chapter 7

kriyyam got closer day by day…..

they both joined the same college.

in college they had announced a trip to odisha.they were all excited about the trip.

on the day of trip……

sayyam and krishna sat together and yuvani and rahul were sitting together while yuvan was siiting with some girl.they all reached odisha.after taking some rest they all went to falls.everybody were enjoying in the falls.after that everybody went to their rooms.but sayyam went to krishna’s room.

in krishna’s room,

sayyam locked the door.

krishna:hey,sayyam what r u doing ?

sayyam:i thought i could spend some time with u.

he told with an evil smile.krishna understood what he was thinking.

krishna:dont u think its too early for whatever u r thinking??

sayyam:you can do this whenever u want.

saying this he started walking towards krishna.krishna was drying her hair looking at the mirror.

he came from back and hugged her and moved her wet hair from her neck.he kissed the hollow of her neck and her cheeks,eyes,forehead,nose and finally her lips.she encircled her hands around his neck and he was holding her by the waist.they both kissed passionately.sayyam lifted her and dropped her on the bed and he was lying on her and they were still kissing.sayyam stopped kissing and looked at her.

sayyam:krishna, r u okay with this?

krishna:shut up and kiss me.

sayyam smiled at her reply and they both started kissing again.and they both got intimate.

next morning ,they both recalled the before night and smiled .then they reached delhi.

after some few days,

sayyam went to college but he didnt see krishna and he was worried.after college he called her .


sayyam:krishna,r u okay?is anything wrong?

krishna:no sayyam, i was not feeling well.thats all.

sayyam:k.take care.bye.


next day was a big day for sayyam.he was an excellent basketball player in the college. he had to represent his college in the international tournament.

next day,

suhani :sayyam,all the best for your game .i pray to god that you should win.

sayyam:thanks ma.

yuvraj:sayyam.all the best.focus on the game.that will give you success.

sayyam:thanks pa.i will do my best.

sayyam went to the tournament.he and rahul were doing the warmups.yuvani came running and hugged rahul.they both kissed.

yuvani:rahul,atb,i am sure u guys r going to win.

sayyam:oh!hug is only for rahul?

yuvani hugged sayyam also .

rahul:sayyam someone’s waiting for u.

sayyam saw krishna waiting at the corner of the hall.

he hugged rahul and said its my gf.
he ran towards her and hugged her and lifted her swirled her in the air.

sayyam:oh!hey!there’s my girl.


sayyam:i’m glad you’re here krishna!this whole tournament has me wicked nervous.i just feel like my whole future is riding on this game.

krishna:yeah.yeah i know how u feel.

sayyam:yeah?is everything….?everything’s cool right?

krishna:oh yeah.everything’s totally copacetic.



the coach calls sayyam as the game was about to start.

sayyam:i gotta go .see u

and he kissed on her cheeks and after going halfway he turned and looked at her and gave her a basketball kiss.he saw her face and found she was not okay.

sayyam:u okay?

krishna:uh…uh..we can talk about it later

sayyam:no just tell me.

krishna:its ur big day.go enjoy it.

sayyam:i cant enjoy it unless u tell me what’s going on

krishna tells sayyam something and he is shocked.

krishna:you go and play the game.

sayyam walks in shock.he didnt know what to do.he couldnt focus on the game.just then he saw her walking away and he dropped the ball and ran behind her.

sayyam:hey!hey krishna.what r u doing?

krishna:sayyam,what r u doing?

sayyam:look ,u and me we’re in this together okay?

krishna:but the game that’s ur future.

sayyam:no the baby’s my future.

krishna:that’s crazy.

sayyam:no u r my future.

krishna:i cant let u throw this all away.i wont let u.

and when she was about to go away he stopped her and started to kiss her .and they both kissed.he lifted her and walked away to their home.

sayyam leaves his future dream of basketball for krishna and their baby.

precap:kriyyam reach home to find sambhav standing there.he kills suhani and yuvraj in front of sayyam’s eyes.

sorry guys i had my couldnt update.please give ur comments.

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  3. it’s the replica of the film 17 again by zak efron

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    Cute n sweet episode..Btw do u watch yeh hai aashiqui on bindass??

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