chapter 14

sayyam and sharad had went out to find out from where the letter had come from.
during this time bhavana,yuvani and krishna were going around the house when they came across mary’s room.she was looking at a picture and crying.


mary kept the picture inside a trunk and turned and looked back at them.

mary:oh!everybody come inside.

bhavana:why were u crying mary?and whose picture was it?if u dont want to tell me then its ok.

mary:no mam,she was my daughter.

mary takes out the picture and shows it to bhavana.

yuvani:i have seen this girl somewhere.

mary:no yuvani u couldnt have seen her .she died 5 years back.she died because of the person u r searching , sambhav.

krishna:i have seen this photo in yuvan’s phone.

yuvani:yeah u r right.

bhavana:but y would yuvan have this girl’s photo?

krishna:thats what i dont understand.

mary:what r u all speaking about ?i cant understand.

yuvani:mary my brother yuvan stays with our dadi in california.he came to our place a few months back and we saw this girl’s photo in his phone.he even introduced her as his gf.

mary:then does it mean my daughter is alive?

yuvani:we think so.

krishna:wait let us clarify the doubt by calling yuvan.

krishna takes her phone and dials yuvan’s number.
the phone keeps on ringing and no one picked up the phone.krishna tried 4-5 times but still he didnt pick up the phone.

krishna:yuvani i tried so many times and still he didnt pick up the phone.i’m scared u try nah.

yuvani tries again but yuvan never picked up the phone.just then sayyam and sharad entered.bhavana ran to sharad and told that yuvan is not picking up the phone.sharad tries to his number and he didnt pick up.atlast sayyam tries and someone picks the phone.they all see sayyam’s face which shows anger and fear.he cuts the phone and throws it across the hall and shouts in anger.krishna was scared seeing him like this.she had never seen him this angry.sayyam goes to the restroom and washes his face and looks at the mirror with water dripping from his.

meanwhile in the hall,

sharad:krishna,i dont know who spoke int he phone and why is he so angry?i have never seen him like this.

krishna:even me.

bhavana:u have to go and talk to hom krishna.

krishna:why me?i cant i’m really scared to go and talk to him now.

yuvani:u r his gf and surely he will listen to u.

krishna goes to their room he was standing in front of the mirror and wiping his face with a towel.
krishna cleared her throat.sayyam stopped wiping his face and looked at krishna standing at back of him int he mirror.
krishna went towards sayyam and stopped.he went from there and sat on the bed.she went and sat near sayyam and kept her hands on shoulder of sayyam.he looked at her with tearful eyes.krishna was so hurt when she looked at his eyes.tears automatically started to run on kriyyam’s face.they both hugged each other tightly.
krishna broke the hug and looked at him.she wiped his tears and made him look at her.

krishna:sayyam,what happened?

sayyam:sambhav took yuvan’s phone.

krishna was shocked to hear that.

krishna:what did he tell u?

sayyam:that he had surprises for me.

saying this tears flowed from his eyes.

sayyam:whenever i hear the word surprise i am scared my past he said the same thing and killed everybody.i wanted to protect all of u from hom,i wanted to defeat him.but now i’m scared,i fear that i will lose.

krishna hugged him sideways.

krishna:sayyam just remember one thing always the good win.we should never lose a war never show ur fear.your fear is fuel for his victory.he has no one but here we have a big family with love and support.i’m sure we will win at the end sayyam.
sayyam just looked at her and he laid his head in her lap and he slept while krishna caressed his hair.

in the hall mary tells something to sharad and bhavana about sambhav.

the screen freezes .

precap:sayyam gets a video and seeing it he gets shocked.while krishna faints while drinking water.

thank u for the comments guys.if someone doesnt like kriyyam ff then it is better they dont read it.just because yuvani ff gets more comments i cant stop writing kriyyam ff.thats so absurd!

guys i wont be posting the ff from next week since i have my board exams approaching i need to please adjust with me.

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  1. All the best for the exams. I will miss ur ffs bt thats okay.. i pray to god that u pass with flying colours. And abt ff it was amazing as always. Love kriyam

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  3. So good ???

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  5. Great episode. All the best for your exams.
    Please try to update if possible.
    May God help you to pass with flying colours…

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