chapter 13

the next morning,

they all got ready for the was a cold morning.they all had a delicious food.then they got ready to go around switzerland.they went to many places and had full fun.then they all thought krishna and sayyam must go somewhere they went to montreux. (every summer, the legendary montreux jazz festival draws visitors from around the world who have become addicted to spending those summer nights with music by the lake…this is sure to impress ur love.)
they spent a romantic evening holding their hands.then they reached the mansion and went upstairs.krishna went inside the room and closed the door.she felt something and she opened the door.sayyam was about to go into his room.

krishna:sayyam wait!dont go.

krishna’s pov,

sayyam looked at me.and came towards me.he gazed down into my face with his dark blue eyes.

sayyam:what’s wrong?

krishna(whispers):i dont want u to leave.

sayyam:what do u want?


sayyam:invite me in please.

krishna:behaving like a gentleman?

i step back and open the door wide.

krishna:wont u come in?

he swooped in, pushed me deeper into the room, cupped my face in his hands, and devoured me with his mouth. the door slam shut behind him and i could only cling to him as he kissed me almost desperately, as though i’m a mirage that will disappear. he pulled my shirt off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor, and reached for the button of my jeans next, deftly unfastening them with one hand. he pushed his hands inside them, glided them down and lowered my jeans down my legs until they’re pooled around my ankles.i felt so weak and wobbly.

krishna:sayyam,i’m going to fall.

sayyam: i wont let u fall

i gasped when his fingers spread my lips, opening me up to his hot gaze and warm breath. he leaned in and placed his lips over mine and sucked gently. i plant my hands in his hair and hold on as an urgent wave of pure lust consumes me. i whimper, and my breath comes in shallow, short pants.

krishna:i cant stand,sayyam.i’m losing balance.

with his other hand he braced on my back to keep me from falling, he carried me the short distance to the bed, laid me gently in the center, and continued to feast on me, never missing a beat.

next morning,

i lay in sayyam’s arms.i remembered the previous night and blushed.sayyam also woke up and he planted a kiss on my forehead.we both got uo and got ready for the breakfast.while we were eating the food mary gave sayyam a letter.

mary:sir this letter is for u.

after finishing the breakfast he opened the letter and it read,

“dear sayyam,
i’m really sorry for leaving u without telling u.i found that u were missing and my dad was dead.if sambhav comes in search of me he will use me to threaten u.i didn’t want any problems ,so i went to a place where nobody can and track .i’m fine and living comfortable here.u need not worry about me.tell yuvani that i’m safe else she will be worrying about me.take care sayyam.goodbye!
with love

sayyam after reading it gave it to yuvani.he couldn’t believe that rahul left him.he was a brave guy and he was ready to face any problem.but now if he’s running away from sambhav then there must be some problem.

yuvani(crying):rahul,could not have gone too far.he will never run away from problems.i know about him sayyam.please try to find him.

krishna:sayyam,what if sambhav has made rahul write this letter?

sayyam:what r u talking krishna?

yuvani:she’s maybe right sayyam.sambhav could have done this.

sayyam’s phone rings.the number was an unknown one.

unknown:hello sayyam,hope u got the letter.ur friend is living a luxurious life with me.but i don’t think he will be lucky to live like this forever.i think u know what to do.otherwise i have to come to u.i’m so eager to meet u sayyam.

sayyam:i’m waiting!

the screen freezes.

precap:mary reveals a secret about sambhav.

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