chapter 8

krishna and sayyam reach home.the whole family was standing in the hall.sayyam saw fear in their faces.even soumya was there.just

then someone from the back spoke.

person:welcome home my son.i’m happy to see u.

kriyyam turned to look back at sambhav.he was shocked.he never wanted to see him again in his life.he was the one who ruined his
mother .he felt the rage to kill him growing inside him.

sayyam:why did u come here?

sambhav:oh son!i wanted to give u a gift.u want to know what it is?i will show u.

and he shot suhani and yuvraj.

everybody were shocked.sayyam shouted shouted maaa…paaa…..

sambhav:who is this beautiful girl sayyam?ur gf?

sayyam:shut up sambhav.thats none of ur business.

sambhav:ur next surprise is….

he shoots yuvani and yuvan.sayyam shouts noooooo…….he cries very hardly.krishna ialso cries seeing this.

sambhav shoots dadi ,rags ,sharad,bhavana,and soumya.krishna shouts maa…..

she goes and pushes sambhav and shouts

krishna:what do u want ?why did u do like this to sayyam’s family and my mom?

she cries.

sambhav:ok,i will give u an option.either u die or sayyam dies.

kriyyam were shocked hearing this.

sayyam:krishna,u will live for our baby.

sambhav:sayyam,u r going to become a father.that’s so sweet.

sayyam glared at sambhav.

krishna:sayyam,i cant live without u.

sayyam:krishna.i love u.

krishna:i love u too,sayyam.

they both hugged each other.

sambhav:that is so romantic.ok,now ur countdown starts.


sayyam tightly closed his eyes to take the bullet.

2….1…..and the gun fired.

sayyam didnt feel any pain.he slowly opened his eyes and saw krishna was standing in front of him.she had taken the bullet.


krishna falls in sayyam’s arms

krishna:sayyam i couldnt…s.e…e …u dyin..g

sayyam:i cant live without u krishna..

krishna:i’m we will ……toget..he..r in oue next life.i ….love …u…sayyam.

sayyam:i love utoo…..

and krishna went lifeless in sayyam’s arms.sayyam felt very miserable.he cried loudly clutching her to his chest.

sambhav:if u had come with me,u could have saved a whole family sayyam.but u didnt listen to u had to face the i think that u dont deserve this life.i’m sorry sayyam.

and he shoots sayyam.sayyam fell lifeless beside krishna.sambhav burnt the birla house and walked away.

in the present,

sayyam woke up and shouted noooo…..he was breathing heavily and crying.shiv consoled him.

sayyam:this sambhav has been haunting in all my lives.this time i’m not going to allow him to win.i need to see krishna.

rahul:i will also come with u sayyam.

they both go to see krishna.

the screen freezes.

precap:something attacks sayyam and rahul…..

sorry for the short one…i will update the next one today…please give ur comments.

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  1. Ohhhh poor sayyam?

  2. Aarti32

    It’s good dat d past life ended..Bit emotional episode..N I think sambhav will attack on Saiyyam n Rahul

  3. Aww that was so sad. ??

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