Kriyyam SS- Ok Jaanu!! (Part 1) by Aaru

Hi everyone..I want to tell u all something..I’ve decided dat if u all want, I’ll make it of only 5 parts..I’ll keep d story short..I got very less comments..Maybe bcz most of u found it uninteresting n boring..It’s ok..I’ll keep it short n end it within April..Thanx to all those who commented..n especially​ khushi, u helped me n supported me a lot..

Krishna is getting down s stairs of a building. She’s on a call. “Ya Saiyyam, I’m coming” said Krishna. “Make it fast Krish” spoke Saiyyam. “Arey, abhi abhi office se nikli hu. Thoda time to lagega na (jst now I’ve left from office, it’ll take sometime atleast). Have pateince”, complained Krishna.
She reached a garden n saw Saiyyam waiting for her. “Happy anniversary babyyyy!!” She squealed in happiness as she hugged him. He too said “happy anniversary” while he kissed her cheek. Both of them cut a cake n fed each other.

They sat on a bench close to each other, holding hands. Saiyyam was smiling more than he usually does. Krishna noticed dat. “Wat happened?? Ye oh-I’m-so-happy wali smile kis liye (wat is dis oh-I’m-so-happy smile for)??” He replied “main kuch soch rha tha (I was thinking something)” “wat??” He held her hand in his hand n said “Krish, it’s been three years since we’re together. So..” “So??” asked Krishna. “So I was thinking dat..We shud move in together..” Krishna was bit surprised by Saiyyam’s sudden proposal of a live-in relationship. She said “don’t u think ye thoda jaldi h (don’t u think it’s a bit early)??” Saiyyam’s​fingers caressed her knuckles n he replied “I think it’s high time now.. Mujhe to yahi decision sahi lagta h..

Main tumhara decision jaanna chahta hu..(I think dis decision is right..I want to know your decision..)” “but r u sure?? I mean, agar hum ye sab handle nhi kr paye to..(I mean, wat if we couldn’t handle all dis..) said Krish looking tensed. “don’t worry” said Saiyyam trying not to make her tensed. “no..Sirf kehne see nhi hota..Apne careers bhi to handle krne honge..Decision lene se pehle humein do baar sochna chahiye..Ye bohot bad decision h..Isse hamari lives change ho sakti h..Be practical..( we shud think twice before taking d decision..Coz it’s a very big decision..It can change our lives..)” said Krishna trying to make Saiyyam understand dat jst being excited does not work. He shud know abt d effects a live-in relationship will hv on both of their lives. But Saiyyam was totally aware of wat he was saying. He softly asked her “u trust me??” She nodded in a yes. Saiyyam smiled at her n said ” to hum sab handle kr lenge..(then we’ll handle everything..)” Krish was convinced now, n she added to Saiyyam’s statement “sath mein..(together)”
She asked him a bit excitedly “so when will we start searching for..Humara ghar (our house)” laying emphasis on hamara (our).

Saiyyam got up from d bench n asked her “so let’s start from today..Ok jaanu??” Krish smiled n said “ok jaanu” “but, before dat..Mera gift kahan h (where’s my gift)??” Krish, being playful, said “I’m not in mood. Gift kal..Thik h (gift tomorrow..Ok)” Saiyyam pulled her close h held her waist. Krish smirked at him saying “arey, jaanu getting naughty!!” “Sab tumhari wajah se, mujhe jo chahiye wo dedo ( all bcz of u, give me wat I want)” said Saiyyam giving her a naughty smirk. Krish said “u’re hopeless Saiyyam!!” Saiyyam said “now get used to my demands..Bcz we’re moving in together, so ab se..hum tum ek kamre mein band ho, aur chabi kho jaye (from now..U n me in a room n d keys get lost)”.

He winks at her n moves his face closer to hers.
Krishna’s hands move from Saiyyam’s shoulders to his hair. His rough lips met her glossy ones. He pulled her more closer through her waist while her fingers roamed in his curly hair. He could taste her lipgloss. She pulled out when she was out of breathe. He placed a soft kiss on her nose n both of them left for their places.

PRECAP- finding a house..

I know it wasn’t dat interesting, but I tried my best..Next episode will be posted dis week only..Plzz comment if u liked it

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  1. AnahitaAnnie

    It wad great Aaru… Loved it from every inch. And plz don’t shorten it. I was waiting it for so long and I really love. Its fantastically written. The emotions the words are conveyed so cutely. I loved it from core so plz don’t shorten it….. The ss is really good.

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u Annie..But less than even 10 comments is so discouraging n hurting..If I get a satisfying number of comments, I’ll continue after part 5..It’s a promise

  2. Aarti32

    Picture credits-Khushi1707

  3. Khushi1707

    Dii it was great!!! Kriyam are very free n frank to each other..excited for watching(reading) Kriyam be a happy ,modern. in love couple
    And thanks for mentioning me!!!

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u khushbush??..Yeah, I always wanted Kriyyam to be a frank n modern couple..N cute too..
      I had to mention u..After all u helped me so much..n encouraged me when I was down..

  4. Shaani

    Offoo… Aaru… U r soo amazing writer… Why will u stop writing after 5 episodes… Plz continue it Na… I don’t know how I missed ur intro of this ss… Plz let’s stop calling it ss… Let’s. Say FF… Plz continue it Na.. I’m going to read it… Evryday… I going to wait till u post… Sorry for not commenting on ur intro… Idk how I missed it.. I’m soo sorry.. Maaf Karoongi mujhe…
    Keep writing Dr… U r an amazing… I was going to ask u about the ff.. Becoz u told that u r going to start a new ff..based on kriyamm… Plz continue this.. Don’t stop it after 5 episodes

    1. Aarti32

      It’s ok shaanu..I understand, u missed it by mistake..
      No no..I don’t believe in changing surnames?? n SS is d surname of my post??..Lol.. it’s an SS bcz d story is finite..No dragging, no drama..
      I’ve already maaf-ed u??
      But dear so less comments r hurting..I promise, if I’ll get enough comments, I’ll continue after part 5..

  5. Nice

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u..

  6. Really great

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u Ridita

  7. Fanficwriter518

    This is a really good storyline and idea xx keep going i like how u hav a different approach to all the other fanfics

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u dear..It felt really good to read such a comment ??

  8. Simply awesome…
    Dont have enough words right now.

    1. Aarti32

      Thanx Shivani..Keep supporting plzz

  9. Perfect story keep going ?

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u Anika..


    Oh di! Please make it longer than 5 parts! I really really really love this concept and the description and dialouges in this part wer so so so sweet and romantic. Your ff has already stolen my heart! I think now there are many authors posting everyday and many people are busy with exams and rhat maybe why you got less comments in ypye intro, otherwise i cant possibly think of a reason anybody wouldnt like this masterpiece x

    1. Aarti32

      Itta pyaara comment!!Thank u so much..I’ll extend it if I get enough comments..

  11. Bohot Bohot cite episode….lovef it Aaru ..update ASAP 🙂

    1. Aarti32

      Thank u Isha..I’ll update soon..

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