chapter 9

sayyam and rahul were going on a bike.suddenly something went across the road which made sayyam put the breaks.

rahul:holy shit,what was that?

sayyam:i dont know rahul,but that was weird.

sayyam and rahul got down from their bikes.suddenly the street lamps went out.thick fog grew around them.

rahul: its watching us.

sayyam:listen,i’m not gonna-

rahul:no sayyam.really cant u feel it?

they were surrounded by thick woods and sayyam did feel and knew they were no longer alone.a great hush had fallen over the woods.sayyam and rahul suddenly felt very cold.suddenly lightning flashed and they saw something with slumped shoulders and with red eyes standing int the woods.sayyam’s breath stopped for a second.rahul was literally trembling with fear.then another lightning flash came and they didnt see the figure.they could feel something was coming near them but they couldnt see anything.suddenly

rahul shouted


sayyam:rahul what happened?

sayyam saw his bleeding hand.he took his kerchief and wound it around his hand.

sayyam:how did this happen?

rahul didnt answer .when sayyam looked at him ,he was looking at something at the back of sayyam.sayyam slowly turned and saw those red eyes.before he could react that figure attacked sayyam.and sayyam started to bleed.he got up and searche dfor that figure but it was nowhere to be seen.the street lamps came on and thick fog went away.
sayyam saw rahul was unconcsious on the floor.then he saw someone was running towards him.he couldnt see properly .then he could figure out it was a…2 girls.then sayyam saw their faces it was krishna and yuvani.

krishna hugged sayyam.

krishna:sayyam,r u ok?

sayyam:yeah krishna.

krishna did aid for sayyam and yuvani did aid for rahul..

krishna:what happened sayyam?how did u both get hurt?

sayyam:i dont know,we were coming to see u and suddenly something attacked us.what r u doing here at late night?

krishna:we got an anonymous call saying that there’s an attack here by the we came here.but instead u both were lying here injured.

sayyam:there’s something fishy,we need to figure out what’s happening.

rahul:i think this may be a plan of sambhav.

sayyam: u may be right rahul.krishna,u must be really careful.i will not let him take u away from me this time.

krishna:sayyam,what r u talking?

sayyam:krishna,i need to talk to u.rahul u leave yuvani in her house and go .i will come later.

rahul and yuvani leave.

sayyam:krishna,since we started to hang out together i have been having glimpses of my past life .

and he narrates everything to krishna.

krishna:sayyam,we are soulmates.whatever happens we will never let go of each other.i will always be there for u and i will completely love u .

krishna said with tearfull eyes.

sayyam:krishna,i will not let anything to take u away from me.this is a promise .and i will always love u.

they both look at each other with so much love and they hug,

sayyam:krishna,its already late.let me drop u at ur house.

sayyam drops krishna and he goes back home thinking about the attack.

at morning 3 am,

krishna was woken up by a noise.she woke up and saw that the windows were lashing by the winds.she went to close the windows and she saw it was raining heavily with lightning and thunder.she saw a small puppy drenched in the rain .she felt sorry for it.she went out to take the puppy to shelter.she took an umbrella and went out and sge didnt find the puppy .she couldnt see it anywhere.she started to feel that something was wrong.the street lights went off.she took her phone to call sayyam but there was no signal.suddenly the umbrella flew away.she saw the direction the umbrell a went and at the far end of the road she saw a figure with slumped shoulders and red eyes looking at her.with each flash of lightning that figure was coming closer to her.krishna was scared and she started to move backwards.and she realised that the puppy was a distraction for her to come out.and she started crying.she was praying for sayyam to come.

the screen freezes with krishna’s scared face and sayyam sleeping.

precap:krishna runs and collides with someone.

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