chapter 10

krishna was really scared .she started to run and she stumbled and fell down.she saw that figure coming closer and she started running faster.she couldnt see where she was going in the darkness.her heart was racing.she hoped sayyam came.

sayyam’s home,

sayyam woke up from a bad dream.he was sweating .he went and drank water and took his phone and saw the call from krishna.

sayyam(thinking):why has krishna called at this odd time?maybe she has got into some trouble?oh god i need to go there immediatley and check if she’s alright.

sayyam takes his bike and goes out in the rain.he reached home and saw the umbrella lying on the road and the door open in krishna’s home.he runs inside krishna’s home and goes to her room to find it empty.he was breathing heavily.he could not let anything happen to krishna.he raced down and ran through the forest in search of her.he heard some rustling sound behind him.he turned slowly and looked back and it was just pitch darkness.he again picked up speed and ran .after a few minutes he again heard those rustling noises.this time he didnt stop but he continued to run and he came to the main road.he heard some noises in the far end of the road.then he saw that figure which attacked him earlier.and someone running towards him.
that girl came and collided with sayyam.sayyam held her tightly and called krishna.krishna looked at him and cried so hard and she was clutching onto his shirt tightly.

sayyam:dont cry krishna,i’m have come nah.

krishna:i knew u would come sayyam.

sayyam :krishna we need to move away from here.

that figure was still standing at the end of the road looking at them.kriyyam ran through the forest again .just then sayyam realised
how stupid he was to come through the forest.he could hear those rustling noises following them.

sayyam:krishna,dont look back.avoid those sounds ok?

krishna:ok sayyam.

they both were breathing heavily and they both collided with a figure.they could not see its was completely dark.krishna was holding sayyam’s shirt tightly.

krishna:sayy…am,is that sambhav?

sayyam:no krishna.

again the thick fog had started to grow around them.krishna was shivering.sayyam took his jacket and gave it to her.

krishna:its d..damn c..cold wont u ne..eed this?

sayyam:this doesnt affect me krishna.i’m already cold.

kriyyam were moving backwards and then they both fell into a deep pit.sayyam’s back hurt badly.he was holding krishna’s hand tightly.he could feel an itntense pain at the back of his head.cold liquid came flowed on his face and before closing his eyes he saw 2 figures standing above them.

the next morning,

sayyam’s phone was ringing.he got up, felt like his head was going to explode with pain.he turned and saw krishna was missing.he was shocked.he took his phone and saw the caller id .it was krishna.he took the phone and said hello groggily.

krishna:sayyam,r u okay.i have been calling u since yesterday night .but u never picked up the phone.what happened?
sayyam:krishna where r u?u were with me yesterday night right?

krishna:sayyam i was at home.a figure attacked me and i somehow managed to escape and reach home.

sayyam:what r u talking krishna?u came and collided with me amd then we came thru the forest and fell in a pit.dont u remember?

krishna:no sayyam.i never met u yesterday night.sayyam i think something’s wrong.where r u now.i will come now.

sayyam:no krishna,u cant come alone .u should not come out of ur house thats not safe.there’s something really wrong and i’m not able to figure it out .i need some time.i will call u later.

sayyam was still in the pit .he was totally confused.he was so sure that krishna was with him.but krishna denied that.this made his head
pain more.just then it him.

sayyam(to himself):damn me!how could i fall to his evil trap?

he called rahul.

sayyam:rahul,sambhav has played the game very well.

he narrated the whole incident to him.

sayyam:it was not krishna with me yesterday night but it was sambhav.he can change forms right?i totally forgot that .
opposite side:very good sayyam.u figured it out,yes it was my plan to trap u in that pit and have fun with ur close ones.sayyam dont u like surprises.

sayyam:sambhav,what did u do to rahul.if anything happens to my close ones i will kill u.

sambhav:sayyam,u cant.have u forgotten that i’m immortal?have fun in the pit.

the phone was cut.sayyam shouted ahhhhh… echoed thru the woods.

sayyam(thinking):no i cant let him win.i need to do something.think sayyam,think.

sayyam saw the climbers running thru the ground.he tried catching it and climbing.but each time he failed.he was continuously trying.his hands had started to bleed.he didnt care about it and he again tried.

at krishna’s home,

krishna was lying on the bed thinking about sayyam.she heard water running in the bathroom.she got up and went slowly and to the bathroom to find the tap water running.she went and closed the tap.she then saw the mirror and it was foggy and something was written on read “wherever u go i will not leave u.with love sambhav.krishna was hell shocked.

the screen freezes with krishna’s shocked face and sayyam trying to climb from the pit.

precap:sayyam escapes from the pit and trips on something and he sees it and he is shocked

thank u for the comments.ur comments are really encouraging and i would love to have more comments.i hope the ff is not boring.

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