Hi guys, This is Muniya here with a Kriyyam story. I m literally obsessed with Kriyyam. So thought to write a story on my fav couple.I also love YuvAni a lot.So basically this is a one shot story. Here Krishna has already realized her love for Sayyam with Yuvaani’s help and now she is trying to confess her feelings to him but with no result as Sayyam is not ready to accept it because of his guilt. But Yuvaani assures Krishna that Sayyam also has the same feeling for her. And Yuvaani is right as Sayyam really loves Krishna a lot but he always tries to keep distance from Krishna because of his guilt and hurts her by his actions so that she misunderstands him and stays away from him. But he fails to do that as sometimes he is also unable to control his feelings for Krishna. On the other side Krishna has make her mind to confess her love to Sayyam and prepares herself for that.
So now lets jump into the story…………………

It is a beautiful and shiny morning. Sayyam is sleeping peacefully in his bed. But his sleep got disturbed due to some ringing noise. He frowns and rubs his eyes and opens his eyes to find the reason of the sound. He looked around the room and glanced over the dresser. His eyes got stuck there. He saw the most beautiful sight ever, at least for him it was the most beautiful sight. Although now he became used to this sight every morning, which he couldn’t deny makes his day, but he would never ever admit that. He saw his beautiful wife Krishna is getting ready in front of the mirror.
Krishna is wearing a light red colour salwar. She was drying her hair and so her bangles were making that ringing sound which disturbed Sayyam’s peaceful sleep. Unknowingly a smile makes its way on his lips as he continues staring at her. Krishna was busy in getting ready. She, after drying her hair, keeps it on her right soldier. She did some light makeup, filled her hairline with sindoor and wear her mangalsutra. She gets completely ready and stand up to go out when suddenly she saw in mirror that Sayyam is staring at her with an intense gaze. She tries to avoid his gaze as she remembers about their last night arguement over a smsll matter. She was annoyed with him. She looked away and starts to leave when Sayyam gets up from the bed and made his way towards her. She couldn’t believe her eyes for a moment, his eyes still stuck into hers. Krishna tries to move but he held her wrist and stopped her. She gets shocked by his action and tries to free herself but with no result.
Krishna: Sayyam ye kya kar rahe ho tum? Haath chhodo mera.
She struggles to free her hand.

Sayyam doesn’t say anything, hold her hand more tightly and spin her around so that her back is pinned to his chest. Sayyam moved her wet hair from her back. Krishna was too surprised to say or to do anything. She just stands there closing her eyes and breathing heavily as she can feel his warm breath against her skin. Suddenly Sayyam lifts his hand and to Krishna’s surprise hold the dori of her salwar and tied it up.
Krishna’s eyes got wide open. Sayyam moved back and turn Krishna to face him and said
Sayyam: Dhyan kahan rehta hai tumhara? Aise hi bahar jaane ka iraada tha kya?
Krishna was too wondered to answer him. She just looks at him. Sayyam shook his head and turn to leave for washroom.
Krishna saw him leaving. Her anger was vanished by this time and she finally spoke up
Krishna: Wo….main…
Sayyam stopped and turn back to look at her
Krishna: Thank u..
Sayyam looked at her for some time and than left for washroom.
Krishna saw him going and smiled to herself as she feels a immense in her heart and said
Krishna: Kitni care karta hai mera. phir bhi ye kabhi nahi maanega ki mujhse pyaar karta hai…hey bhagwaan …pata nahi isko kab akal aayegi?
After talking to herself Krishna starts to leave when suddenly Sayyam’s ph. starts ringing. Krishna thinks to take the call as he was in washroom, but hesitates to do so. But finally decides to take the call.
Krishna: Hello…
Os: Hello..can i speak to Mr. Sayyam..its urgent.
Krishna: Actually…mmm..u can tell me…i m his wife.
Krishna feels a pleasure as she addresses herself as Sayyam’s wife.
Os: Yeah..sure mam..actually..its..
The person on the other side says something which makes Krishna shocked and tensed at the same time. She becomes sad.

Krishna listens to the person for some time and says in a broken voice
Krishna :Ok…i’ll tell him.
And than she disconnects the call and stands there in shock, waits for Sayyam to come out of the washroom.
After some time Sayyam comes out of the washroom and sees Krishna standing there with a tensed face, looking at him.
Sayyam feels a lil embarrassed as he was shirtless. He came out of the washroom only in pant. But Krishna was so much engrossed in thought that she didn’t even realize that Sayyam is shirtless. She continues staring at him.
Sayyam was about to ask her what happen, when Krishna came near him and asked
Krishna :How can u do this Sayyam?
Sayyam doesn’t get anything and looks at her in confusion.
Sayyam : What happen? Ab maine kya kiya?
Sayyam than thinks that Krishna is talking about the morning incident, so he said
Sayyam: Oh…wo.. main to bas tumhari help kar raha tha…agar tumhe bura laga toh.. i m sorry..
But to hos surprise,Krishna doesn’t pay any attention to what he said and again asked
Krishna: Tum aisa kaise kar sakte ho Sayyam? Don’t u even care about anyones feelings?
By this time, Sayyam gets really irritated with the same question and that too without any clue.
He grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to his body, Krishna’s hands were automatically placed on his soldiers.
Sayyam: What’s ur problem haa? Why r u asking the same question again and again?
He hold her arms more tightly. Krishna feels pain but she looks straight in his deep brown ocean like eyes and said
Krishna:Tum aaj shaam ko Delhi jaa rahe ho?

Sayyam gets slightly taken aback by this question. He left her arm and let her go, but Krishna doesn’t move and continues looking at him.
Sayyam looks downwards and lowers his voice
Sayyam : Yes.. but how do u come to know about it?
Krishna stares at him for sometime and than says
Krishna: When u were in washroom, someone from airlines authority called u for the confirmation of ur ticket to Delhi. I took the call and thus i came to know.
Sayyam looks at her and than goes to check his ph. and Krishna turns to face him and continues
Krishna: But how can u go Sayyam? U know na.. do din mein Yuvaani ki shaadi hai..
Sayyam understands Krishna’s point and politely says
Sayyam : I know Krishna, but its very imp for me to go to Delhi.
Krishna is not satisfied by his answer and gets irritated
Krishna: Kyun tumhare office mein koi aur nahi hai kya…. jo tumhe hi jaana parega?
Sayyam smiles to himself at her childish question look at her with a slight smirk
Sayyam: Office mein bahut saare log hain… par mere jaisa smart koi nahi hai na.. toh isliye mujhe hi jaana parega…
Krishna gets more irritated by his reply
Krishna: Very funny!!!
Sayyam doesn;t look at her and goes towards the cupboard to wear his shirt.
Krishna was so desperate to stop him bcz she decided to confess tonight only as she was being unable to bear with her emotions and feelings such longer and also she wanted to enjoy Yuvaani’s marriage wholeheartedly in Sayyam’s company.
Krishna thinks to blackmail Sayyam emotionally, taking Yuvaani’s name.
Krishna: Is ur work more imp. to u than ur sister’s marriage? Don’t u even love Yuvaani?
Sayyam becomes serious, looks at her and his voice a bit loud
Sayyam; Krishna.. u know very well that how much Yuvaani is imp. to me…she is more than a sister and a friend to me…than how can u say that?
Krishna becomes afraid by his sudden loud voice but doesn’t move back, gathers courage and says
Krishna: Than how can u go leaving her in the most imp. day of her life?
Sayyam gets really angry and comes near her. Krishna becomes more afraid.
Sayyam : Krishna.. u just stay out of this…. no need to think about me…
They continues to argue for sometime.

Krishna was hurt by his words and understands that she won’t be able to stop him.She thinks something in mind and says
Krishna: No..Sayyam…i won’t let u go…i’ll go and tell Suhani aunty about it…only she can stop u…
She turns to leave but Sayyam hold her wrist to stop her
Sayyam: Zyaada over smart banne ki zaroorat nahi hai Krishna….i said na.. u just stay out of this.
Krishna doesn’t say anything. She somehow manages to free her hand and moves towards the door but Sayyam again comes in her way. He closes the door, hold her by her waist and pushes her more inside the room. Krishna slips due to sudden action and clutches his shirt for support and a result they both fall on the bed. Sayyam falls over Krishna andshe closes her eyes.
After a while Krishna opens her eyes, only to see Sayyam, looking deep into her eyes. They both stare into each others eyes for a long time. But their ever ending moment gets ruined due to a knock on their room door. Kriyyam realize their position and tries to stand up but Krishna again slips and Sayyam helps her to stand back. They feel awkward.
Krishna goes to open the door and sees Suhani. Sayyam also comes.
Krishna: Aunty..aap..kuch chahiye aapko?
Suhani smiles at her and turns to Sayyam
Suhani: Haan..humein Sayyam se kaam hai.
Sayyam: Haan…maa boliye
Suhani: Sayyam.. wo.. actually.. aaj shaam ko humein jeweler ke yahan jaana tha…Yuvaani ki jewelery lene… toh tum chaloge hamare saath?
Sayyam looks at Krishna and than at Suhani
Sayyam: Actually…maa..main
He was about to say something, but couldn’t complete
Krishna: No aunty..Sayyam aapke saath nahi jaa sakta…bcz he is going to Delhi today afternoon for 2 days.

Saying that she looks at Sayyam and he sends her a glare.
Suhani is very much shocked to hear that
Suhani: What…what r u saying Krishna?
Suhani looks at Sayyam who was staring at Krishna angrily
Suhani: But how can u go Sayyam? U know na..
Suhani was about to say further when Sayyam looked at her held her hand and said
Sayyam: Maa…i know that.. but its really very imp. for me to go…plz try to understand…
Suhani: But Sayyam…
They continue for sometime.
All this time Krishna was looking at Suhani with hope as she thought that Suhani will be able to convince Sayyam, but to her disappointment, instead of Sayyam, Suhani only gets convinced by Sayyam as he promises Suhani to come back before Yuvaani’s marriage.
After some time of talking to Suhani, Sayyam says
Sayyam: Maa.. ipromise u that i’ll be back before Yuvaani’s marriage… plz let me go…u know na how hard i hv worked for this project…plz maa..
Suhani:(hesitating) Ok… but remember ur promise.
Sayyam nods and hugs her. Suhani than looks at Krishna and leaves.
Krishna was left heartbroken. She also leaves the room without looking at Sayyam. Sayyam was confused with her behavior but ignores and goes out.
After some time Krishna comes to and Sayyam’s packing with a heavy heart as Suhani told her to do so. Sayyam enters the room and sees Krishna packing his stuffs. He gets happy.
Krishna finishes his packing and was leaving, ignoring him, when Sayam said
Sayyam : Waise toh… main aapna kaam khud hi kar sakta hoon…… par ab tumne kar diya toh …thank u.
Krishna, without saying anything, starts to leave when Sayyam again says
Sayyam : Waise…i know.. tumne meri packing kyun ki?
Krishna gets confused
Krishna: What do u mean?
Sayyam: I mean.. i know.. that u r very happy..bcz i won’t here for 2 days.. so u don’t hv to my face… that’s why u r very happy and u did my packing so fast…Right?
Krishna was too hurt to say anything. She just left from there. Sayyam looks on puzzled.
Time passes and its time for Sayyam to leave. He was taking leave from the family.
Yuvaani: Sayyam plz come back soon.
Sayyam : Yes..Yuvaani i’ll try my best.
Suhani and Yuvraaj also says that and wish him good luck for his work.
Krishna was standing there. She wanted to tell him to come back soon and wish him good luck, but couldn’t say anything. Sayyam, before leaving, looks at Krishna from the corner of his eyes. Krishna also looks at him and than he finally leaves. Krishna sees him going and feels a certain pain in her heart and runs from there, leaving everybody confused by her action.

At night
Krishna comes to her room and lays down on her couch. But couldn’t sleep. She looks at Sayyam’s empty bed and lets out a sigh. She thinks to call Sayyam bcz she was missing him very badly, but than remembers his harsh words and decides not to call him and tries to sleep.
There was one more reason for Krishna to be upset with him as she thought that at least Sayyam will inform her after he reaches Delhi. She was eagerly waiting for his call all the evening, when Suhani comes to her and informs her about Sayyam’s reaching to Delhi,safely. Krishna gets relieved by the news but also feels hurt at the same time. She slowly falls asleep when thinking about him.
After 2 days
It is Yuvaani’s wedding day.
Krishna wakes up with a broad smile on her face. She is very happy today due to 2 reasons. Firstly, it is Yuvaani’s marriage and secondly and most importantly, Sayyam is coming back today.
These 2 days distance has changed so many things between Kriyyam. In these 2 days Krishna has missed Sayyam very much and her feelings for him has grown more stronger. On the other side Sayyam has also missed Krishna’s presence always around himself and he was on verge of realization of his true feelings for Krishna.
Krishna gets up and gets ready and goes to the hall.The hall was beautifully decorated with flowers and lights. Everybody was very happy and busy in works. Krishna was continuously looking at the door and the wall clock.
Yuvaani notices her understands that she is waiting for Sayyam. She goes to Krishna.
Yuvaani: He is my bro..if he has promised..than he’ll must come soon.
Krishna was very much shocked to hear Yuvaani. She looks at her and gets shy.
Yuvaani: Oh..come on Krishna…i know that u r waiting for now don’t get shy.
Krishna: No..Yuvaani..its nothing like that …i was just..
Yuvaani : Oh plz… tu toh rehne de..mujhe sab pata hai…anyways don’t worry he’ll come soon.
Krishna smiles and goes from there.

Time passes and its almost lunch time. Sayyam still has not reach home. Everybody was tensed for him. Krishna becomes restless and tries to call him, but his ph. is not reachable. Krishna was pacing back and forth, continuously looking at the door.
Yuvraaj comes to her and reassures her and says not to worry. Krishna leaves and Yuvraaj was also leaving when his ph. rings and he takes the call. It was from one of his friends from Delhi. His friend apologise to him for not being able to come to attend Yuvaani’s wedding as his flight got canceled due to another plane crash. Yuvraaj was already tensed for Sayyam and he he got the news of plane crash, he got more tensed. He thinks to ask his friend about the detail of the plane which has been crashed and more to his disappointment it was the same flight which Sayyam was supposed to come.
Yuvraaj couldn’t think anything else and shouted
Yuvraaj: What!!! AI 96011!!!
Saying that he drops his ph. and sits on the sofa. Hearing his shout, everybody comes to him and asks what happened.
Suhani: What happened Yuvraaj? Why r u shouting?
Yuvaani: Papa..plz say what happened?
Yuvraaj looks at everybody with a blank face and somehow manages to say
Yuvraaj: Sa..Sa..Sayyam
Everybody becomes curious in Sayyam’s name, they keep on asking and Yuvraaj tells them everything. Everyone gets shocked. Suhani and Yuvaani starts crying. Bhavna and Pratima tries to console them.
Suddenly they hear a sound of a vase falling and turns to see Krishna standing there and tears flowing down her cheeks. Suhani goes to her and hold her as she was about to fall. Krishna somehow manages to stand and runs to her room. Suhani follows her but Yuvraaj and Pratima stops her.
Yuvraaj :Suhani..i m going to search for Sayyam. Sharad u come with me.
Sharad: Yes..i m coming.
They leave. And everybody goes to temple area to pray for Sayyam.

On the other side Krishna comes her room and sits on the floor while crying. Yuvraaj’s words echoing in her ears. She looks up at the Ganesha idol and cries bitterly
Krishna: Kyun.. bhagwaan..kyun? Whythis always happens with me?…main jisse bhi pyaar karti hoon…wo hamesha mujhe chhodke kyun chale jaate hain?..maine toh aapne papa ka chehra tak nahi dekha…and mumma… she was my life…my everything..but she also left me..and now Sayyam also..
She couldn’t finish as she breaks down, crying.
She stands up and go to the bed side table and takes Sayyam’s photo and hugs tightly.
Krishna: (looks at his photo) Tum aisa kaise kar sakte ho Sayyam..u promised that u’ll come back soon..than what happen to ur promise?..(again cries) Hamari zindagi to abhi shuru bhi nahi hui…aur tum..tum mujhe…hum sabko chhodke kaise jaa sakte ho?..plz Sayyam…come back… mujhe tumse bahut kuch kehna hai Sayyam …plz (cries more, hugging his photo)….plz Sayyam don’t leave me…i can’ live without u… plz…i promise u Sayyam… i’ll never fight with u.. i’ll do whatever u say…Sayyam…plz come back………
Krishna keeps on crying, hugging his photo and remembers all their moments spent together.
Time skips to 3 hours
Everybody was in hall area. Suhani and all others were crying. Bhavna calls Yuvraaj and Sharad. But they don’t receive the call as they already reach home. They couldn’t get any info about Sayyam. Everybody shatters and prays for him.
Yuvraaj keeps on trying to get to know his whereabouts. Suddenly, Suhani shouts
Suhani: Sayyam !!!
Everybody gets shocked and turns to see Sayyam standing at the entrance. He is lil injured. Suhani and all others runs to him, Suhani hugs him and they all bring him inside, makes him sit and asks what happened to him. Sayyam slowly tells them everything.
Sayyam : Actually..i finished my work yesterday night only…so i thought to come back, as i promised maa and Yuvaani. iI took the flight and arrived herein the morning. I was coming but i met an accident on a lonely road… the car gets damaged and i couldn’t get any lift and i had to walk from there…that’s why i became late..and my ph. couldn’t contact anyone.
Everybody listens to him.
Sayyam : But why r u all so tensed? what happen?
Yuvraaj tells him about the plane crash news and all and Suhani cries hugging him and tells himhow much tensed they got. But all this time, Sayyam’s eyes were searching for Krishna, but she is no where. Sayyam looks around the hall but couldn’t find her. Yuvaani understands and tells him about Krishna’s condition.
Yuvaani: Krishna aapne room mein hai…wo bahut ro rahi hai…
Sayyam gets shocked as Yuvaani suddenly says about Krishna. He looks at her she nods. Sayyam feels a strange feeling that he never felt before, taking control over his heart and found himself already crossed that verge, which he was afraid to think of, 2 days ago. In that moment he just wanted to go to Krishna and see her. Suhani goes to call Krishna but Sayyam immediately stops her. Suhani understands and nods and Sayyam rushes to his room. Everybody gets relieved and happy and again become engage in Yuvaani’s marriage preparation.
Krishna was continuously crying in her room, unaware of all the happenings of outside. She was sitting lifelessly on the floor with Sayyam’s photo, resting her head on the edge of the bed, closing her eyes.
Suddenly she hears some footsteps and slowly turns to see and gets shocked. She couldn’t believe her eyes for a moment. Her heart skips a beat. She thinks she is dreaming. She slowly stands up and steps forward and runs to the person while crying
Krishna: SAYYAM!!!!

She runs to him and hugs him as tightly as she could and cries her heart, burying herself in his chest. She than looks at him, cups his face and starts kissing him all over his face. Sayyam just stands there, holding her tightly. Krishna than again hugs him and Sayyam also hugs her back. Krishna continues crying.
Sayyam was also having tears in his eyes. After sometime Sayyam breaks the hug and Krishna cups his face. She looks at him,tears flowing down her cheeks
Krishna: Sayyam..kahan chale gaye the tum .. Sayam… tum theek toh ho na…tumhe kuch…
Couldn;t complete as she notices a bruise a on his forehead
Krishna : kaise hua Sayyam…plz tell me what happened to u..tum itni der kahan the..plz Sayyam …for gods sake..tell me something..plz (again hugs him)
Sayyam: Relax..Krishna..i m absolutely fine.. nothing happened to me..
He tells her everything.
Krishna: (sighs in relief) Thank god…tum pehle aa gaye the…warna when Daidu said tumhari.. plane crash ho gayi..aur tum…
She again cries
Sayyam: And i m dead?
Krishna looks at him with painful eyes, tears flowing down her cheeks. Sayyam hold her more tightly and looks at her deep brown eyes, which were swollen due to heavy crying, and leans more closer to her face
Sayyam : Tum isliye ro rahi thi ..bcz u thought i m dead?
Krishna doesn’t say anything, hugs him tight while sobbing badly
Sayyam : But why Krishna? Why were u crying for me?
Krishna is shocked at his stupid question and gets really angry. She breaks the hug and hold him by his collar and pulls him more closer and shouted
Saying that Krishna moves back and turns to the other side, still crying. She realizes what she said in anger and feels shy and afraid at the same time
Krishna: (in a broken voice) But i know…u don’t love me.
Sayyam is stunned at her sudden outburst, he couldn’t believe what he heard..
Sayyam: What..what did u…u say..Krishna.. u..u love…love me… u love me Krishna?
Sayyam went near her, turns her to face him. Krishna doesn’t make eye contact with him, she was looking downwards. Sayyam lifts her face and she looks at him with teary eyes
Sayyam: How can u love me Krishna?… How?..I.. I did wrong with u…I married u forcefully… I.. I tortured u…I m bad Krishna…I m very bad…no one can love me…than how can u love me Krishna?
Krishna feels his pain by his words and cups his face
Krishna: Who told u that u r bad? and whatever u did before was because of misunderstandings and u didn’t know the truth….isme tumhari koi galati nahi hai Sayyam…
Sayyam: But Krishna… still.. I… I m son of ur mom’s murderer and a ra
He couldn’t complete as Krishna keeps her hand over his mouth
Krishna: No Sayyam….that’s not ur fault…aur mere liye tum us insaan ke bete nahi ho Sayyam…mere liye tum sirf Suhani aunty aur daidu ke bete ho…
Krishna again hugs him, crying.
Sayyam: But Krishna…
Krishna breaks the hug and says
Krishna: I know Sayyam …that u…u don’t…love me…u don’t even like me….but i love u Sayyam…i really do..
Krishna says this confidently as she has gain this much courage to say the truth by this time.
She than brings the first aid box and hold Sayyam’s hand and makes him sit on the bed. She does the dressing of his wounds, and gives him some water and pain killer.This whole time Sayyam keeps on staring at her lovingly but she doesn’t look into his eyes. She turns to go when Sayyam hold her hand
Sayyam 🙁 in his usual tone) Tumne aapni baat toh keh diya…ab meri baat nahi sunogi?
Krishna gets confused. Sayyam stands up and lifts her face to meet her eyes and said
Krishna looks at him in shock…she becomes speechless…this is the moment she was waiting for.. to come…for a long time…she feels intense happiness…tears of joy starts to beaming in her eyes.
Sayyam could feel her happiness. He hold her face in his hands
Sayyam:(in his husky voice) Yes..Krishna..i love u..i love u more than anything in this world.
Krishna without saying anything, immediately hugs him. He also hugs her back. They enjoy each others embrace for a long time in utter silence.(Sun Mere Humsafar plays in background)

After along pause Sayyam starts saying
Sayyam: You know Krishna…when i met accident.. and i thought i’ll mujhe sirf do hi insaan ke chehre yaad aarahe the…. ek maa.. aur doosri tum….i m never afraid of anything..but today for the first time in my life…i became afraid… as i thought that i won’t be able to meet u again…and that time i realized that i love u… maa ke baad meri zindagi mein sabse imp. person tumhi ho Krishna….i love u very much Krishna…and today i feel like i m the happiest person of the world.
Krishna breaks the hug and smiles at him. They stare at each other lovingly. Suddenly they hear someone is knocking. Krishna goes to open the door and it was Suhani and Pratima. They ask them to get ready fast and come to join the wedding. They leave and Krishna goes towards the cupboard to get their cloths. Sayyam follows her. Krishna go to washroom and comes out wearing a red and off white colour lehenga, with beautiful stonework. Sayyam was dumbstruck at the stunning beauty, standing in front of his eyes.
Sayyam: Wow….Gorgeous…
Krishna blushes as Sayyam was staring at her and she tries to go but can’t as Sayyam hold her hand and take her to the mirror.
Sayyam: U r looking so gorgeous Krishna….today i’ll make u ready.
Krishna blushes.
Krishna: What r u saying Sayyam…i’ll get ready myself…u go and change.
Sayyam: No..i’ll do what i say…so don’t argue.
Krishna: But..Say..
Sayyam: sssshhh
He makes her sit and makes her wear all the jewelleries. Everytime his fingers touch her skin, she feels a current run through her body. Sayyam makes her ready and looks at her
Sayyam: Beautiful….but.. but something is missing…but what..
Krishna looks at herself and gets the missing thing. She looks at him and hold the box of sindoor and turns to face him. She doesn’t say anything but Sayyam understands and smiles. He takes pinch of sindoor and feels her hairline. She closes her eyes full of tears of joy.
Sayyam: Now perfect.
He smiles and hugs her. Than he goes to change and back in a black suite and they both go to the hall. Everybody gets happy to see them and praise them. Suhani hugs them. They all enjoy Yuvaani’s wedding. Kriyyam enjoy eachothers company and feels immense pleasure.

Time skips to 3 hours
Its time for Yuvaani’s bidaai. She cries and hugs everybody one by one and leaves for her in laws house.
Kriyyam and all other go to their respective rooms.
In Kriyyam’s room
Kriyyam changes to their night wears and goes to sleep. Krishna was moving towards her couch when Sayyam hold her hand and take her to the bed, and makes her lie. Than Sayyam slowly leans closer to Krishna and she feels shy. She stops her.
Krishna: No..Sayyam..plz
Sayyam: What happen Krishna… Don’t u trust me?
Krishna: No..Sayyam..not that..i mean today u hv gone through so much…besides u r not well…that’s why i was saying..
Sayyam feels immense pleasure and thinks
Sayyam: ( in mind) I never thought anyone..specially Krishna will be this much concern about me.
He smiles to himself but Krishna thinks that he is hurt by what she said
Krishna: I m sorry Sayyam.. i m really sorry…I didn’t mean it..i was just..
But before she finishes
Sayyam: No Krishna..don’t say sorry..i m not hurt.. actually.. i m…i m very happy…bcz i never thought that anyone will care about me or love me this much or think about me..but today there is someone for me..who loves me and cares for me..that’s why i m very happy…
He gets emotional.
Krishna looks at him and smiles.She makes her lie and caresses his hair. They hug each other and sleep in that position.
After 2 days
In these 2 days Krishna cares for Sayyam a lot and he gets really well. However they don’t share much closeness as Krishna gives the excuse of Sayyam’s illness, but he still doesn’t leave any chance to romance with his wife.
At night Krishna comes to her room. But Sayyam is not there. So she thinks to go to search him. Then only Sayyam comes to room and closes the door. Krishna, seeing him coming to the room, smiles at him and turns to leave to washroom for change. But as soon as she turns,Sayyam pulls her and pins her to the door and blocks her way, keeping his hands on both sides. He looks deep into her eyes. Krishna gets shocked.
Krishna: Sayyam..kya kar rahe ho tum?
She tries to go but Sayyam holds her tightly
Sayyam: Can’t u see.. i m romancing with my wife.
He leans closer and Krishna feels his hot breath. He removes the strands of hairs from her face and kiss her cheeks one by one and Krishna clutches his shirt.He then looks at her lips and gradually moves to kiss her lips.Krishna turns her face and looks away as she was blushing hard. Sayyam smiles at her and slowly rests his face on her neck and starts kissing. Krishna bites her lips. He moves to the other side of her neck and kisses there.
Krishna, being unable to take this anymore, hugs him and buries herself in his chest. Sayyam also hugs her back. After sometime Sayyam breaks the hug and carries her to the bed. He places her gently on the bed and both look into each others eyes intensely. Sayyam than comes over her, grabs her hands and leans to kiss her lips. Krishna closes her eyes. He than finally places his lips on her soft ones and starts kissing her. Krishna’s body shivers in his touch. Both of them feels the current run through their veins.After few seconds Krishna also reciprocates the kiss and they both enjoy each others touch. Krishna tucks her palm on the back of his neck and runs her fingers through his hairs. They slowly turns the kiss into an intense one. Sayyam sucks her lips very hard. They finally breaks the kiss, being out of breath.

Sayyam than kisses her neck and soldiers and grazes his hand on her back. Krishna than rolls around and her bare back is in front of him. Sayyam removes her hairs and opens the dori of her blouse and leaves wet kisses there. Sayyam turns her and again kisses her lips all over her face. Krishna enjoys his every single touch as she puts her hands around his neck.
Sayyam than moves down to her chest and kisses her in between her cleavage. Krishna her clutches her fist on the bed sheet. He than slide down her pallu and starts kissing her belly and all over there and krishna being unable to take it, hold him tightly. Than he unbuttons his shirt and opens it and also opens her saree. She feels very shy but Sayyam continues and doesn’t seems to stop anytime soon.
After some time, when they reach the peak of their lovemaking, Sayyam looks at Krishna and asks her through eyes, if he may go further. Krishna understands and nods in positive through her eyes. Sayyam, after getting her grant, crosses every barriers between them. Krishna grabs him more tightly as he continues. Her nails seems to get engraved on his back as they leave marks on his skin. Sayyam intertwined Krishna’s hand with his and they finally become one.
Next morning Krishna wakes up first and finds herself in Sayyam’s tight and protective embrace. They were covered in a single blanket. Krishna looks at him and smiles. Sayyam’s hand was around her waist and his head buried on her neck. Krishna remembers their lovemaking moments and blushes. She slowly removes his hand and gets up and wraps her saree around her body. She was about to get out of the bed but falls back on Sayyam’s chest, as he suddenly pulls her. Sayyam hold her tightly and smiles, his eyes still close. Krishna is shocked. Her hairs scatters and covers both their faces. Sayyam than opens her eyes and sees his beautiful wife lying on him and looking at him shyly. Sayyam tucks her hair back.
Sayyam: Good morning..
Krishna smiles and tries to go but Sayyam rolls her on the bed and comes on top of her. Krishna gets more shocked.
Sayyam : Itni jaldi kya hai Krishna?….and where is my good morning kiss?
He leans closer to her lips but puts her hand in between and stops him.
Krishna: Sayyam..plz let me go…its already too late…its 8:15.
Sayyam : First give me what i want….. than u can go anywhere..
Krishna tries to stop him but he already crushes his lips on hers. They share a long and passionate liplock. Than after a lot of trying Krishna somehow manages to get rid of her hungry husband and goes to get ready. Sayyam also gets up and gets ready. They again spent some romantic time together and than goes out.
Time skips to 4 months
Now Kriyyam leads a happy life.
one fine morning Krishna is dusting in her room when she feels dizzy. She sits on the sofa holding her head. She rests for sometime and again starts working. But she can’t concentrate as she gets puking sensation. She runs to the washroom and pukes. She comes out holding her head as it was spinning. Suhani comes to her to call her and sees Krishna sitting there holding her head.
Suhani: Krishna.. what happened..r u ok?
Krishna: Aunty..actually…i m feeling dizzy…and i also hv puking sensation.
Suhani thinks something and smiles.
Suhani: Its ok Krishna…is waqt aisa hota hai.
Krishna doesn’t get anything and looks at Suhani.
Krishna: waqt matlab?
Suhani smiles at her and says something. Krishna gets shy and hugs her. Suhani also hugs her and calls the doctor.
After some time the doctor comes and checks Krishna and gives the good news. Everybody becomes happy.
Sayyam is unaware of all these as he went to office. At night he comes back from office and sees everybody very happy. Krishna looks at him shyly and smiles. He also smiles at her but doesn’t understand anything.
After dinner all disperse to their rooms.

At Kriyyam’s room
Sayyam is working on laptop when Krishna comes to room. She goes to him.
Krishna: Sayyam..i…i hv to say some thing.
Sayyam was busy in working so he doesn’t look at her.
Sayyam: Haan Krishna bolo.
But Krishna doesn’t say anything bcz she gets irritated as he doesn’t pay attention. She goes from there. Sayyam understands this and goes to her and hugs her from back.
Sayyam: Sorry Krishna…ab bolo kya baat hai?
Krishna gets happy and turns to him and looks at him shyly.
Krishna: wo..actually..Sayyam..i..i..
Sayyaam: Why r u hesitating Krishna?…tell me what happened?
Krishna feels very shy and hugs him. Sayyam also hugs her and keeps on asking what happen. Krishna breaks the hug and looks at him
Krishna: Sayam.. actually… i hv a surprise for u….but first u hv to close ur eyes.
Sayyam agrees and closes his eyes. Krishna than holds his hand and places it on her belly and looks at him. Sayyam doesn’t get anything and opens his eyes looks at Krishna. Krishna smiles at him and understands that didn’t get anything.
Krishna: Sayyam…i ..i m…i m pregnant Sayyam.
Saying this she closes her eyes due to shyness.
Sayyam was spellbound. He couldn’t believe what he just heard.
Sayyam: What..what ..did u say Krishna…u…u r
Krishna opens her eyes
Krishna:Yes Sayyam…i m pregnant.
Sayyam gets really and pulls her in a tight hug.
Sayyam: I can’t believe this Krishna..I can’t…i m very happy Krishna…very happy.
Sayyam breaks the hug and kisses her forehead and cheeks.
Sayyam: Thank u Krishna..Thank u so much for giving me this surprise. I can’t tell u how much happy i m.
Krishna feels his happiness
Krishna:Thanks to u too Sayyam fr giving me this happiness…this is the best gift of my life.
Sayyam: For me also this is best ever gift from my life.
They hug eachother and Sayyam gently kiss her lips. Krishna also reciprocates. They sleep peacefully in each others warm and loving embrace.

Time skips to 10 months
Sayyam and whole family take good care of Krishna.
One fine morning Krishna is sitting in hall area,reading some magazine. Suddenly the magazine falls from her hand as she clutches her stomach in pain.
Krishna: aaahhh…Sa..Sayyam
Everybody comes there hearing her scream.
Sayyam : Krishna…
Suhani: Sayyam she is hving labour pain….lets take her to the hospital…fast.
Sayyam nods and they all takes her to the hospital and Krishna was taken into the OT. Everybody waits outside for the good news. Sayyam becomes restless hearing Krishna screaming in pain.
After some time doctor comes out
Doctor: Congratulations…its a girl.
All gets happy and congratulates Sayyam. He was so happy that he was in tears. YuvAni hugs him.
After some time they all go to meet Krishna and the baby. Sayyam takes the baby in his lap and kisses her and also kisses Krishna. Krishna gets really happy to see Sayyam and the whole family happy.
Next day they all go to home with Krishna and the baby. They name the baby as Riddhi.
Then Kriyyam leads a happy life together.
The story ends on a happy note.

So guys…that’s it. Hope u like it. Plz comment and i’ll try to come up with a new one.

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