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chapter 11

krishna was so scared .the whole house was silent .she could hear the thunder and sound of the rain .she ran and took her mobile to call sayyam,but there was no signal.beads of sweat rolled down her cheeks to her neck.she went outside her room to the was so dark and the lightning flashed occasionaly lighting the hallway.the curtains were flying with the wind.she walked slowly to yuvani’s room.then she heard some noise downstairs .she went down and looked around if anyoune was there.but there was no was so dark she couldnt see anything.she took the torch and switched it on.she could hear her own heartbeat so loudly.she went to the tv room and found it switched was showing some forest and then it came to a pit.the camera is zoomed and it shows sayyam lying unconscious.krishna shouts sayyam and she cries seeing him in that state.the tv got switched off on its own.krishna ran to

sharad and bhavana’s room and she banged the door.

krishna:please open the door!!

bhavana opened the door .

bhavana:krishna!r u ok?why are u so tensed?

krishna:i saw a writng in my room’s was written by sambhav.and i also saw a video clipping of sayyam lying unconscious in the pit.i am scared.i dont want anything to happen to sayyam.please help me!!

krishna was crying so hard.

sharad:ok!krishna first u need to calm down.dont worry we will help sayyam.

bhavana hugged krishna and she was consoling her.
sharad called someone and talked to him.

in the forest,

sayyam found it very difficult to climb .since it was raining the water was filling the pit.the water level was upto his waist.atlast sayyam managed to climb out of the pit .he started running in a random direction .after some distance he tripped on something and fell down.he got up and started running then he suddenly stopped.he turned back and came to the place where he tripped and he found a body.he turned the body to see the face.sayyam was shocked to see it.the bile rose in his throat.he went and puked near a tree.he couldnt see the body .the face was infested by maggots.he ran far away fron there and cried loudly.the body was none other than shiv.the one who raised him like a father,and taught him to respect people,and gave him love was lying there lifeless.he couldnt accept this fact.he had to somehow go and check on krishna and rahul.he again started running .and he came to the main road.
sharad and few of his men got ready to rescue sayyam.

krishna:i will also come.

sharad:no krishna,its not safe out there.its better if u stay inside.

when they were about to move they heard rustling noises at the edge of the woods.the men walked slowly with their guns pointed towards the woods.and suddenly a figure came running towards them and all the men fell down .that figure came and fell down.krishna knew who it was.

krishna:sayyam!its sayyam.

krishna ran towards him and hugged him tightly and cried.

sayyam:hey,krishna.r u fine?

krishna:shut up!how could u leave me like this?i was so scared.

sayyam:now i’m there nah.then why r u scared?

kriyyam hugged tightly and cried.

krishna:i love u!

sayyam:i love u too!

krishna saw sayyam’s bleeding hands

krishna:sayyam !ur hands r need first aid and the most important a bath.u smell like a wet dog.

krishna helped sayyam to get up.

sayyam:sharad ,its not safe for u guys to be here.we all need to move somewhere safer.

sharad:but where can we go?

sayyam:i know a place.its safe there, i will take u.

that night krishna does aid to sayyam and she tells him about the eerie happenings in his absence.he comforted her and they both slept in each others arms cosily.

the next morning,

sayyam woke up as the sun light fell on his face.he saw krishna in his arms and caressed his finger on her cheeks.sayyam was admiring her sleeping.he didnt want to disturb her.he took a paper and wrote that he was going to search for rahul.and kept on her side table.he went down and saw yuvani doing her exercise.

sayyam:hey yuvani,did u get any message from rahul?

yuvani:no sayyam,i was about to ask the same question to u.where is he?what happened to him?i’m really worried.

sayyam:i’m going to search for u want to join me?

yuvani:yeah! one sec i will be back.

yuvani goes and changes her dress and comes.they both go in sayyam’s bike.they go to sayyam’s house and find that he’s not there.they go to many places and have no news about him.they decide to return home.while returning krishna calls sayyam,

krishna:sayyam,did u find rahul?

sayyam:no krishna,there’s no news about him.

krishna:sayyam.u need to come home sharad wants to talk to u.

sayyam:yeah i’m on my way.



the phone is cut.they reach home.they both go inside and sit in the hall.

sharad:krishna told me everything sayyam.i want everybody to be safe,especially krishna and yuvani.i dont know why u hate sambhav and i dont intend to ask about ur past.but i just want to say that i trust u and i hope u wont break that trust.

sayyam:sharad,i promise u that i will not allow anything to happen to krishna and yuvani.u can trust me 100%.i will never break that trust.i couldnt find rahul,so i think we should be moving away from here because sambhav is here.he may be watching us ,so we must be careful.

sharad:ok,but where r we going ?

sayyam:switzerland.u guys have ur visas right?

sharad:yeah we have.

sayyam:then start packing .i will book the tickets.

they all go and have their breakfast and start packing.krishna goes to sayyam.

krishna:sayyam,r u sure we will be safe there ?

sayyam:i hope so krishna.

at night,

everyone are sitting at the dining table,

sharad:sayyam,our aim is to kill sambhav.

sayyam:i know.

sharad:u need to help us.

sayyam:i will help u.but u cant kill him.he is an immortal,u can only destroy him.if u kill him hee will come back again for u.

sharad:then how to destroy him?

sayyam:i dont know.i’m trying to figure that out.there must be some way.

the screen freezes with sayyam thinking.

precap:trip to switzerland!!

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