ke liye itni tension kyun le rahi hain (why are you so tensed about the gift)
S- kyunki aapko apni behan ki choice pata hi nahi hai….sab bhaiyon konpata hota hai ki unki behan ko kya kya pasand hai…kese bhai ho aap (coz you dont know about your sister’s choice… every brother kniws about his sister’s liking… what kind of brother you are)
Dev feels hurt. Sona realises her mistake. (Stupid sona)
S- dev… mera kwhne ka matlab wo nahi tha…mujhe pata hai ki aap ek bahot achche bhai ho… apni teeno behno ki khushi ke liye aap kuch bhi kar sakte ho lekin badi khushiyon ke sath chhoti baaten bhi important hoti hain na (i didn’t mean that… i know you are a good brother… you can do anything for your sisters… but small things also matter)
D- i know…. chhoti chhoti baaten bahot matter karti hain…lekin main nikki, neha, riya – inki jarurten samjh sakta hoon – unke shauk aur unki pasand nahi samjh sakta. Kyunki jab wo badi ho rahi thi tab main busy tha (i know… small things also matter.. but i can understand needs of my sisters but i cant understand their likings and hobbies.. coz when they were growing up i waz busy)
S – dev, sad mat hoiye…aap smile kijiye na (dont be sad… just smile)
Dev smiles.
D- kar raha hoon smile.
S- achcha ab sone jaun… aap pakka so jaiye… thik hai… Gdnyt(ok…i am sleeping now… you also go to sleep)
D – ok…Gdnyt

Its morning-
Dixit house –
Nikki and riya are discussing about the gift for neha and sona joins them. Suddenly neha comes and they change the topic and starts talking about theme for sangeet. Sona turns the discussion about the food. Sona suggests to keep healthy food. All say no. Dev supports sona but all denies. Neha tells that she will decide and ranveer has to like this. Dev is against this. Sona also supports neha. Dev is a alone in this situation. Riya says its to follow your wife. dev is confused. (Bechara dev)

Dev comes to kitchen and talks to sona about boys have to follow girls always. Sona argues. Dev is left with no answer.

Sorry guys i could not watch further. One more thing to say. Next week i am supposed to change my house so perhaps i will not be able to continue this detailed update till shifting. Thatsy sorry in advance to all.

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